Tips to prepare for Undas 2022

When October is about to end, an event to celebrate is Halloween. This event is believed to be the day when the worlds of the living and the dead collides thus making the spirits return to the world of the living. However, for Roman Catholics, this is more known as All Saints’ Day and All Souls Day. These 2-day celebration is known as Undas and happens during the first two days of November of every year. It is a time devoted for commemorating their loved ones who departed from this world.  However, most of the time, these days are considered as non-working holidays. So, for some, it became a time to relax and a short break from the stressful days of work. With this, some commemorate their deceased loved ones ahead of the Undas break. Nevertheless, commemorating your loved ones should not just be done during these times. In fact, it can be done anytime and spontaneously. With this, if you want to be wise in spending your Undas break especially if you have a tight schedule, this is the right guide for you. Here are some information regarding Undas and tips that will come in handy as you effectively plan the enjoyment of this short break.

Why is Undas Celebrated?

            It is not a new for Roman Catholics to celebrate a lot of feasts to commemorate a deceased person. With this, specific days are dedicated for canonized saints. However, for those normal people who died, All Saints’ Day became an event to commemorate the death of anyone. In the bible, all of the people are saints. However, there are these special individuals who are canonized because of their exceptional acts for the people and miraculous deeds. Nevertheless, the Roman Catholic church established a day devoted for the memorial of all dead individuals. This happens during the first two days of November of every year.

Five (5) Useful Tips for Celebrating All Saints and All Soul’s Day

1. Visit the cemetery during off-season

This may be the top alternative for people with hectic schedule or looking forward to having a relaxation during the holiday break for Undas. One benefit of going to cemeteries off-season is the solemnity during your visit. You can easily focus and enjoy the peace of the environment as you reminisce the memories and offer a prayer to your deceased loved ones. The first two days of November might be dedicated for commemorating are loved ones. However, it is better to have a spontaneous and a frequent visit rather than waiting for these days to come. It is more practical and sweeter because even if your loved ones have departed, you still remember them frequently.

2. Buy candles and other necessities before this season

It is not new to experience inflated prices if there is a high demand for a product. Thus, it is advised that you should buy what you can before the Undas season to have cheaper deals than the actual season.

3. Travel late or early

If you plan to return to your hometown to visit your late loved ones, you should not travel during peak hours or peak days. Traffic is a huge problem in our country so one way to avoid it is to not join the usual travel time of the masses. Either you plan a vacation leave ahead of time or travel when majority of the people have already landed in their respective provinces to save time and energy during your return to your hometown.

4 Buy tickets ahead of time

If you do not have a car and your only means to get to your destination is public transportation or if you need to travel by water or air, you have to secure a ticket ahead of time to avoid the hassle. The high demand will result to temporary shortage of tickets. Hence, if you have an extra amount or you can save ahead of time, you must have your ticket before this season.

5. Make sure your car is in good condition

If you have car, there is a less hassle as you do not have to worry about ticket availability. However, you need to have your car checked to make sure that it is in good condition. Returning to your hometown will push your car to its limits because of the long driving session. Hence, it is proper to assure that it is in good condition so you will avoid accidents and decrease your chance of experiencing a hassle along your return to your hometown.

Other Activities to Do to for Undas

            Aside from paying respects to your loved ones, perhaps there is still time left to unwind. May it be with your family or relatives. In fact, Undas is like Christmas for some as this is a time to reunite with your loved ones. It would be better if everything is planned ahead of time so that the bonding time will be maximized to the fullest. Hence, here are some suggestions to make this season more enjoyable for your family and relatives.

1. Prepare a mini feast for your family, relatives and deceased loved ones

Eating together is the most common bonding time for everyone. As you eat meals with others, stories are shared with one another thus providing an avenue to catch up with what is happening with each member. Additionally, this is not just a time for catching up with one another. It is also a way to reminisce the happy moments with our loved ones and share it to the younger generation of your family and relatives. Our loved ones may have departed in the living world but the moments made with them will surely stay in our hearts and remembering them through stories help us feel that they are still alive in our hearts.

Another common practice when visiting the graves of your loved ones is offering them food especially their favorites. Catholics believe that the spirits of their loved ones are present during this season. Hence, it is a way to say that they are still welcome in this world. The food is like a gesture of care and that they are still alive in the hearts of their family members even their presence can only be felt spiritually.

2. Plan a short staycation

Since visiting deceased loved ones is not a new idea for many Filipinos, some use this time to plan a short staycation instead of bonding in the cemetery. Even with a short time, you can still enjoy in the nearby areas as long as you have a different environment to have for a short period so the feelings of burnout or stress will be wiped away. In the recent report of Department of Tourism, areas around Metro Manila, CALABARZON and Central Luzon became the top overnight destinations for the masses. Hence, you do not have to go miles away from your home just to unwind and have a different environment. There are still hidden gems to enjoy in nearby areas with your relatives.

A Short Yet Special Occasion for Filipinos

            Like Christmas and birthdays, this season is special for Filipinos because it serves as a little reunion with their family. Nevertheless, a day devoted for the memorial for your deceased loved ones is a way to honor their impact in our lives. No matter what your culture or religion, remembering the moments with these deceased individuals is a way to feel their presence in our hearts. Yes, you may do it spontaneously or at any day of the year. However, the bond with important people of the deceased is what makes Undas enjoyable as the stories of each person help in letting the deceased to seem alive even just in the memories of the people they left.

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