The Long-Term Impact of Infrastructure Developments


Infrastructure developments are being developed and planned by the government as these are the most important and crucial projects that will be used by the public. These are the things what make the people lives easier and beneficial. It is responsible for supplying electricity and water in your homes, the roads going to different places, public transportations, telecommunication signals and many others. The infrastructure in the Philippines is what makes our country run the businesses and helps aid our economy as these were long term plans and what makes the businesses logistics rolling.

The infrastructure in the Philippines plays an important role in keeping our country’s economy development and reduces the risk of poverty in our country. For the past years, our country was assessed that these projects have fallen to its outcome. Due to the poor public service to the Filipino people, it resulted to lack of trust and they are reluctant to support the projects they are served and take part on it. One way to reverse this it is for the government to show that these projects are worth it and to serve them better. Better infrastructure development equates to better revenue for the government but to ensure the people, public needs to improve also.

With the rapid increase in our population and urbanization, the current developments need to keep up especially those of water supply, waste management and the others. These projects will not be successful if there will be poor planning, coordination and lack of financial support from the government and the private sectors. For the these projects to work, a study was made that investments should be increased to 5 percent in gross domestic product or GDP gradually to cover the limitations on these projects.

In order to achieve the project and the infrastructure goals, the Philippines needs to ensure the following to help sustain the developments:

1. Fiscal Reform Programs

These are like incentives that the government gives to the private sector to be added in their savings to make us for the other activities in their company. This is to keep balance the distribution on income and wealth of a company.

2. Institutional Credibility

Institutional Credibility is important and described to as people’s acceptance and gaining the trust of the public by showing fairness, honesty, transparency, legitimacy and justice on these projects.

3. Sharply reduce corruption

One of the most common problems in the Philippines and in the world is corruption. To gain the trust of the public, transparency is the key to gain it. Show the public that the taxes we are paying are going to the correct projects.

4. Private-public investments

For these projects would benefit not only for public but also the logistics part of the businesses in our country. To get help from private sectors would speed up the recovery and process the bottlenecks of the projects. 

What are the different types of infrastructure developments?

As we discussed the different infrastructures, let us understand the different types of infrastructure development in each country.

1. Highways, Streets  and Roads

Highways, Streets and Roads are most common item in the list. We usually see some street repairs on the road, those are considered and part of the infrastructure developments that the government have carefully. As these were used by the mass public, it is more prone to repairs which less costly but the street and roads expansions are known to be more expensive. These projects are made to ease and avoid congestion in an area. Some local government might consider street reconstruction as these are more beneficial project for long term rather than repairs.

2. Bridges

Bridges are considered to be an important infrastructure development for each country but most of it is considered deficient but not considered as unsafe. It just needs repair for the public to use.

3. Mass Transit, Airports and Airways

Mass Transit, Airports and Airways are most commonly neglected for updates and repairs as these infrastructures need larger amount of budget. Most of it are already out dated and needs retrofitting and reconstruction especially the runways.

4. Water Supply and Resources

Water Supply and Water Resources are one of most crucial in our daily lives as these where the people get their water they use for drinking, taking a bath, washing clothes and among many other things we use water of. This is an important project and takes a lot of planning as this was they need to determine the correct line of water supply and be able to supply in the entire neighborhood. Repairs and refitting are needed to be done regularly to ensure that the water management are still aligned and working.

5. Waste Management and Waste Water Management

Waste Management and Waste Water Management is also one of the most important infrastructure in the Philippines as these can keep the people safe and keep us away from any health issues. Waste products are need to be planned to where we can store them for recycling and sorting, away from the neighborhood and the commercial spaces for cleanliness to keep away from harmful pests and diseases.

6. Power Generation and Transmission

Infrastructure developments also include power generation and transmission. It is also an important project that determines the use of and supply of electricity in the entire neighborhood or city. It is where they store and works as the main source of electricity. Some areas have updated their power infrastructures and keep it down below away from the dangerous wires exposed to the public.

7. Telecommunications

Telecommunications is known to keep us all connected in our phones, tablets, and computers and gives off the signal that each of our gadget has. A good telecommunication project provides a better connection and it avoids congestion in our signals.

8. Hazardous Waste Removal and Storage

Hazardous Waste Removal and Storage also plays an important role in our society. As these projects keeps us safe from harm. Proper storage and disposal of these chemicals and other hazardous products are important to keep our health safe. These are the common products from hospitals, clinic and other factories that use chemicals.

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All of these developments are planned and carefully studied by the government and the local sectors to help make our lives easier. It may cause us inconveniences for now but all of these will come to an end and it will be a start of something new in our life. It may seem that these projects takes longer as these are all carefully planned as these are all for all the long-term use and will benefit all of us. It will not just benefit the local public for daily common use but also it plays a significant role in increasing our economy as it is also connected in the business part of the economy. Private sectors may also benefit with these projects as these are some of the ways on how they do their businesses like exports, using the major road links going in and out the city and use of the airway transport to import their goods. We just have to trust the government as these will be beneficial for all of us.

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Written by Yna Faundo