Prevent electrical short circuits at home with these tips

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Knowing how to prevent short circuits is a very important topic or topic that needs to be talked about and elaborated on. Knowing how to prevent short circuits saves our lives, properties, and other circumstances and accidents in the future. Becoming aware of how to prevent short circuits will give us the preparedness for preventive maintenance and readiness in saving our own lives and our family. The danger underneath a short circuit is very vital; a short circuit at home is so harmful that it can cause damage, lives at stake, fire, and an explosion. It is a fact that short circuits are the leading reasons why there are scale and huge fires around the world.

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How to prevent short circuits at home?

Let us discuss the tips to avoid short circuits at home, and the reasons why there are occurring short circuits at home. Let’s talk about it in detail and find out how to prevent short circuits.

A short circuit means your electricity system function is not normal. Short circuits will have a high volume of current and this current will have a high heat of temperature. In a short circuit electric power flow is distorted, with incomplete circulation, and it does not run its normal current. There is an irregular condition of your electrical circuit that has a shorter distance compared to its original frame functions. In addition, a short circuit happens when a hot wire touches the conductive material or object that is not supposed or intended to flow in.

Top 5 reasons why short circuits happen

1. Hotwire

This occurs when a low circuit is receiving or the current of electricity is not set off in the right wire electric path, in short, there is a wrong current flow. When this happens, the wire becomes hot and when it touches the conductive object this will result in a short circuit. This short circuit will damage your appliance or cause a fire.

2. Liquid

Typically any liquid or water that flows into the electricity can cause an electric circuit because water can damage the wiring and can cause a fire.

3. Loose connection

With regards to loosening connections, there will be an inconsistent, not enough, overflow that will result in the incompatible and inconsistent flow of electricity and this will eventually result in a short power circuit.

4. Weaken Connections

This is due to deteriorating electrical devices and appliances, loose parts and screws, damaged switches, and old switches that can dangerously cause short circuits.

5. Pests

Rats or any other animals that typically or accidentally chew electric wires can lead to open wires and the wires can cause a short circuit. The open wiring will be exposed and can lead to big damage and destruction to your home.

How to prevent short circuits at home?

In preventing any misfortunes, accidents, and circumstances, SAFETY FIRST AND PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE is the key to impeding future problems. As with any electrical at home, a well-planned electrical installation, taking notes, knowing about safety electrical fire tips, keeping an eye on pests in all areas, responsible use, and assessing regularly is the key essential role we need to roll out for that safety first and preventative maintenance. In addition to your safety, here is a list checklist of things you can do to prevent short circuits at home:

Safety use for Switches or Outlets

  1. Make sure that your switches are not too old to use.
  2. Do not overload your outlets.
  3. Pull switches that are not in use.
  4. Pull your switches by their head not by their cord.
  5. Check outlets that have burned or smell like fire.
  6. Be mindful of the fizzing sound and sparks of your outlets, have them checked as well.

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Safety use of Appliances

  1. Unplugged appliances that are not in use.
  2. Make sure to check their wiring for damages.
  3. Check old appliances for their crack and physical damage.

Safety Electrical Wiring

  1. Check your electrical wiring system for opening damaged cords, peel-off, or exposed wires.
  2. Check your protection insulation.
  3. Invest in quality insulators like PVC or Polyvinyl chloride, PE or Polyethylene, and Nylon. They are the most trusted and best to choose to prevent electrical wires from being exposed.

Safety during Typhoons or bad weather

  1. Lessen the electrical use during typhoons because the weather will have an impact of short circuits if the rain is so heavy, due to strong wind and strikes of lightning.

Safety Circuit Breaker

  1. Check circuit breakers for any damage and loose ends.
  2. Know your circuit breakers’ functions and controls well.
  3. Clean the circuit breakers and their area regularly.
  4. You may also do circuit breaker maintenance; they should be maintained and inspected every 1 to 3 years.

A Safe Home

The short circuit is dangerous; it can harm us, and our family and it can lead to losing our hard-earned properties. The basic thing of preventing short circuits will start with us. Short circuits happen when there is unsafe and exposed electricity at home, the unsafe usage of appliances, and cords, and not following electric usage instructions. Having a safe home starts with us, by being a responsible user is the basic basis of our safety.

Choosing the right materials, appliances and insulators for our home and choosing the right house to purchase is included as our basic responsibility. Also, knowing the right house and lot that is safely built to prevent any fire or matter investing in the right electric products is under the safety first that can prevent an eventual short circuit. Safety is peacefulness and living under a roof that we know we are safe is giving us the freedom to live well accordingly.

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Written by Rowena Lansang