The Rising Popularity of Green Homes in the Philippines

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If you think that making one step closer to an eco-friendly environment comes with the cost of your comfort, then you are entirely wrong. The rising popularity of greener homes in the Philippines is a trend that can make a home better, as well as its tenants.

Take the green buildings in some cities as an example: this kind of real estate has green features and services that can make everything so soothing to anyone. That is why real estate developers are aiming to maintain green buildings. It will benefit you by lowering your maintenance and electricity and improving your well-being, thus causing a positive impact.

So when it comes to your house or community, going with the trend of sustainable homes in the Philippines might be the best idea, especially if you live in a city that usually contributes to global warming. Be at the forefront in making the future of your country sustainable by having an eco-friendly design real estate front.

Green Homes in the Philippines: Building a Sustainable Community

It is a no-brainer that global warming is the reason for some natural disasters, such as typhoons, to cause devastating effects on the country, especially in some cities. Philippine green building council (PHILGBC) aims to have sustainable communities by spreading awareness about green buildings and homes with an energy and environmental design.

Fortunately, local companies and the private sector are supporting the country’s commitment to creating an environment that can benefit the well-being of everyone. This project even has government support. Imagine if all the establishments and residents in the Philippines would have this kind of commitment and efforts; it would not be surprising that eco friendly homes in the Philippines would be achieved in the long run.

However, before we go any further, you must first understand what green homes mean. Basically, it is sustainable buildings such as condominiums and residential real area that contribute to ecologically responsive design excellence in the country. It can give various incentives such as energy sufficient and home durability; you may also preserve natural resources in the long run.

You can do this project by simply having plants, buying eco friendly products, and investing in a house that cares about nature. Today’s growing awareness about the sustainability environment can be seen in buildings and communities in the Philippines. As a result, those houses have better wind circulation in their communities.

The Philippine Green Building Council: A Goal for Energy and Environmental Design

Having a non-profit organization like the PHILGBC has significant benefits to the health of many individuals. The fact that they promote the use of innovative technologies such as solar panels to reduce the use of fossil fuels that may be a factor for global warming and air pollution is a simple yet smart way to take care of the environment.

To add, the PHILGBC was founded in 2007; like its international counterpart, the World Green Building Council, they both have an eco friendly design that is socially responsible at the same time. Not only the structure of the building and the home but also the communities it surrounds. The rise of various buildings, be they commercial or affordable house, as long as the real estate is investing for the betterment of the future. Because let’s get real the kind of pollution the Philippines currently has is affecting the quality of air people breathe and has a not-so-good impact on their health.

For people to better understand which establishment has a green building, the PHILGBC improved its rating system, also known as the Building for Ecologically Responsive Design Excellence. In this way, real estate establishments can be monitored if the amenities in the building adequately regulate this project. Hopefully, with the proper implementation of the PHILGBC, a better quality of life will be achieved in the future.

The Beauty of Environmental Sustainability

Due to the myriad benefits, most people are encouraged to support this sustainability. If multinational companies are doing so, why not try this in your home? Plus, this eco friendly gesture is relatively easy to do, and how your simple actions affect communities would be very worth it to try.

To have a better grasp of the beauty of environmental sustainability through the rise of environmentally friendly homes in the Philippines, here are the following advantage it gives:

  1. Promote environmentally conscious surroundingsFrom the gentle winds you enjoy to the harvested rainwater that can be used to irrigate your plants, all of this comes from nature. Even the natural lighting from the sun is so relaxing in the morning that it would be perfect for your daily jog.A small give-back would mean a lot if many people go along with this. To put it simply, it promotes environmentally conscious surroundings since sustainable homes make the residents in the community aware of their actions if it has a positive impact on nature.
  1. Enregy-efficient homeThe idea of a green home includes various sustainable designs in your home. In such a manner, you can save energy consumption by using energy-efficient appliances and being more mindful in generating electricity in your home.Using too much energy may add to the air, water, and thermal pollution. Luckily, you may treat the rising popularity of green homes in the Philippines as a project to implement for every family member to have an ideal sustainable design at home—an advantage you should never miss.
  2. Durability home.Due to the efforts of a green home and the use of natural materials, the demand for this kind of real estate is quite high because you can rely on its durability. Not to mention that typhoons are not a new thing your home can experience.Unfortunately, those without sustainable homes can’t easily withstand the strong air caused by the storm. That is also why when it comes to real estate, many investors are looking into sustainable home construction and building because if it is, then you can be assured that it is durable.
  1. Healthy lifestyle.Like any other services and projects, if it has a healthy lifestyle, then by all means, go for it. No wonder why many people are into green homes because of their plenty of health advantages you never thought you could have.The country’s demand for reducing toxic materials is an example of why a sustainable home also means a healthy lifestyle. Since sustainability also means no or little use of Volatile Organic Compound (VOCs) that is dangerous to the body. In addition, a sustainable home will also remove indoor and outdoor pollution, so you can freely wander around your community without being at risk of respiratory disease.

Overall, the rising popularity of green homes in the Philippines is more than just a way of making a building and other real estate establishments more pleasing and enhancing the amenities; more importantly, it prioritizes the sake of the environment. As saddening as it may sound, the natural resources aren’t as abundant as before. This kind of home project might help the depletion of these resources such as water, fossil fuels, and oil. Starting from the small steps as supporting eco friendly products to making an effort to contribute to today’s growing awareness. All of these can definitely help to fight global warming.

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