Simple Things to Add When Decorating Your Balcony

Balcony with few furniture design idea

Are you an outdoor person? Do you love to grow a little garden? Do you like to spend your mornings facing the warm heat of the sun while sipping your morning drink? Do you love to spend your free time sitting down and observing people or watching a beautiful view of cars passing by? If yes, then you’ll need a balcony in your house! Have a plan to have your own balcony? Or maybe, you already have a balcony but it is rarely used in your household. Keep reading for balcony design ideas and we’ll make your balcony a perfect space where you can lounge and kill time!

A balcony can help in expanding your home space. Having extra space in your home can improve your well-being and quality of life. A balcony is a way to have easy access to fresh air. There will be times when you feel trapped in your own space and you just need to take a breath, you can just step out of your balcony and feel the air. If you have a balcony, you can do whatever you want to do. If you are an ultimate plantito or plantita who likes to see his or her plants thrive and grow, you can have a little garden on your balcony. With a balcony, it is possible to have a small garden to grow your veggies, flowers, or plants. Imagine just picking fresh veggies or herbs as an ingredient for your next meal from your balcony. Accessibility at its best!

Balconies are frequently used as a seating area or smoking area. It is a perfect place where you can sit down and read your favorite novel or meditate without anyone disturbing your peaceful moment. If you want to have an extraordinary dinner with your family, you can set it up on your balcony and have a great night together. Indeed, balconies are great spaces for socializing and hanging out; breathing fresh air, and having great conversations with great people. Or you have a priceless moment by just enjoying the view, watching the sun rising and setting, or even moon or star gazing! But the possibilities are practically unlimited, and ultimately, it is up to your creativity. With a perfect balcony design based on your own preference, you can surely enjoy the vibe of your space!

During the pandemic, balconies were highly appreciated. During the lockdown, people were too desperate to go out and escape their own spaces because there are people who love to go out, and spend time hanging outside their homes which is good for their well-being and the stay-at-home orders were a huge adjustment for them. However, thank the universe for the existence of balconies for keeping them sane. People who live with a balcony in their homes can just go out without fear of getting or contracting the virus. A time for them to see and feel the outside world without going out of their homes.

So, even if it is not a necessity to have a balcony in your home, but it will somehow help you in improving your lifestyle and well-being. Here are creative balcony design ideas you might consider!

Add a hammock

Having a hammock on your balcony is a perfect balcony design here in the Philippines. When you cannot control the heat of the sun, you can just go out, lay down on your hammock, and enjoy the heat of the sun! There are various hammocks you can look up to and choose the design that suits your vibe.

Add greenery to your space

That is right! For those who are still not a plantito/plantita, maybe now is your time. Yes, it is time to add some plants to your balcony. Yes, it is a perfect balcony design idea. However, greeneries do not only enhance the appearance of your space. They have a lot of benefits for you, too! Did you know that the beauty of the plants and the flowers it grows can increase your creativity and your motivation to get productive? Because beauty can easily boost your mood and reduces your stress. And did you also know that having a plant is like having a friend? You nurture it and you watch it as it flourishes and thrives to become a beautiful plant.

Garden pots or plant pots

Do not forget that your plants also need a home! When you have a plant, you also have to be creative in choosing your pots for your plants. In setting up a garden on your balcony, hanging pots are highly recommended to be placed on your balcony to save some space. You can also add some personalized or customized pots for your plants. If you can paint, you can always paint your own pot.

Illuminate your balcony

Let there be light! Ambient lighting is a must to have an instagrammable place. You can install any outdoor decorative lights of your choice. Commonly, people use string or fairy outdoor lights to create a relaxing environment in the space. Speaking of relaxation, it is also recommended to use warm lighting because it complements the plants and the vibe of a perfect cold summer night. There are more different lightings you can look up to and you can choose from your own preferences.

Place some furniture

If you are planning to invite some friends over, why not put some comfy chairs and a table on your balcony. Balconies are a perfect spot to hang out with your friends. When you do not feel like socializing, you can still make use of the furniture you’ve set up! You can make it your working space or reading nook. Do not hesitate, be comfortable with your own space. In this tropical climate we have in the Philippines, metal or wooden table-and-chair sets are recommended. If you want it to be more comfortable, you can put a small sofa with cushions for it to be your lounging area. Just be alert when it rains.

You can always be creative in coming up with your balcony design. It always depends on your own preferences and on the climate of the place you are living in. Do whatever you want to do, as long as it does not defeat its purpose and you are comfortable with your own space! There are a lot of things to consider in decorating or improving your balcony but do not limit your creativity, it is your own space after all. They say, “Happiness is having a balcony.” So, what is stopping you? I promise you, it will be worth it.

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