Your Guide to Weekly Home Maintenance and Cleaning

Cleaning Guidelines at Home

We felt at ease and unproblematic when we saw how well-maintained and clean our house was. To prevent spending a lot of money on repairs, renovations, and cleaning, homeowners provide a weekly home maintenance checklist and a weekly cleaning schedule plan. This will benefit a reduction in unplanned maintenance, an increase in productivity, improved safety, and lower fleet maintenance costs as a result of this.

To keep a home safe and functioning, it has to be maintained both inside and outside, as well as regularly cleaned and inspected. Examining and, if necessary, fixing or replacing your house’s different components is known as home maintenance. It involves inspecting the foundation, plumbing, roofing, and other systems of your house for efficiency and safety. Housecleaning, on the other hand, is what individuals do to eliminate clutter, garbage, and dirt from their homes and place everything in their proper places so the house looks clean.

In this article, we provided a weekly home maintenance checklist and a weekly cleaning schedule plan considering that it is a great step to begin, but keep in mind that every person’s house, lifestyle, and need for repair are different. 

Weekly Home Maintenance Checklist

  • Do a thorough cleaning of the kitchen’s surfaces, essential appliances, and flooring.

Weekly, deep cleaning is always a good idea, even while keeping your kitchen organized every day is necessary to ensure that the area always looks and feels its best. The term “regular deep cleaning” refers to a cleaning that lies between a quick after-dinner clean-up and a complete kitchen remodeling.

  • Eliminate rotten food and leftovers by cleaning out the refrigerator.

Produce, dairy, raw meat, poultry, and seafood, as well as leftovers, should all be grouped together in the refrigerator according to the area. It will be simpler to locate and utilize all of your products quickly if they are all organized and kept in a certain location. Write the name of the item and the date you put it in the refrigerator next to any leftovers or anything that is in an unsealed container that is only partially consumed.

  • Make sure the toilet, shower, faucet, and showerhead are all clean.

Remove all of your goods from the shower, bathtub, and other sanitary fittings to quickly and effectively clean them. Grab your long-handled duster and sweep any cobwebs off light switches, vents, and corners to get rid of dust. If you often clean or if your shower has significant build-up, use an all-purpose cleanser. Spray the all-purpose cleaner now over the sink, faucets, and counters before wiping with a fresh towel. Use a scrubby sponge to remove any build-up before cleaning the sink or soap dish if it is there. To clean your mirror, use the glass cleaner. Additionally, the all-purpose cleaner ought to do the trick if you cleanse the interior of your toilet frequently.

  • Replace filthy towels, sheets, and pillowcases in the bedroom.

If you often wash your sheets every other week, you might want to think about buying another pair so you can switch them out without cleaning them more frequently. You should wash your sheets and other bedding in hot water, as advised. It’s also suggested to iron your sheets after washing them. Use pillow protectors and adhere to the cleaning directions on the tag on your bedding or supplied by the maker of your sheets.

  • To get rid of microparticles, vacuum using a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter.

High-efficiency particulate air is referred to as HEPA. High-efficiency particulate absorption and high-efficiency particulate arrestance are two more names for these filters. HEPA filters purify the air and surfaces by pushing them through fibers that capture particles. HEPA filters provide excellent purification. Pollen, pet dander, dust mites, and smoke-removing particles can all be effectively removed by them.

  • Use an antibacterial cleanser to disinfect all tables and desks and to dust the surfaces.

Grab any garbage and recyclables and put them in the proper bins before you begin cleaning. You must first clear your desk of everything in order to thoroughly clean every inch of the surface area. As you transfer the objects back to the desk, pile them up close and organize or toss the items as needed. Enhanced sanitization procedures necessitate more frequent cleaning and disinfection of surfaces throughout the facility, including workstation surfaces in communal spaces.

If you’ve completely cleaned your desk, now is the time to wipe down every surface with a dry cloth to get rid of any remaining dust. Once that’s done, you may use disinfectant wipes to clean the whole surface, paying close attention to the desk edges because these are the sections of the desk that you touch the most frequently. Surfaces should be allowed to dry for about five minutes for optimal disinfection.

  • Clean your pet’s litter boxes.

The most effective method of cleaning a litter box is to empty it completely and soak it in hot water for a short time at least once every week. Hot water will usually do the work, negating the need for detergents or cleaning agents. Hot water and a tiny bit of liquid dish detergent can assist remove any “dirt” from the box’s inner sides and bottom while also cleaning it without leaving any harmful traces.

  • Blow leaves from the driveway, sidewalk, and walkway.

To make clean-up easier, consider running a leaf blower beside a tarp. Once the leaves are blown onto the tarp, it will only take a few minutes to pick up and dispose of the trimmings. What should you do with the leaves you’ve raked or blown into a pile? Fold the tarp over the mound of leaves, grip it securely, and carefully take it away. If you collect any leaves, we advise composting them. You may utilize the compost you generate from leaves as garden soil the following year.

Weekly Cleaning Schedule plan

You will learn to love your home and get time back by simplifying your housekeeping tasks if you create a weekly cleaning schedule that is simple to remember and complete.

Monday: Clean the Bathrooms

Start picking up the scrub brush and your gloves. Toilet Tuesday this week is all about the bathrooms.

Tuesday: Dust and Vacuum floors

Make sure to include battling dust and fur in your regular cleaning plan since dust, allergens, and pet hair may all accumulate if not controlled. Dust the surfaces in your dining room, living room, and bonus room lightly.

Wednesday: Scrub the Kitchen

The other kitchen sections will also be a focus of your attention today. Clean the stoves, cabinets, refrigerator door, and refrigerator handle.

Thursday: Wash Clothes, Bedding, and towels

The focus of Friday is laundry. Now is the time to get everything clean, folded, or hung up, whether it be your work clothing or the school uniforms for your children.

Friday: Declutter unnecessary items

Decrease the waste. Completely arrange your house. And discard these out-of-date, unwanted, or damaged objects.

Saturday: Get Rid of the Unnecessary stuff in Your Mind

You put in a lot of effort all week long and kept to your daily schedule. Remember to cross off tasks from your house cleaning checklist so you may feel accomplished.

Sunday: Rest

It’s Sunday so take a break! No cleaning will be required of you today. 

When you prioritize cleaning and maintaining your home, other aspects of your life begin to fall into place. Your stress levels drop, your health improves, and you suddenly have more free time and less weekend tasks to complete. You also feel proud of your neat and organized house.

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By Sheryl Ann Damgo