Easy microwave-only recipes

Cooking with microwave

The microwave is one of the most user-friendly appliances for cooking. And by this, we do not just mean to reheat already prepared food. In addition to how simple it is to use, one of the most significant benefits of using a microwave for cooking is the amount of time it saves.

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It’s the easiest method to whip up something that’s not only tasty but also unique. A microwave oven is your savior in the kitchen if you are a novice cook, frequently find yourself with unannounced visitors, or simply don’t want to spend an excessive amount of time stirring the pot. Before you go ahead and try using this in your cuisine, we have put together a guide that will help you understand the various varieties that are now on the market, as well as how to use it and some tips that will come in helpful. Continue reading this article to know about easy recipes you can do with only a microwave oven.

Instructions for using a Microwave

Because the wattage can fluctuate anywhere from 500 to 1000, the food cooked by each microwave is distinct. Even though several versions come equipped with sensors that can detect when a dish is on fire, the vast majority of them do not. It is imperative that you carefully read the owner’s manual and adhere to the cooking time, temperature, and power criteria outlined in each recipe; otherwise, things could go horribly wrong.

Tips in using microwave

We have little doubt that each of you has heard at least one horror story about cooking in a microwave that was a complete and utter mess. Therefore, the following precautionary advice and recommendations will be useful. Since a microwave oven prepares food by generating heat within it, it is essential that the dish be allowed to stand for some time after the cooking process has been completed. Permit the heat to move freely in all directions, and wait for the temperature to naturally decrease as the heat does so.

Make sure that the dish is placed in the middle of the glass tray, and that you only use utensils that are safe to use in the microwave. It is acceptable to use grease-resistant paper, cardboard, and paper towels. If you’re going to be baking something, in particular, you should choose a dish that’s a little bit larger than necessary because the finished product will expand. Under no circumstances should you use metal, as this could cause the microwave to spark. If you are preparing something that has sauce in it, be sure not to leave the dish open because the sauce will splatter, and also make sure not to cover it with aluminum foil since it will melt.

We’ve selected some incredibly incredible microwave recipes for you to try, including brownies, cakes, cookies, fish, chocolate fudge, and more. This is just one example of the many wonderful things that can be done in a microwave, and we’ve got many more where they came from. You should thus not hold back and test them on your own.

15 easy-peasy microwave only recipes

With these recipes for the microwave, you can have breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even dessert on the table in a matter of minutes. With these simple recipes for the microwave, you’ll be able to enjoy homemade food in no time.

1. Hazelnut Cake Prepared in the Microwave

To all those who adore chocolate: pay attention! You are in for a wonderful treat, so stay tuned. You will be able to open the microwave and check on the cake every few minutes to ensure that it is being cooked properly, which is not possible with other types of cakes.

2. Chocolate Fudge

This is without a doubt one of our most-loved dishes. A chocolate fudge that is gooey, melt-in-your-mouth smooth, and requires only four ingredients, twenty minutes, and a significant appetite.

3. Bacon prepared in a microwave oven.

The oven, the stovetop, and the microwave are the three primary cooking methods that are utilized for preparing bacon. Utilizing a microwave is the most convenient option. In no more than four minutes, you will get bacon that is perfectly crispy and cooked throughout. Before you start cooking the bacon strips, make sure to sandwich them between several layers of paper towels. This assists in absorbing the potentially harmful grease and lessens the mess that is caused by splatters.

4. Brittle made in the microwave with peanuts

Presented here is a snack that features sweet and salty flavors, as well as textures that contrast between crunchy and chewy. You can accomplish all of that by utilizing a microwave and some materials from your cupboard.

Sugar and coconut syrup are mixed together to make the sweet coating that covers the peanuts. The flavor of salted peanuts, on the other hand, is improved by the addition of vanilla essence. It’s incredibly delicious!

5. Mug with a cinnamon roll on it

A cinnamon roll prepared in a cup and cooked in a microwave may not be the most appetizing-looking sweet treat, but it tastes exactly the same as its more conventional counterpart!

The dough’s ingredients may be mixed together with little effort, and the wonderful flavors of brown sugar, butter, and cinnamon can be fully appreciated as a result.

6. Macaroni and cheese prepared in a microwave

This recipe is the one I turn to whenever I need a quick solution to satisfy my desires for cheese. The fact that there is less cleaning to do is the nicest part! After cooking the macaroni in the microwave, simply stir in the cheese of your choice and continue stirring until the cheese has melted and the pasta is evenly coated. It can be made creamier by adding milk, and a more meaty flavor can be achieved by adding chunks of bacon or ham. 

7. Custard with Caramel Made in the Microwave

Caramel custard that is golden in color and has a syrupy consistency. It is produced with milk, sugar, and eggs. It is an incredible pleasure to make, and your children will express their gratitude to you for doing so.

8. Chocolate Cake Prepared in the Microwave

Get ready to have your mind blown. Whoever stated that you can’t make a good cake in an oven has most likely never tried this recipe, which results in a successful cake every time.

9. Caramel popcorn prepared in the microwave

The absolute ULTIMATE treat for movie evenings is popcorn that has been drizzled with caramel in an even layer. You are going to have to create your own caramel for this recipe (here’s a hint: it’s not hard at all). Cook the popcorn for a few minutes after pouring the caramel into the brown bag that it was stored in along with the kernels. You may try including some chopped salted nuts, some fruit jam, or even some sriracha sauce if you want to amp up the flavor.  

10. Sweet Potato Prepared in the Microwave

Do you want to prepare something that tastes similar to baked sweet potatoes but does not require you to spend too much time in the kitchen? Easy. Make use of the microwave! Just remember to make some little holes in the potatoes before you cook them to prevent a messy explosion. After it has finished cooking, cut it down the center and top it with your preferred toppings.

11. Oreo Mug Cake Prepared in the Microwave

If it calls for Oreos, a microwave, and a mug, then you know it’s going to be a tasty recipe. Skeptical? Just you wait until you get your hands on that fluffy, luscious, and rich Oreo cup cake!

Simply combine the flour mixture, the oil, and the milk with the Oreos that have been crushed.

Put some chocolate chips in there for added sweetness, give it a few more minutes in the oven, and you’re good to go!

12. Potato Soup Prepared in the Microwave

With the help of this recipe, you can make a delightful supper in a cup that is stuffed with bacon, cheese, potatoes, and scallions.

Each mouthful is sure to satisfy with its velvety texture and flavorful taste.

Because it can be prepared in less than 8 minutes, this soup is an excellent choice for even the most hectic of days. 

13. Tomato Soup Prepared in the Microwave

If you have cornbread or grilled cheese sitting on your table but no tomato soup, you have committed a heinous crime.

In all seriousness, you can whip up a bowl of tomato soup in the microwave in no time at all for those delicious sides.

When you combine marinara sauce, cheese, cream, and chicken stock, you can make a tomato soup that is tasty and velvety smooth in a matter of minutes.

14. Eggless Cookies Made in the Microwave

Put away those pre-packaged, high-fat cookies and prepare some of your own. The preparation of these eggless biscuits in the microwave is a breeze.

15. Cornbread muffin prepared in the microwave

This recipe produces a cornbread muffin that serves only one, which makes it ideal for those chilly evenings when you only have one bowl of chili left to eat. The recipe calls for flour and cornmeal, but you can get the same results just as easily by using cornbread mix. You can make this dish vegan by substituting cane sugar and soy milk for the honey and regular milk called for in the recipes.

 Written by Benjamin Ferreras