Pumarito ka na di-ne sa Balayan, Batangas! Affordable House and Lot

Balayan, Batangas

Modernity should not be mutually exclusive from tradition. Have the best of both worlds in Balayan.

Just right after Tagaytay, anyone can easily take the Palico-Batangas Rd. and arrive in Balayan in just a few minutes. From there it’s smooth sailing to the town where Barako is not just a coffee.

Balayan Arc Affordable House and Lot
“Welcome to Balayan arc”   

Balayan, being a part of Batangas, has the common notion that the people are strong and aggressive – just like the local coffee. However, unlike Kapeng Barako, Batanguenos are known as sweet (sometimes maybe too sweet).

Another trait of the people in Balayan is their eagerness to help one another. Camaraderie is truly felt among the southern Tagalog people. Every Sunday, the local government in Balayan welcomes local businessmen from Lipa and Taal to promote their products.     

Every night, a whole section of a road closes for the“Night Market”. This is where the local store owners put up stalls selling various food (street food is definitely included!), drinks, clothes, and other merchandizes.

Decades have passed the town and it gone a long way from how it started. Despite being one of the oldest town in Batangas, Balayan proves that it is a progressive municipality without losing its rural touch.

As time passes by, the people continuously adapt and improve the community’s way of living. The town now has two big hospitals namely Madonna General Hospital, and the Medical Center Western Batangas. These are equipped with modern technology to attend to different conditions and illnesses. To date, it also has a number of numerous competitive schools – public and private. Some of these are the Balayan East Central School, Balayan West Central School, Balayan National High School, STI, St. Paul, Core Science Academy (the newest school established) and many more.

Furthermore, a Walmart has been built just recently near the town’s rotonda – but the local groceries will not lose to the new competition. The Balayan Commercial Complex is still a hit with the locals; the public market has been renovated to look like an open mall; and there are new additional commercial buildings within the town.

However, even with modern hospitals, schools, and commercial infrastructures sprouting at every corner, the traditions are still alive within in the community.

“Roasted pigs with costumes” Affordable House and Lot
“Roasted pigs with costumes”
Children enjoying the water war Affordable House and Lot
“Children enjoying the water war”

Every year, on the 24th of July, any Balayan Bria homeowner can participate in celebrating the feast for St. John the Baptist or piyesta ng San Juan – or more popularly known as the “Parada ng Lechon”. This is a popular parade where the town folks show their creativity by doing gimmicks to the costumes on the roasted pigs. But more importantly, this is the fiesta where the moment someone steps outside their houses, the neighbors immediately splash you with water using dippers, water guns, and even hoses – whatever it takes to get people drenched.

Parish of the Immaculate Conception Affordable House and Lot
“Parish of the Immaculate Conception”

During December, the town holds a week-long celebration for the Feast of the Immaculate Concepcion. With the Parish of the Immaculate Conception located at the center, the values of Catholicism emanates throughout the municipality. Even until now, improvements and renovations on the Catholic Church are in process to provide the people a wider and more comfortable place to satisfy spiritual needs.

Being the heart of the province’s first district, the municipality keeps up with the progressing times while carrying the roots of its people. Any resident of Balayan Bria community can be sure that they will both enjoy a developing traditional town.

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