What are POGOs and its effect on Philippine Real Estate?


When the entire island of Luzon was placed under an extended community quarantine to stop the spread of the deadly COVID-19, fewer buyers sought for homes, and fewer sellers were willing to offer their properties. Property prices fell for the first time in five years in the Philippines because of the COVID-19 outbreak and a decreased demand from Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGOs). The effect of the Pandemic and POGOs operation on the sales in the Real State in the Philippines is that it significantly decreased brought on by the stay-at-home orders (NCR). We will therefore explore deeper the effects of POGO in the Philippines especially its real estate market in the Philippines.

What is POGO?

Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators, or POGOs, are businesses that only offer foreigners access to their online gaming services. Authorized players who have a registered gaming account with POGO are eligible to take part in these games of chance, which employ a network or software.

Do POGOs have rules and regulations?

POGOs must comply with the rules and regulations outlined in the Offshore Gaming Regulatory Manual in order to operate in the Philippines. To do so, they must obtain a license from the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR). Those running without a PAGCOR license are regarded as unlawful.

The prohibition against Filipinos participating in POGOs sites while they are physically present in the Philippines may be the rule with the greatest impact on them. In the Philippines and other countries where internet gaming is restricted, all POGO websites are forbidden.

All foreign employees of offshore gaming licensees and their service providers, regardless of the nature of their employment, are required to have a tax identification number under Republic Act 11590, also known as An Act Taxing POGOs, which was approved by President Duterte last year. The penalty for breaking this law is P20,000 for each foreign national who doesn’t have a tax identification number.

What is the effect of POGOs on our Philippine economy?

Executive Order 13 of 2016 was signed by President Rodrigo Duterte, opening doors for POGOs in the Philippines. Since that time, the sector has flourished and had a notable impact on the economy. POGOs have made significant sums of money in just three years since the Philippines began to take advantage of the prospects presented by the online gaming industry. Its expansion throughout the nation has surpassed several industries, including real estate. POGOs gave a huge effect on the rental rates for homes close to CBDs and increased demand for commercial real estate in the Philippines. The region has benefited recently from increased demand for office and residential space as a direct result.

What is the effect of POGO in the real state of the Philippines?

Beginning of the pandemic…

Due to the pandemic and economic unpredictability, the most recent Consumer Expectations Survey (CES) revealed that consumers had a low preference for real estate. The residential real estate price index (RREPI) for the Philippines fell 0.4 percent to 131.2 in the third quarter from 131.7 in the corresponding period previous year, according to data from the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP). Since the series’ inception in Q1 2016, the Real state market has never experienced negative year-over-year growth, according to the BSP.

This year…

The country’s commercial real estate market is anticipated to experience increased activity this year, led by the industrial and logistics sectors as well as new prospects in the data center sector as the office market recovers. Overall, the real state market in the Philippines is predicted to have a good year because of the effect of the expected expansion of the economy due to POGOs. According to KF senior director of Occupier Solutions & Services Morgan McGilvray, “We do expect to see some POGO demand this year 2022, but we also expect that demand to be much much less than what we saw pre pandemic from 2017 to early 2020,” He said. The real estate services company predicted that in addition to traditional assets like offices, the upcoming generation of real estate services will also contain non-traditional income-producing assets including infrastructure, energy, data centers, and parking spaces. Real estate services also anticipate that pent-up demand from overseas investors will impact the boost of real estate activities in the Philippines in 2022 as borders reopen for POGOs and other businesses.

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Written by MC Sanchez