This Christmas Give your Child a home, an affordable house and lot from Bria Homes

This Christmas Give your Child a home, an affordable house and lot from Bria Homes

The season of yuletide is upon us again. It is the time of the year wherein Filipinos tend to be the most festive. – so festive that some tend to decorate their homes with Christmas ornaments as soon as the “BER” months hit the calendar. It is the time of the year wherein families reunite in order to celebrate the happiest season of the year. And it is the time of the year wherein love, forgiveness, and happiness are the most prevalent.

Ultimately though, it is the season for children. It is when they start going around the neighborhood, singing Christmas carols, and saying in their jolliest voice, “Namamasko po.” It is when they start helping their parents decorate their Christmas tree, looking forward to placing that sparkling star at the top of the tree. It is when they stay up all night, looking forward to the family’s Noche Buena, wherein they will get to eat a delicious meal. And it is when they could ask their ninong and ninang for their most awaited presents.

But what if a child’s ultimate wish this Holiday Season is a home?

A home wherein they can fully enjoy the festivities of this holiday. After all, how could a child fully enjoy Christmas if they are living in an environment wherein it is not safe enough to go around the neighborhood and sing Christmas carols?

How could a child enjoy Christmas if s/he cannot decorate a home with Christmas ornaments nor enjoy eating Noche Buena at home with his/ her family because they do not have a home to call their own? How could a child enjoy Christmas if his/ her ultimate wish of having a home cannot be fulfilled?

Thousands of children in the Philippines want a home this Christmas. They want a home not only to fulfill these holiday traditions. But likewise because they want to live in an environment wherein they could prosper as individuals. They want a home wherein they are safe and could fulfill their hearts desires. They want a home wherein they could run around freely and just be children.

This Christmas fulfill your child’s wish by giving him/her the greatest present of all – a Bria Home.

Through Bria Homes, you can help your child fulfill one of his/her dreams. Because of its affordability (for as low as P1, 897* per month), you will not need a huge amount just to fulfill your child’s wish. Furthermore, Bria’s communities offers a secure environment for its homeowners. It is surrounded by a perimeter fence and is monitored 24/7 by a security guard.  This way, you can rest assure that your children are safe enough to sing Christmas carols all over the neighborhood. In addition, Bria Communities are within close proximity of places that are of importance to you (schools, hospitals, commercial establishments, and major roads/ highways). This way, it will be easier for your children to access high quality education and health care.

Bria Homes wants to work hand in hand with you to fulfill your children’s wishes. This Christmas, give your child a Bria Home and watch them grow and fulfill their other dreams in Bria’s Communities. Together with your child, have a BRIAmazing Christmas this year.