10 Non-Sales Real Estate Careers You Can Pursue


The real estate industry is currently a very popular and in demand industry due to the fact that it is continuously evolving. One of the best factors why the real estate industry is growing is that there are tons of careers associated with it that anyone can start with. It is also important to note that most careers in real estate differs from other opportunities in other industries because there’s no fixed schedule so you would have more chances to manage your time according to what suits you best. Despite this, the real estate industry still offers many benefits.

The most popular careers in real estate are being a real estate agent or being a real estate broker. But if you’re looking for a career that doesn’t involve or rely much on sales then we got you covered. Here are 10 types of jobs in the real estate industry aside from sales that you can pursue.

10 Non-Sales Real Estate Careers

Starting a career in real estate might seem hard but do not fret, in this article we will enumerate different careers in real estate and how you can start getting into.

  1. Foreclosure Specialist

A Foreclosure Specialist is a type of job in the real estate industry that is becoming more and more well-known. The main responsibility of a foreclosure specialist is to work with people who are going through the process of a property foreclosure. Foreclosure specialists also assist real estate managers in the administration and preparation of documents when a property that was foreclosed is going to be placed in the market.

An experience in the real estate industry might be helpful in starting your career as a foreclosure specialist, so if you have been working in the industry before, then you have better chances on becoming a foreclosure specialist.

How to become a Foreclosure Specialist?

The number of people working on foreclosed properties or properties that are on the last stages before they become foreclosed is growing in the Philippines, here’s how you can be a part of it.

  • You must be a high school graduate with a diploma
  • You must have completed at least a degree course
  • You must already be experienced in the real estate industry
  • Become certified by undergoing special trainings
  • You can also find a mentor to help you prepare
  • You can also apply for internships or apprenticeship to widen your knowledge
  • Lease Administrator

A lease administrator or a lease manager plays a critical role in the real estate industry because the primary role of a lease administrator is to oversee and track the preparation lease documents and the necessary process involved with it. The job of a real estate lease administrator is crucial and that is why most companies hire people who possesses an impressive set of credentials to back them up.

In being a lease administrator, your job can be very flexible, because firstly it is a primary advantage of any types of job in the real estate industry and secondly, because you have a lot of options such as to be working exclusively for a company or real estate developer or you can also be hired as a sole contractor.

The basic requirements to become a lease admin is the same with a Foreclosure Specialist but with trainings on the specific role of a Lease Manager.

What are the responsibilities of a Lease Administrator?

  • You will most likely assist in lease creation.
  • You will be involved with the processing of lease renewals,
  • And lease terminations
  • You are responsible for tracking rent payments
  • Overall managing properties and assets.
  • Leasing Consultant

Finding a career as a leasing consultant can arguably be the most social career on this list. As a leasing consultant you are expected to be a professional who assists property owners such as landlords and sometimes property managers as well in finding tenants that are qualified for property leasing.

This type of career requires you to have a pleasing and charismatic personality since you will be assisting people who are seeking properties to buy or rent. This includes conducting viewing tours or property trips. You will also be doing the initial price negotiations.

What are the basic requirements to be a Leasing Consultant?

  • You must have an experience in the real estate industry
  • You must be knowledgeable about the basic leasing rules and regulations
  • You must have undergone trainings related to this career
  • Excellent skills in negotiation and interacting with clients
  • A degree in property management or similar is a great advantage
  • Digitally literate,
  • And a bright personality

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  • Mortgage Processor

Mortgage processors or loan processors are the people responsible in the preparation of loan files. These loan files will then be submitted to the banks, commonly those who offers bank housing loans, and mortgage lenders for approval. The main role of a mortgage processor is to make sure that all of the required documents are properly written, arranged, signed, and in order before they are submitted to the lenders.

The job of mortgage processors is to ensure that all files and documents are correct and properly executed to avoid future discrepancies and mistakes that will be the root of a lot of misunderstandings and unwanted legal issues. In this career, having an extensive knowledge on the property acquisition rules and regulations.

How to become a Mortgage Processor?

  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Finance is a requirement
  • You must have a relevant experience similar to this role
  • You must have an in-depth knowledge on the processing of loans and other involved procedures
  • You must also possess great skills in communication and presentation
  • Compliance Officer

A Compliance Officer is one of the types of job in the real estate industry that is becoming popular in the Philippines. A compliance officer or a property management compliance officer works with the instructions of a property manager. The job of a compliance officer is to conduct investigations and to assess the complaints regarding the property management. These complaints are commonly be about real estate licensees.

The compliance officer is responsible for receiving inquiries through phone calls or in-person. These inquiries will be regarding the property management services of the company so having a decent amount of knowledge about these services is important.

How to become a Compliance Officer?

