Top Ten Countries Where OFWs Work

Countries with Most OFWs

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), or Filipino migrant workers, are estimated to number around 2.24 million. Overseas contract workers constitute a sizable proportion of the total population of Filipino workers worldwide. The remaining percentage is made up of non-immigrants or people working temporarily. The pandemic issue we had in the last two years has caused a change in the number of overseas Filipino Workers. In case if you are wondering what the top 10 countries where OFWs work? Continue reading to find out!

Overseas Filipino Workers are considered to be Local Modern Day Heroes. Filipinos’ usual demographic response to many socioeconomic issues is migration. As a result of the catastrophic economic crisis that has befallen the nation in recent years, the Philippines has emerged as a significant supplier of international migrants and one of the leading countries that export labor to other nations in the world. Because it is difficult or insufficient for them to obtain a stable source of income at home, Filipino workers, both women and men, must leave the nation.

Additionally, OFWs or migrant workers are choosing which nation to work with. They prefer for the nation offering the highest wages, the most perks, and the best chances of obtaining a residency visa. And now, here are the following top 10 countries where OFWs work:

Top Destinations of OFWs around the world

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has truly emerged as the ideal work location for OFWs thanks to its prospering economy and high employment rate (Overseas Foreign Workers). There are various career options in this Middle Eastern nation for Filipinos looking for better opportunities abroad, from engineers and healthcare professionals to domestic workers which Saudi Arabia has become one of the top 10 countries where OFWs work. Saudi Arabia is also thought to be the most well-liked location for Filipino workers abroad.


For every Filipino who wants to work overseas and earn a high wage, Qatar offers a world full of fascinating job opportunities. This nation is currently a sought-after place for global corporations and investors due to its thriving economy and reliable petroleum industry. Numerous international businesses have built branches and offices here, opening up a wide range of opportunities for both visitors and locals. There are other commercial sectors in Qatar that offer high-paying positions for Filipino workers besides the country’s gas and petroleum sector.


Filipinos seeking better land are increasingly turning to Kuwait. In the end, this has elevated the nation to the list of the top 10 countries where OFWs work. For every Filipino who seeks a better and more financially gratifying life, Kuwait has a wealth of occupations to choose from, from financial-type jobs and IT specialists to simple domestic employees. Kuwait is unquestionably a secure and desirable area to live and work.

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Umm al-Qaiwain, Fujairah, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, and Ras al-Khaimah are the seven emirates that make up the country. Most Filipinos are likely to reside in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The largest and richest cities and emirates are those. The UAE is home to the third-and fifth-largest natural gas and oil reserves in the world, respectively. These resources provide the fuel for its non-oil sectors. The building and construction industry, retail, live entertainment, tourism, air travel, manufacturing, and port operations make up around 75% of the economy. 


Because of the country’s more liberal policies on skilled workers and migration, more OFWs and Filipinos arrive. People looking to build their future “Down Under” have more opportunities thanks to the expanding mining industry, the demand for doctors, nurses, and other qualified employees, as well as the necessity for mining jobs in Australia. Filipino engineers, geologists, and other specialized people are needed by the nation. Drillers, heavy equipment mechanics, and other mining personnel are also required. Jobs in welding are in high demand in Australia. Carpenters, cabinetmakers, furniture finishers, and refrigeration and air conditioning professionals are needed for construction work. Civil, mechanical, electrical, and electronic engineers are required for engineering positions.

South Korea

Due to the demand for foreign workers under its Employment Permit System, South Korea is one of the Philippines’ preferred destinations for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). Due to its highly developed economy, South Korea is considered one of the Asian Tigers, along with Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan. Its economy was heavily based on exports and it had essentially no natural resources. Among the biggest exports are steel, textiles, ships, vehicles, and electronics.


Overseas Filipino Workers frequently travel to Japan, and many Filipinos visit the nation each year. The nation has a strong labor market and a thriving economy, making it a great destination to find employment. Filipinos are willing to work in any country, but Japan is one of the top 10 countries where OFWs work. Working in Japan appears to be both pleasurable and demanding. There are about 300,000 Filipino workers in Japan. They primarily work as educators, engineers, hotel employees, carers, and IT specialists. The maritime, culinary, and entertainment industries are also expanding.


Taiwan also benefits from the global economic recovery. The demand for industrial workers in the electronics industry is expanding due to the export of electronics products, including cell phones, flat screens, computer chips, and other commodities. Filipino laborers can choose from thousands of positions. Since 2003, Taiwan has been the leading destination for Overseas Filipino Workers caregivers because of the high need for caretakers. Because they reside with the families they work for, they are also domestic employees.


As one of the most developed nations in Southeast Asia and the home of the Overseas Filipino Workers, Singapore, also known as the Lion City, draws tourists from all over the world. Singapore is the most well-liked location for expats worldwide. This country is admired for its exceptional standard of living and unmatched safety, in addition to its wealth, opulence, and avant-garde architecture. It is not surprising to be included in the top 10 countries where OFWs work.


Compared to other countries, Italy is more tolerant of foreign migrant workers. Even foreign residents are allowed to vote for councilors in local town councils. Some Filipinos work as consignees, assisting in the development of migrant policies. Italy, however, enacted a strict law. It becomes a crime to immigrate illegally. Farmworkers, domestic helpers, and nannies are all jobs for OFWs. Construction, building technology, and information technology each employ a lot of professionals.

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