Top 5 real estate careers jobseekers prefer in the Philippines

Real Estate careers

A Profession in Real Estate in the Philippines consists of assisting clients with the purchase and sale of homes, offices, industrial property, and company farmland; property management; land development; mortgage banking; urban planning; real estate counseling; appraisal; and research are all examples of the many facets of a career in real estate.

Because of the lightning-fast rate at which things are changing in the real estate industry, there is a wide variety of professions and employment opportunities accessible, all of which are in high demand. The real estate industry is one that is always evolving. A sizeable number of Filipinos have seen their employment opportunities improve as a result of the growth of the real estate business, and they have in turn been a driving force behind the rise of the Philippine economy.

As a direct result of this, an ever-increasing number of Filipinos are developing an interest in deepening their knowledge of the various aspects of real estate properties and working hard toward the objective of becoming licensed real estate professionals. If you’re one of those people, here are the Top 5 real estate jobs in the Philippines.

Philippines’ Top 5 real estate jobs

Real Estate Agents

A real estate agent’s typical day consists of showing potential clients around town, posting listings online, communicating with homeowners and potential purchasers, and assisting with paperwork. Getting people to apply for a position is usually not too difficult, but getting good candidates might be difficult. Attracting top talent requires an engaging, targeted real estate agent job description and pay range information.

Useful sample work description for a real estate agent is provided. Start with the template’s framework and tailor it to your needs with as much specificity as possible – such as a detailed list of realtor duties. If you need more information, take a look at our real estate agent job postings.

To be a Real estate agent:       

Getting in touch with a real estate agent is a good idea whether you want to purchase or sell property. Realtor is another common term for real estate agents. If you put your home and land up for sale and you’re hoping to get top dollar, you’ll want to enlist the help of a real estate agent. Helping the client through the steps of purchasing or selling a home is part of this person’s job. The client can rely on the agent’s expertise when it comes time to buy or sell a home. He or she acts as the go-between when there is an effort to negotiate a solution to a problem by facilitating conversation amongst the parties involved. The role of the real estate agent is crucial to the success of the deal. Sales representatives in the real estate industry might specialize in either working with homeowners or businesses. While commercial real estate agents focus on serving businesses, residential real estate agents focus on helping individuals buy and sell homes.

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Manager of Real Estate and Properties

A Real Estate Manager, sometimes known as a Property Manager is one of the top real estate jobs in the Philippines. He or She is responsible for the management of an owner’s residential, commercial, or industrial property. Maintaining the properties, assisting with financial planning, and creating money are all part of their remit.

To be a Manager of real estate and properties:

A property manager is a person hired to oversee the day-to-day operations of a building or other piece of real estate. A competent property manager is well-versed in all aspects of the properties within his or her purview. You should know the region well enough to be familiar with its attractions and reasonable rent pricing, as well as the property’s advantages and disadvantages. They need a list of repair and maintenance professionals because they are responsible for the building’s upkeep as part of property management. They need to know what their tenant is up to, check in to make sure they’re content, and keep an eye on rent collection to avoid any problems.

They need to be able to communicate well and handle projects well, but they also need to be good with numbers.

Real Estate Assistant

Maintaining open lines of communication with all members of the Corporate Services teams, clients, and contractors to coordinate and oversee property visits and maintenance work and ensure quality control. Helping out the Real Estate Analyst when needed. Fund the acquisition of Estates-related materials.

To be a real estate assistant:

As with any other helper, they simplify everyone’s lives. Therefore, it could be beneficial to have a real estate agent present when things get frantic. Most of the tasks under their purview as real estate professionals are administrative in nature, including paperwork, research, legal documents, and phone responding. This is done to free up brokers’ and agents’ time to focus on customer acquisition and contract negotiation.

Viewing Agent

Clients hire agents to act on their behalf in a variety of situations. People working in the entertainment sector, such as performers, writers, and directors, often use the services of agents. They talk to folks who are open to working with their customers.

To be a Viewing Agent:

The viewing agent’s reputation for being the busiest of all the real estate jobs on this list is well-deserved. The agent’s duties include fielding client calls, researching properties, creating viewing schedules, and, of course, visiting open houses. A homeowner who puts their property on the market should not anticipate an immediate sale. A customer wants to see the store for themselves before making a buying decision. At this stage, the part played by the viewer agent becomes significant. A viewing agent must show up early to the property being viewed to make any necessary preparations and to meet and greet the prospective buyers or tenants. Viewers often bombard the viewing agent with questions, so it’s important to complete your homework in advance so you’ll be ready to answer their inquiries right away. 

Leasing Agent

The Leasing Agent will show units to prospective tenants, sign leases with approved applicants, extend contracts with current tenants, and carry out other property management responsibilities as needed.

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To be a leasing agent:

The major reason a property owner would hire a leasing agency is for help finding a reliable tenant. To do this, the real estate agent must first evaluate a variety of promotional approaches that will win over potential tenants. Once a real estate agent has found a prospective tenant, he or she must investigate the person’s rental history thoroughly to ensure that no problems have arisen in the past. After this is done, the agent’s job is to make sure the moving-in process goes off without a hitch. A successful real estate agent must be able to retain tenants for long periods of time. As an example, if you’re selling a house and lot on a rent-to-own basis, your leasing agent will help you negotiate a fair price with the tenant.

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 Written by Daniel Viray