Staying at Home during the Holy Week (Part 3)

Your Home during the Holy Week

This article is the third part of the three-part series: Staying at the Comforts of your Home during the Holy Week.

Holy Week—some would see it as a long weekend where they could strengthen their relationship with God, some may use it to go on a vacation, or even reunite with their family. One thing’s for sure, Holy Week for 2020 is not going to be the same as the previous years.

With the community quarantine in effect, Filipinos will be having a hard time moving around cities and plans with friends or family may need to be rescheduled. Secondly, crowding in malls, churches, or any public spaces for that matter, is highly dissuaded

Nonetheless, one shouldn’t be limited in celebrating their Holy Week, and you can still make the most out it at home. Here are some activities that you can do over the weekend in the comforts of your home.

Staying connected with the people that matter

Though social distancing has increased the difficulty of meeting and conversing in person, this difficulty can be lessened through connecting with people digitally.

During this difficulty, let us remember our friends, colleagues, and family members that may need someone to talk to. Checking up on them will make them feel that they are heard, that their worries are valid, and that they are not alone.

So, ring a friend or a loved one, be it through a telephone call, a video call, or even through text message, ask them “Kumusta ka?” You won’t believe how those two words can make their day. Catch up with them and share your thoughts and worries as well, remember that you too, are not alone in this adversity.

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