Parika Kalye Sining: The 2022 Binangonan Arts Festival

Binangonan arts festival

It is without a doubt that the Philippines is a country with a rich culture, diversity, heritage, and tradition. What also makes the Philippines interesting is that from these aspects, architecture, festivals, arts, and other mediums of expression are born. This process is best exemplified by the Binangonan Arts Festival. As the name suggests, the festival is located within the Municipality of Binangonan, Rizal Province, which is only an hour’s drive away from Manila. Binangonan is famously known for its intimate connection with nature, found between the Sierra Madre and Laguna de Bay. Its beautiful sceneries and relaxing ambiance have always served as a breath of fresh air from the hustle and bustle nature of the capital. However, beyond this, it also serves as a purveyor of the culture and the arts through the Binangonan Arts Festival. As we speak, the municipality has already initiated the festival.

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The Binangonan Arts Festival, through their social media pages, had already boasted a colorful celebration of the visual arts, music, and theater, but there are other activities that we have yet to see. If you are curious or planning to participate, Bria Homes is here to relay everything you need to know about the Binangonan Arts Festival!

The Binangonan Arts Festival

This will be the first time that an arts festival will be held in Binangonan. It is the culmination of the growing appreciation and awareness of the locals and other enthusiasts toward local arts and culture. This first-ever arts festival was inspired by Binangonan’s proponent of the Higantes Festival (Giants Festival), known as Kampong o Policarpio Lipio. The concepts and art forms will be largely influenced by the designs used with the Higantes, which were “overtly decorated.”

The inspiration from Kampong was done to remind and promote the story of Kampong and his contribution to the art culture of Rizal Province. After all, it was a story many had seemed to forget. It was also a way to promote the importance and essence of family and its corresponding values. Kampong’s Higantes are usually seen in the celebration of weddings, which features a complete family with a mother, father, and child. This serves as a metaphor which means the creation of an artistic piece reflects that of a creating family.

Consequently, the arts festival used the word “Parika” in all of its celebrations and activities. The word “Parika” is a commonly used Binangonan word that means “to come here” or “to invite someone.” In this context,  Parika na is used to come or invite other local artists, whether Binangonan local or not, to witness this celebration. At the same time, it also calls artists to participate and gather in these festivities after almost three years of limitations brought upon by the pandemic.

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The Parika Kalye Sining

The organization behind the exciting Binangonan Arts Festival was the Parika Kalye Sining. According to their Facebook page, they are a street culture and arts organization composed of artists with different backgrounds whose objective is to promote local culture and arts education, expression, and promulgation to foster societal development. 

The actors behind the Parika Kalye Sining were composed of a group of people who were local artists as well. These people shared different backgrounds, from theatrical arts, graphic arts, visual arts, music, and other forms of artistic outlet. Each and every one of them contributes to the uniqueness and enjoys the diversity of the arts festival. James Harvey Cerrero Estrada (@jeymsharbi) leads the group as the Artistic Director, Jenny Lyn Villegas (@jhentotskie14) as Company Manager, Gio Anthony Ojeda (@gioviescaojeda) as Arts Manager and Head of the Visual Arts, David Joshua Floriza Magno (@dbdhgnte) as Head for Literary Arts, Jhon Laureb Claudio (@lnrbclaudio) as Head for Performing Arts for the Music Section, Juan Martin Chulvo (@jambata) as the Secretary-General and Head of Volunteers.

Most of these mentioned individuals were experts and respected artists in their own right. By working in this organization, they hope to share their knowledge and learnings by organizing events such as the Binangonan Arts Festival.

The literal translation of the organization’s name means “to come into the artistic streets.” This meaning significantly reflects the mission of the organization, which was to bring arts into the mainstream by empowering the street and local cultures and also local artists.

The month-long activities and celebrations

The Binangonan Arts Festival had prepared a long list of activities and festivities aimed at promoting the local art culture of Binangonan. The activities all around Binangonan encourage you to explore the scenery and other things that the place has to offer. Each and every activity has the word “parika” on it, strongly suggesting that everyone is invited to come and see the events.

The festival kicked off with the Parika Likhaan in Binangonan Recreation and Conference Center – Batingan, which occurred between September 3 and 10, 2022. It was again followed by the same activity occurring in Don JM’s Farm between the 17th and 24th of September. The Parika Likhaan is an interdisciplinary art laboratory/ workshop where there will also be an artist who will sit down and talk with other local artists honing their craft. The event also offered free “Parika” t-shirt paintings.

However, the bulk of festivities was held in this month of October, kicking off with the Parika Arts Exhibition in Gaisano Capital Binangonan. The art exhibition will be open for the whole month of October. It is an open-theme art exhibition that caters to every artistic medium (painting, photography, digital art, etc.). There will also be a live sketching every Saturday and Sunday for the whole month. The activity aims to serve as a channel for local artists to present and promote their art to the local community of Binangonan. 

Together with the exhibit opening was also the Parika Rakrakan in the late afternoon at Josa’s Resto Bar in Macamot. The event featured local musicians who gathered together for a night of music and partying. This night surely had banged some heads as organizers conducted the same activity called Parika Rakrakan 2.0 in Libis Sports Bar.

A small theatrical production was also prepared through the Parika Arte in Granny’s Café and Kitchen. There was also the Parika Edukasyon at Binangonan Elementary School. The activity’s objective is to introduce and promote the festival and local arts to young Filipinos through workshops. There was also a Mural/Graffiti making to immortalize the memory of this arts festival and cultivate its celebration for Binangonans. There will also be a gathering through the Parika Lunsad on Lunsad Boulevard. It is a two-day activity with fashion shows, live murals/graffiti, a street market, and an open mic night! There will also be booths from the major sponsors of the festival.

In terms of sports, the festival also has a Parika Skate, a skate competition in New Calumpang Covered Court. Later on, the same venue will host the Parika Calumpang, where an art installation, live mural/graffiti, street market, and an open mic will be available for participants! The festival would also not be complete without a film viewing through Parika Sine in 1940 Studios.

However, the main event of the Binangonan Arts Festival is the Parika Binangonan Music Festival which will be held on the 21st of October. This will be the last activity and the culmination of the Binangonan Arts Festival. It will start from 10 AM onwards, make sure not to miss it!

It is comforting to know that there is a growing art movement and awareness in the Philippines. Binangonan and its festival serve as a prime example. We are indeed very fortunate to have an activity like this wherein we are the ones constantly called for and invited to promote our local arts and culture. If we continue to do this, then the Philippines and its art community will surely have a better future.

Most of the events of the festival had already occurred. However, given its success, there will surely be another Binangonan Arts Festival soon! If you do not want to miss that chance and become a part of the growing art community there, check out some properties in Bria Homes Binangonan

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Written by Angelo Jade Caputolan