Where to Eat in Bukidnon During Your Travel?


Have you ever planned on having vacation in Bukidnon? If yes, have you ever thought about some of the best Bukidnon Restaurants?

Sit back, relax and enjoy as we answer your question “Where to eat in Bukidnon?”

Bukidnon is one the best tourist spots in the Philippines, located in Northern Mindanao, home to many endemic species, home to many different cultures, most importantly home to many unique food and delicacies. Bukidnon is also known as the “Food Basket of the Region” which is why many tourists are searching for the best Bukidnon Restaurants.

What are we waiting for? Here are some of the Bukidnon Restaurants that should be on your bucket list.

  1. Roadhouse Café

With so many Bukidnon Restaurants, Roadhouse Café really stood out because of its authentic style of dining on a very reasonable price. It was also dubbed as “The Café that has it all”, because it has the elegant place which can also be a venue for all types of celebrations or mass gathering. It showcases some of unique food in Bukidnon such as Seafood in a Basket and their famous Bukidnon Barbeque Burger. Roadhouse Café is located at Valencia City, Bukidnon.

  • Inday’s Kamalig

Inday’s Kamalig is very famous for their grilled Chicken Inasal and for their very courteous crew. This is a place where food is affordable but not cheap. If you are also hungry and looking for an Unli-rice service this Bukidnon Restaurant will suit your appetite. They also offer their famous blue lemonade which will remove all the heat and stress you feel during your travel. Once you fulfill your stomach, and thinking of where you can buy some “Pasalubong”, Inday’s Kamalig will answer you with their very own “Pasalubong Center” where you can buy souvenirs and their famous camote chips. This famous restaurant is located at Valencia City, Bukidnon.

  • Café Esquinita

Café Esquinita is one of the restaurants with the most affordable menu for as low as Php 79 you already have their famous Putos na Tuna Lumpia, which is served with their famous Tuna Lumpia, boiled egg, papaya pickles and rice wrapped in banana leaves. This will make you feel the authenticity of the food while not spending so much money. Its place is very modern with a touch of traditional design. The ambiance is very relaxing, which will make you invite your friends and family to try their famous Boodle Fight for as low as Php 649. Since our country is tropical, you should also try their Milk Tea Cheesecake Series and their Fruit Tea. This Bukidnon Restaurant is located in Aglayan, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon.

  • Del Monte Club House

If you are the kind of person who loves silence, sound of rustling leaves and the smell of fresh air while eating, Del Monte Club House will be the best restaurant for you. You can also enjoy the scenery of the golf course beside this Bukidnon Restaurant, the place is themed as 70’s to 90’s set up which will remind you the history this old restaurant witnessed. Del Monte Club House is famous for their Beef Steak, it owns the reputation of serving the best beef in the whole region, though the price is a bit pricey, the food is much more than what you pay and the place will make you want to go back again. You must also try their ultra-fresh pineapple juice freshly harvested from their famous pineapple plantation which is one of the largest pineapple plantations in the world. This famous restaurant is located at Cawayanon, Manolo Fortich.

  • Farmhouse Farm to Table Eatery

If you love to eat in a very calm and serene place, this restaurant will suit you. This could be your dating place as it offers silence and is surrounded by trees. Intimate conversations are perfect here as you fulfill your stomach. You should try their famous roast beef pasta dish which melts inside the mouth on a very reasonable price, you must also try their well known four cheese pizza. If you also love to visit a place where you can feel a touch of nature, you can also visit their garden/orchard just at the back of the restaurant. This restaurant is located at Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon.

Now that you fulfilled your bucket list of “Where to eat in Bukidnon?”, there are variety of places that you can visit in the beautiful province of Bukidnon. You can try hiking and reaching the peak of the “2nd highest mountain in the Philippines”, Mount Dulang Dulang or simply called “D2”.

Having a hot and rough day on your vacation? Why not try to visit the famous Nasuli Spring which is a natural spring resort in Bukidnon. Swim and relax on the irresistible natural cold-water spring of Nasuli.

If you are planning to visit a very sacred and solemn place in Bukidnon, you should visit the Monastery of Transfiguration, it is home for the Benedictine Monks and a safe place for anyone who wants peace and to pray. This church really reflects the beauty of Bukidnon by its sophisticated design and architecture.

Do you want to turn back time and be a kid again for a moment? If yes, you should visit Dahilayan Adventure Park which is also known as “Mindanao’s Favorite Extreme Playground”. In this place you will find your inner daredevil personality as you capture memories by trying the extreme rides and activities that this adventure park offers.

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As we finish your vacation plan, here are some of the important reminders that you should always know when you visit Bukidnon

  1. Be Polite

Even though Bukidnon is a place within our country, there are still language barriers which might lead to some misunderstanding, which is why being sensitive to your body gestures and way of speaking is important.

  • Always Smile

Wherever place you will plan to go to, smiling is the universal way of showing gratitude and respect to others. Culture might be a little different from the culture in Metro Manila, which is why it is important to belong with them by smiling.

  • Respect Nature

Bukidnon is one the wonders of the Philippines, one of the few rainforests that still exist, home to many endemic species and home to many of our fellow Filipinos, being responsible of your garbage disposal is really important. Do not loiter.

Now that we are fully settled, pack your things up, get a vacation set to Bukidnon, cherish every second of every moment as we people only live once. Enjoy the elegance and beauty of Bukidnon.