Single Attached vs. Duplex: Which is a Better Fit for You?

Single attached vs Duplex

Due to the lockdowns imposed because of the COVID19 pandemic, it was observed that there was a boosted interest in homeownership among young Filipinos. If you are one who is currently in the stage of planning to purchase your first house and lot then, you should be aware that the preparation comes with both excitement and challenges. Sooner or later, it will get stressful if you have no idea on what you are searching for. In addition, it can get harder especially if you are looking for a property that will be suitable for your family. An online mortgage broker advises that every house search should always start with the question, “what does my family need?”. When you achieve a concrete idea of your family’s lifestyle, then you can easily picture the right home for you and your loved ones. More considerations include your budget, location, household size, availability of your income documents, and financing options such as Pag ibig housing loan. Moreover, trying to find your ideal home can be overwhelming especially if you have limited knowledge about different housing types. BRIA Homes offers Filipinos a wide variety of options that can help you in selecting the house and lot that best fits you and your family’s needs. To help you further, we will be comparing two of the most common housing types in the Philippines, single attached vs duplex. 

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A single attached house means that your house shares a common wall, usually on both sides of your property. This means that a side of your house is built directly on the boundary of your lot. To be considered single attached, a house should be built on one of the sides of the lot, hence, there is front space, backlot space, and lot space to just one side. To describe it simply it means that a house which stands in one lot.

On the other hand, two adjoining single attached houses are called a duplex. It is one structure designed with two dwellings. Dwellings refer to any structure, building, or portion which can be occupied as, or developed for occupancy as, a residence by one or more families, and any empty lots that are offered for sale or lease for the construction or location of any such building, structure, or portion thereof. The duplex house design features a common central wall and two living units, either side by side or on two floors, with separate entrances. In other words, two different houses standing in only one lot.

Can’t decide between a single attached vs duplex house? We put the two head-to-head to see which is better. For a comprehensive guide, let us look and compare the different considerations in choosing between single attached vs. duplex house designs.

1. Affordability

Single attached houses are generally less expensive since the house and lot dimensions are relatively smaller. Compared to the price per square foot of a duplex, this house design may be more expensive than buying a single-attached house. However, this still depends on the location and the marketplace. Both single attached houses and duplexes, nevertheless, are available in quality neighborhoods within reasonable price.

2. Maintenance and Repair

Since structural exterior and lawn care is often the responsibility of the community, single attached houses ensure low-maintenance living. Because it has lesser surface area, preserving the house over the years will not be a major concern for the homeowner. Furthermore, residents of a single attached house tends to show more responsibility in taking better care of their property. On the other hand, duplexes have a bigger space area. In addition, roofing may be a huge issue for both of the homeowners of the duplex. A written agreement should be provided by both owners of the duplex units on maintenance and repairs of the roofs to prevent confusions and misunderstanding. Since the other homeowner will be affected in case the other homeowner replace their roof, a consent should first be provided before proceeding with the restoration. Furthermore, the agreement should include remedies that must be provided in case damage occurs during the replacement process. Duplex owners should be wary that any movement on the original roofing will always impact that of your neighbor. 

3. Additional Revenue

A duplex house may offer you tax benefits and generate additional revenue compared to a single attached house. If you buy a duplex house, you can have the option to live on one side and rent the other. This will increase the possibility of having a return on the investment you made in purchasing the property. Additionally, this provides less risk than other kinds of housing for investors. Alongside a good location, your cash flow will be considerably higher.

4. Space and surface area

If you have a huge number of appliances and family members, a single attached house may not offer enough space for you. Compared to a single attached house, duplex house design can serve a wide variety of usage because of its huge and spacious area. If you are currently working from home or self-employed, you may want to set up your working station on one floor. Since duplex houses are big and roomy, owners get access to privacy, especially those living in apartments. Evidently, during the COVID-19 pandemic, when work from home and online learning became the norm, spaces in duplex houses served as places for either office, school, etc., among other work.

5. Privacy Issues and Concerns

One matter in question, both with single attached and duplex houses, is the concern with inconsiderate and nosey neighbors. Considering that you will be sharing one wall with your neighbor, a downside of single attached and duplex homes is that it does not guarantee privacy. There may be disturbing noises which could affect your time of rest and work. However, house builders nowadays ensures that the shared wall of single attached and duplex homes are actually above code, soundproof, and fireproof. With few exceptions such as a large object falling over or being dropped, or an exceptionally lively and loud party, both duplex unit owners can mostly enjoy pretty close to noise-free living. While privacy is one of the most common concerns in a single attached or duplex houses, most neighbors observe and respect each other’s boundaries. 

Bottom line:

So, which one is a better house design? There is not a simple, one-size-fits-all answer that applies to everyone. Purchasing either a single attached or a duplex house presents its own costs and benefits. When deciding between a single attached or duplex home from BRIA Homes, remember that consideration of your personal needs and preferences is vital to make a logical and practical choice. 

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Written by MC Sanchez