Mangaon ta! 14 of Davao’s Locally Loved Restos in 2022

Jacks ridge Davao restaurant

Davao City earned its title as one of the highly-urbanized cities in the country. It is a popular tourist destination in Mindanao and also serves as a domestic and international entry point to other tourist attractions on the island. It offers a variety of activities, including those that are natural, man-made, historic-cultural, adventurous and sporting, religious, educational, and agro-industrial, as well as festivals, dining, and shopping. The city has so much to offer to its locals and tourists that when you are visiting Davao, it is a must to try different delicacies and Davaoeño cuisine. Planning to book a trip to Davao? Well, we got you! Here are some locally loved and affordable restaurants in Davao to try that fits your taste and budget.

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The restaurant takes great pride in its location at the summit of Shrine Hills in Matina, Davao City. The food is really divine! Your palette will be satisfied by anything from Filipino foods like chicken barbeque to desserts like halo-halo. Did I also mention that it is one of Davao’s most romantic locations? It boasts lovely scenery and ambiance at the top, especially if you go there at night when Davao City is bathed in light. A must go-to!


The ideal location to spend time with friends, family, and other people you care about is Chill Spot Outdoor Dining. If you want to eat Unli, they also have an ALA CARTE menu. The atmosphere here is pleasant and tidy. This is the ideal location for you to consume balut because it offers a distinctive manner to prepare it. What about serving some Japanese food at Ka-8th restaurants? This location is suitable for any occasion you may have, whether informal or formal.


You have to eat at this restaurant if you adore seafood and can’t get enough of it. The Tuna Belly, Grilled Panga, Seafood Grill, Tinolang Manok, Fried Eggplant, and don’t forget to order their fresh seafood, amongst their most popular dishes. And did you know that Former President Rodrigo Duterte enjoys eating at this particular establishment? You did read that correctly. You need to put it on your list. Yellow Fin is situated at Davao City’s Sandawa Plaza on Quimpo Boulevard.


Another locally loved restaurant in Davao City is Claude’s Le Cafe de Ville. It is a well-known, inexpensive neighborhood gastropub. The restaurant features a wide selection of steaks, delicious appetizers, and a welcoming atmosphere. It is located at The Oboza Heritage House, 143 Rizal St, Poblacion District.


Tuna-centric! The MarinaTuna Corporation is a dining establishment in Davao City. Crabs, shrimp, and baked pompano are a few of their most well-known dishes, along with Crispy Tuna Tai. The restaurant offers amazing views of the Davao River and the surrounding metropolis because it is situated on the banks of the river.


In Davao City, there is a restaurant called Balik Bukid Farm & Kitchen that offers mouthwatering food for a remarkably affordable price. The numerous local artists who have painted and made homemade objects on display have increased the restaurant’s personality. The food is also very good; specific favorites are the grilled pork and tuna belly. 


Don’t you just like dining on authentic Mediterranean food in the middle of Davao City? Al-Sultan Halal Restaurant’s Middle Eastern cuisine will then fully delight you. Your favorite dishes including biryani, kebab, and many more well-known Mediterranean cuisines are served at this halal restaurant!


For traditional Filipino food, go to Dencia’s restaurant in Davao City. It’s the ideal place for family dinners or catch-ups with friends because of the cozy atmosphere, kid-friendly features, and delectable fare. Tokwa’t baboy, a delicacy made with pork ears and belly, is a must-try, and lugaw a rice porridge, is a different crowd favorite.


Are you trying to find delectable sweets that will fulfill your sweet craving yet are reasonably priced? Annipie is another locally loved and affordable restaurant in the city! Their best-selling items are cinnamon rolls, Sans Rival, and brownies with a range of chocolate flavors. Additionally, they offer delectable sweets that are unique to Davao City.


In Davao City, Cafe Marco is a well-known all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant. It’s a terrific spot to go for breakfast or lunch because the food is reasonably priced and offers a wide selection of dishes. Visitors will have a pleasant experience because of the quick service and nice staff.

11. LACHI’S 

Since we are talking about locally loved restaurants in Davao City, we can’t afford to miss this one. Lachi’s is among the Davaoenos’ favorites. There are always a lot of patrons here! Try their best-selling Asian Spicy Chicken, which is a must. Don’t be deceived, though; once you taste their food, you’ll never forget it. Try their Luscious Mud Pie and Sans Rival for dessert; they are the best in town!


Behind S&R Membership Shopping in Davao City is a carinderia-style Filipino restaurant called Ellen’s Tuna Queen. The eatery provides a variety of inexpensive meals, including P60 kaldereta dinners. Customers give the tuna sisig at Ellen’s Tuna Queen 4.5 out of 5 stars, making it a particularly well-liked and highly rated dish.


Halo-Halo Atbp of Aling Foping. is a well-known snack shop in Davao City that is known for its excellent halo-halo created with shaved ice, evaporated milk, and various sweetened fruits, beans, and other ingredients. There is absolutely no way to compare the quality of the halo-halos given by other restaurants to the shaved ice utilized at Aling Foping’s.


One shouldn’t skip the well-known Roxas Night Street Food to get the whole Davao City experience. The place offers a wide selection of street cuisine, including grilled fish, grilled belly, barbecue, chicken, fresh seafood, buchi with a variety of ingredients, fried isaw (intestine), fried dynamite rolls (similar to spring rolls with chili inside stuffed with pig and cheese), and more. You can sample as many of these delicacies as you want for 100 pesos.

Davao City can offer so much from beautiful sceneries to gastronomic treats. The combination of modern eating practices and traditional Philippine cuisine is what makes the food in Davao even more remarkable. The city provides a platform where tourists may find a wide range of culinary treats from many countries, such as those from Korea, China, and Japan. You will have the finest time when visiting Davao at these famous restaurants, which range from fine dining to street food joints. Mangaon ta sa Dabaw and have fun throughout your stay!

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Written by Noelyn Kate O. Cabrera