Pinoy Christmas Parties: What Fun Games to Play?

Pinoy Christmas Party Game Idea

We have compiled the best and trendy Filipino Party games that you can adopt for your upcoming Christmas party.

Upcoming Christmas 2022 Celebrations

Christmas might arguably be the best and most wonderful time of the year. During this season, we usually gather and reunite with our family and friends. Thus, it is normal to hold a party to facilitate activities that will reignite the bonds and relations of the families or even your circle of friends. With the easing pandemic protocols, the life of people is slowly going back to the old normal where physical interaction is a norm. Parties are starting to be held by everyone to catch up with the lives of the special people in our lives. However, the pandemic surely affected the way we socialize with others. Our social batteries are limited so we need to make parties more enjoyable and more engaging for the invitees. But if you are the one leading the party, you might ask yourself “how can I make it enjoyable?” You do not have to worry! 

6 Best and Simple Yet Enjoyable Pinoy Games for Your Christmas Party

1. Pinoy Henyo

Tao? Bagay? Hayop? Lugar? Pangyayari?” Perhaps, this is the most common game played by Filipinos at every party or reunion. This game can be considered as one of the classic Pinoy games, especially during a Christmas party. 

The mechanics are simple. It is played by partner. One will guess the word and the other will aid his partner by answering yes, no, or maybe in the questions being asked.

2. Charades

“Two words? Three syllables?” This can be considered a classic as well, but this is well known all over the world because it is one of the most common games played at parties by different nationalities as well. This is like Pinoy Henyo but there is a slight twist. A person will act out the word being guessed by another person or group of people. 

For aspiring actors of the party, this is the best game for you! The key to winning in this game is in the actor itself. The more creative and understandable the acts of the person, the easier it is for people to guess the unknown word.

3. Christmas Singing Bee

Karaoke might be considered one of the essentials in every Filipino party or even for other Asians. A huge part of Filipino culture of celebrating events is the presence of karaoke. Filipinos love to sing even they are out of tune. If we combine the love of Filipinos for karaoke and the internationally famous game show known as “Singing Bee”, this game would be one of the best to play in every party. 

Since it is a Filipino Christmas party game, the songs to be sung should be related to Christmas. The mechanics of singing bee are simple. You may play a tune of the song and let the person guess its title or play the song and let the person fill a portion of the lyrics of the song. Whoever gets a wrong answer will be out of the game.

4. Relay Game

Another classic pinoy game for Christmas party! Relay games have been innovated over the years. From calamansi relay to beer pong, it still continues to evolve. A lot of its variation can be scene in social media especially on TikTok and Facebook. Relay games are perfect to reignite the bonds between people as it needs teamwork to win the game. The goofy looks made as you play the game with your family and friends bring joy to the faces of the players and surely, yourself as well.

5. Bring Me

If everyone seems tired of all the games played, this is a good icebreaker for the people in the party. This can be played while resting for a while from the physically taxing games played in a party. The mechanics are simple as well. You just have to bring the requested thing by the host and if you are the first to bring such, you will have a prize. In this game, you will usually hear “bring me, puting buhok!” or “bring me, 1000 peso-bill!” This game is considered a classic for any type of part celebrated by Filipinos.

6. The Willie Revillame Games

The show of one of the well-known Filipino hosts, Willie Revillame, has given different ideas for Filipino Christmas party games. From hephep hooray to pop the balloon, these games are commonly played in every Pinoy party. The mechanics of hephep hooray is very simple yet hard to master especially if played at high speed. When the host gives you the mic, you have to shout hephep or hooray with actions depending on the last word shouted. It gets a bit tricky when the host speeds up the pace of giving the mic to you because you might get confused or over excited making you lose your focus and get eliminated in the game. For pop the balloon, it is simple as well. It may be done by group or by partner. The fasted group or pair to pop all the balloons will win.

The Best Prize for Pinoy Christmas Party Games

To make the games more enjoyable and urge the invitees to participate, your prizes must be enticing. In Filipino parties or even in different nationalities, money as a prize might be the best prize to have in games. People get competitive with high hopes of winning a lot of games to get the largest amount as possible. Forget about cute stuff for prizes! Even 50- or 100-peso prize will surely excite the players especially if there are a lot of games to play. It is beneficial for organizers as well because you do not have to worry on buying prizes. You just need to have a readily available new peso bills as prizes. Let’s emphasize “new” for the peso-bills. It adds more excitement for Filipinos when they see a new bill that is crisp and in mint condition because it signifies Christmas for many people because it is common to have money as a gift in the Filipino culture.

The Unique and Enjoyable Filipino Christmas

           Our country is known to have the longest Christmas celebration among all the countries and regions of the world. With this, Christmas is one of the most awaited yearly celebrations especially that the joy of giving and receiving is tied with this annual event. It also becomes a time to reunite or build bond with your family and colleagues that is why parties are held and the goal is to make it very enjoyable and engaging for every person invited.

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