6 Witty Halloween Costumes You Should Try this 2022

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Have you already planned your costume for this Halloween? If not yet, then we got some fun and exciting costume ideas for you. If yes, then good for you but hold that idea, you might also consider changing your mind after reading these ideas. So, get ready and buckle up your seatbelts! Let’s get into some crazy and fun Halloween Costume Ideas!

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2022’s Must-try Halloween Costumes

It’s a spooky season, again! It’s the Halloween season! The time has come when you exchange scary stories with your friends at midnight, whether you based that story on your real-life experience or you just made it up, which makes it more fun, spooky, and exciting. It is time to redecorate your homes with bizarre designs and use your creativity at its finest. Are you also planning to host a Halloween party at your very own Bria Home? Well of course, if there’s a party, people invited should also be preparing their costumes.

1. Marites

Who hasn’t heard about Marites? The term has been commonly used by Internet users to refer to the gossipy Tita next door who spends a major portion of her days spreading intriguing (and sometimes malicious) rumors to her neighbors. You just have to wear a duster dress, bring a pamaypay as a prop, and put some curling rollers up. Then, you’re good to go. I assure you, they will know that you’re Marites! It’s iconic and trendy but at the same time, it’s an easy and comfy costume.

2. Ghost

The outfit has evolved into a fashion for the forthcoming Halloween season as well as a form of protection due to the coronavirus outbreak. It was a trend on tiktok months ago, so why not? Anyone can join this trend!  You just need to pull out an old white bed sheet, cut two holes in i, and a pair of sunglasses. Then, you’re good to go.

3. Work-From-Home Employee

This is the most mundane but fun and relatable costume! Since many of us have been working from home for some time, you can be sure to have everything you need for this outfit. For a complete WFH outfit, gather your laptop, coffee mug, button-up shirt, and pajamas. Then you’re ready.

4. Famous Series or Movie Characters

Who doesn’t like Halloween costume ideas that are based on famous movies and TV shows? If your friends are huge fans of Money Heist, Stranger Things, and Euphoria. You can plan your Halloween costume ideas together and go to a Halloween party as a group. Then, of course, take a group photo! That’s an ultimate squad goal.

If you’re alone, then you don’t have to worry because you can also be your favorite character from your favorite TV show or movie! Isn’t that exciting? You can be Walter White from Breaking Bad, you can be Annalise Keating from How to Get Away with Murder, Regina George from Mean Girls or you can be Rachel from FRIENDS!

5. Video Game Characters

If you’re a video gamer, then you should dress up as your favorite video game characters. I mean, there are a LOT of video game characters. Here’s a crazy DIY Halloween Costume: A Sims costume! It is an easy choice if you’re a fan of the Sims computer game. You can create a Sims headband with the diamond-shaped mood indication on it with just a few basic components. The Sims characters in the game walk around with diamond-shaped mood indicators over their heads that represent their emotional and physical well-being, needs, and mental states. You can still be in costume while wearing your own clothes if you make one for yourself. Or if you want to make an effort, then you can be a Mobile Legend Hero! You can be Layla, Esmeralda, Miya, Alucard, Clint or the minions! You can also be the turret if you want to!

6. Filipino Mythical Creatures

Another fun Halloween costume idea! If you’re into classics, then dress up as a Filipino Mythical Creature! There are a lot of mythical creatures with interesting stories. You can dress up as a Diwata. Diwata is a goddess of Philippine folklore. Diwatas are spirits that are in charge of the many elements of nature, such as water and air, and grants blessings to its inhabitants. Take note of that, you might need to explain your costumes to your friends. To achieve the Diwata look, all you’ll need is a flowing dress or top and skirt, as well as simple, natural-themed accessories like a flower you may pin in your hair.

Another insteresting mythical monster but this one engages in dark magic and they are famously known as the “mangkukulam”. You may dress up as a contemporary mangkukulam in any attire, but to be authentic to the concept, we suggest digging out your old Buwan ng Wika outfits. The more worn out they are, the better. Use foundation that is one or two shades lighter than your natural skin tone, then create wrinkles on your face with an eyeliner or eyebrow pencil. To turn your hair grey, lightly dust it with flour or baby powder. Bring a doll and a needle to finish off your appearance.

You can also be the iconic Multo or white lady. It is regarded by Filipinos as a ghost with unfinished business in the physical realm. She is one of the most well-known legendary beings in the Philippines since so many individuals have said they have seen or encountered her. All you need is a white dress, of course, preferably one that you are planning to discard so you can add smudges of “dirt” to it with brown and black makeup. Add some red food coloring to make “blood stains” by drizzling or splashing it on. Use some eyeshadow for your fake eyebags. Then you’re good to go! If you’re an introverted person who doesn’t like to talk much then this costume might be perfect for you because of course, it is expected that no one will come close to you during the party. They might be scared of you. If it’ll happen, then that’s a mission accomplish for you. For Halloween, you might dress up as one of the spooky monsters or creatures that exist in the Philippines. These creatures are entertaining and unique from the typical cowboy, vampire, and skeleton costumes you typically see at Halloween gatherings each year. The best part is that achieving these looks won’t require you to put in a lot of work, money, or time.

See? There are a lot of Halloween costume ideas! If you found the Halloween costume idea for you, don’t forget to flaunt it on social media.

Don’t hold back. There are a lot of options! There’s no limit! Halloween happens only once a year. Halloween is the time to release that inner child in you. Anyone may dream, hope, and utilize their creativity when playing dress-up. Halloween is more than just receiving candies and posting your costumes online! It is also all about creating fun new memories at your own Bria Home. Connect with the Bria community, build new connections, and strengthen good relationships with social events like this! It is a good memory to look back and also a great event to look forward to annually. Never miss this chance to show off and dress up as someone who you want to be! All you have to do is to align it with your interest and also use your creativity.