  • You must be digitally literate
  • Excellent organizational abilities
  • You must have great skills in handling different situations
  • You mist have an excellent communication skills
  • A degree might be required as well as trainings or experience in the similar roles
  • Property Manager

A Property Manager is a career in the real estate industry who is responsible of taking care of the property professionally. This means that this person manages the daily tasks necessary in maintaining the proper workflow in a real estate investment. The property manager either answers to a property owner or a company who owns a variety of property investments.

A property manages usually, is the person that tenants would mostly interact with instead of the main owner. This means that the property manager’s role is to collect rental fees, send maintenance whenever and wherever they are needed, and even organizing the budget of the property. In shorter words, the property managers oversee the daily administration of a property investment.

How to become a Property Manager?

  • You must have excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • You must have knowledge on basic rules and regulations of property management, aside from the specific rules present in each property
  • Some owners require an experience in similar roles since handling a property investment is an important task
  • A degree might be crucial since some tasks require vast knowledge in finance and budget handling

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  • Property Developer

Becoming a Property Developer in the Philippines is a highly profitable career because this kind of position is in-demand in the country right now; tons of companies are looking for property developers. The property developer’s role in real estate is very important because they are responsible for the developing the property from the purchasing of land up to the construction of the property, sometimes they are also involved with acquiring building permits and other documents.

This career in real estate is very filtered by the property owner or by the real estate company which means this position requires years of experience. This just shows that the role of a property developer is very crucial.

A property developer is involved in most of the part of the construction of a real estate property.

How to become a Property Developer?

  • A property developer must be very skilled in the field of construction and the real estate process involved with it
  • You must possess a license or a set of legal licenses in able to be hired as a property developer
  • You must have years of experience in similar positions and roles
  • You must be knowledgeable about the policies and rules in this position;
  • As well as the different building laws and codes required by the national and local government
  • Home Inspector

A Home Inspector is one of the types of jobs in the real estate industry that a lot of people can pursue. Home inspection is an evolving field and a lot of people are taking an interest with starting a career on it. The role of a home inspector is in the name itself, it’s simply inspecting homes. Out of all the jobs on this list, being a he inspector is one of the most attainable as it doesn’t require crucial requirements compared to others.

Although, being a home inspector doesn’t require much, it still require basic knowledge on the field like the different types of properties, different types of building laws and codes such as the Fire Code of the Philippines, and other home utility knowledge like in plumbing and electrical layouts.

Becoming a home inspector is easy to achieve as long as you know very well what the role of this position is in the real estate industry.

How to become a Home Inspector?

  • There are different home inspector requirements per city or company, checking them put first is a great start
  • You must complete a home inspector training program and most of them hands certificates once you’ve completed the program.
  • Widen your connections by talking and having agreements with real estate agents and brokers
  • You can join a real estate company, a construction firm, or be self-employed
  •  Real Estate Appraiser

A Real Estate Appraiser is the person responsible for investigating a property by estimating it’s current status including its location, market value, zonal value, and all things necessary. The results in this investigations will then be used as the factors needed to arrive at an opinion of the property’s value. In other words, a real estate appraiser is a professional or an expert on real estate values.

In the Philippines, a real estate appraiser is commonly employed by banks or institutions that offer loans wherein a titled property can be a collateral. Just like most jobs in the real estate industry, the role of a real estate appraiser require a person to have the right qualifications and experiences.

How to become a Licensed Real Estate Appraiser?

  • You must be at least 21 years of age
  • You must not be convicted of any offense
  • You must also have five years of experience as a licensed real estate broker
  • You must pass the examination provided by the Department of Trade and Industry

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  1.  Title Examiner

A Title Examiner plays an important role in assisting the real estate agencies, banks, insurance companies. The role of a title examiner is to determine the legal status of different properties and property investments. In this career, you will be responsible for studying the legal documents of a property that are involved in real estate ownership. This includes contracts, agreements, deeds of sale, sales records, and the property title.

The role of a title examiner is important because they determines the accurate and proper details of the property such as who owns it and if the documents are al accurate and with no discrepancies. The title examiner will then provide a summary of the findings and these information will be used in other real estate agreements and transactions.

How to become a Title Examiner?

  • A bachelor’s degree in a relevant field is a huge advantage
  • Consider collecting experience in similar roles or in the same industry
  • You must be aware of the responsibilities and how the field operates and works
  • You must pursue to be certified by undergoing training programs about the role

These are 10 types of jobs in the real estate industry aside from sales that you  can start working on. Being part of the real estate industry can be so rewarding since there are tons of benefits and advantages, although some requirements are not optional. Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with these careers, you can now choose the best suited for you and you can start prepping yourself up as you venture on a new career!

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Written by Rashid Mansan