Relevant Questions to Ask Your Agent Before Buying a Home

Buying a home financial checklist

For a First-time owner, purchasing a property might be difficult. After all, there are several standards, stages, and activities, and you might be concerned about making an expensive error for your first investment. But first-time homeowners benefit from several unique advantages designed to entice them into investing in the real estate market. While there are several simultaneous actions involved in purchasing a property. If you are not vigilant, complications, distractions, and errors in judgment might result from concerns with the following: condition of the house, mortgage finance, contract negotiations, and assessment. Because of this, your mind would be preoccupied, and it’s probable that you’ll tend to ignore or forget important details about the property. When buying a house, you might not have the opportunity to ask the important questions.

Learning requires both asking questions and providing answers. We inquire about things to learn more about them, and we respond to inquiries to share more details. We ask and respond to questions to be courteous and to establish and sustain connections. Asking and responding to questions is not only a component of how we learn, but it is also a part of our social skills. Being careful with your real estate investment is essential, whether you are a newbie or experienced house buyer. You wouldn’t want your initial purchase to cause you a great deal of regret. Maintaining open lines of communication with your real estate agent is a certain method to make the process of buying a house go as smoothly as possible.

One of the largest financial obligations you’ll ever have is purchasing a home, so you want to do all in your power to choose wisely. Asking the appropriate questions is the first step in learning as much as you can about a possible house. Even if you tour a house and look over the information in the property listing, you might not find out about potential problems or get your concerns addressed until you ask certain questions when buying a house.

For your guidance, here are relevant questions to ask when buying a house

What Can You Tell Me About this Property?

This question is the best introduction for you and your real estate agent. Due to the fact that your real estate agent’s familiarity with the house and brand they represent further improves the credibility and reputation they are promoting, this may be the greatest question to start off your chat with them. Additionally, by allowing the real estate agent the time to demonstrate or explain all the specifics, you may avoid having to ask the following questions because the agent may already provide you with the answers.

A more thorough explanation is preferable, even while online posts, pamphlets, and real estate brochures include some information about the house and properties that are for sale. Beyond what is written on the paper, an inside real estate agent can offer further details about the property. Additionally, this is a good question to ask when buying a house since the agent may provide you with information about a property’s launch price, the number of units that are ready for occupancy, the area’s anticipated urban and property development plan, and more.

How safe is the area?

One of the questions to ask when buying a house is in consideration for your safety and the security of your family. After determining how secure your property is, look around it. Moreover, you should inquire on how bad the crime situation is there. Whether the barangay is actively involved in the community or whether there is a functional CCTV system?

Consider the possibility of flames in addition to criminality. Even though not all natural catastrophes can be prevented, you may find out if your prospective new home is vulnerable to hazards like flooding or wildfires. Find out whether there have ever been fires in the area and how far it is to the closest fire station. Also, know whether the community has evacuation plans in cases of earthquake or flooding.

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How accessible is the location?

Before purchasing any home, location is likely one of, if not the most, crucial factors to consider. Numerous factors will be influenced by it, including the weather, cellular network coverage, internet, local consumer spending power (if you’re considering opening a business), and the neighbors.

Even though you may have discovered the home of your dreams, you might want to think again if returning home would take you hours. If you can, try to duplicate the path you take to and from regularly frequented places, such as your office. In order to test the route for yourself and decide whether you want to take it further, ask if you can book a house viewing for a time that is close to when you generally want to be able to arrive home from work. You will know if the area is commutable based on this question, as well as how long it will take you to go to work or other destinations.

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What’s Included in the Sale?

Do not assume, unless otherwise stated. For a first-time home buyer, it might seem straightforward, but sometimes it’s not clear exactly what you receive when you buy the house. Naturally, you receive the home and the land it is situated on. What about the lighting, though? Appliances? which hot tub? You must be clear about any additional expenditure you could spend to replace these items because the sellers may intend to take some or all of them with them when they go.

What are the Homeowner’s Association Rules and Regulations?

In a community that elects to be governed, homeowner associations (HOAs) are the organizations in charge of enforcing the regulations for living there. They are typical in planned subdivisions, and when you close on a property in a neighborhood with a HOA, you enlist in them and accept their rules and fees.

Condominiums and subdivisions are examples of real estate developments that frequently have a homeowner’s association. To prevent misunderstandings and maintain the community’s harmonic neighborhood, it’s critical that you educate yourself with the rules and charges. For instance, there aren’t many condos in Metro Manila that enable you to live with your animal pals.

What are My Payment Options?

Once you’ve located the ideal home and are certain you want to buy it after giving it careful thought, the following matter you need to resolve is the payment for the property and any associated expenses. Consider all the possible payment methods that can make purchasing the home easier for you. Is obtaining a loan from a bank, the Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF), or PAGIBIG preferable? Do you have to pay in full? Does the developer of real estate provide financing options? If you want to pay in cash, you won’t have to worry about paying closing expenses or loan interest. As a result, you won’t need to consider mortgage fees, appraisal fees, or any other additional costs associated with borrowing money.

Taking out a loan or other type of funding, meanwhile, provides a lot of advantages. If you have additional demands that may arise in the future, it can make sense for you to purchase a house in installments, so you don’t restrict your alternatives. Even if real estate has a great potential of appreciation, that doesn’t guarantee that you’ll always receive your money back when you decide to sell. Real estate is a risky investment since market pricing, economic conditions, and other factors that are beyond your control can cause property values to change.

Would you be able to guide me through the entire home-buying process?

A house and lot for sale investment can be laborious, challenging, and time-consuming. You and your realtor may need to meet more than once to find the finest house for your goals and needs based only on your search. You may make the process of purchasing a property easier by asking your realtor to walk you through each stage.

Setting up on-site inspections or virtual tours of a property and lot up for sale is one of the most important procedures you should go over. You should also discuss how to make a reservation, your accessible financing alternatives, and the planned date of the changeover. It is suggested that you make a note of each of them when you speak with your representatives. You are always welcome to ask them to elaborate if you don’t understand something.

What are the add-on costs to buying this house?

When buying a home, this question is one of the things that buyers should ask his or her agent. It is to know whether there are additional costs besides the price of the home itself. When creating a set budget, consider these.

  • Fees for Homeowner Associations- For the monthly or yearly cost, which is typically calculated depending on your lot area, you can ask the developer.
  • Real estate taxes- The amount of annual property taxes varies per city. Similar to HOA dues, the general rule is that the larger the lot area, the higher the property tax.
  • Additional Expenses- These can include remodeling or adding on for a messy kitchen, garage, or more bathrooms, as well as for landscaping and gardening, pest control, house insurance, and upkeep.

In line with these expenses, You should also account for monthly utilities like power, water, parking, and internet in your budget.

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Can I Later Add Any House Upgrades or Improvements?

The biggest question on prospective buyers’ minds is whether they can make changes to their properties. Every home is unique, and depending on its inhabitants, it can need some upgrades and improvements. This group includes design and other aesthetic enhancements. Let’s say you’re thinking about making future home additions. In such situation, it would be best to speak with your real estate agent about this.

You should find out what your options are whether you want to completely personalize a room or have certain areas rebuilt or restored. This is an important issue to take into account while negotiating the purchase price of a house. Ask the property owner whether they would be prepared to cover the expense of repainting the walls, for instance, if you noted that they need to be painted. If not, you might bargain for the property’s price to be reduced and paint the walls yourself.

What Other Projects and Plans Does the Developer Have?

You may learn a lot about the property you’re interested in whether it was built by a developer by conducting your own investigation. There is no harm in inquiring because the existing owner or the real estate agent could know information that you are unaware of. In fact, you may look for reviews and other relevant news on the property and inquire about what the owner or agent thinks of them.

Selecting the ideal home for you requires working with the appropriate developer. Delivering homes and lots that satisfy each homeowner’s demands is the responsibility of the developer. The high-quality homes and structures they have created and erected throughout the years strongly attest to their reputation.

Fortunately, Bria Homes had been a constant believer that the two vital keys for a successful business is through expansion and innovation. BRIA Homes provides project sites that are well-located, amenities including excellent internet access, cashless transactions, expert property management, and round-the-clock security. Add to it the top-notch recreational amenities provided at each of BRIA Homes’ home subdivisions. The multipurpose hall, the covered basketball court, the kids’ playground, and the wide green spaces that inspire leisurely strolls with the family are all enjoyed by the residents.

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