Best Things to Do When You Visit Panabo, Davao

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The city of Panabo, which is an agro-industrial city, is referred to as the “Banana Capital of the Philippines” because of the numerous banana plantations that are spread across it. And guess what, the largest banana plantation in the world is located in Panabo.

Despite its isolated position, Panabo City, a third-class city in the proud province of Davao Del Norte, is nonetheless home to more than 200,000 people and is known as the “Banana Capital of the Philippines.” Given that it shares a border with one of the major cities, Davao City, it is also a part of the metropolitan area of Mindanao.

If you’re planning to travel around the Philippines, you shouldn’t forget to visit Panabo City because this city has a lot to offer. Let’s get into the most exciting part! Here are the things to do in Panabo City that you will surely enjoy!

Panabo has the World’s Largest Rosary

Have you heard of the astonishing Christ the King Cathedral that previously gave the Philippines the distinction of having the largest rosary in the world? Yes, on the route to the bronze figure of the Risen Christ, there is an 85.5-meter-long rosary with interconnected beads. With each bead weighing roughly 35 kg, the enormous rosary weighs an astounding 2,815 kilograms. The beads are additionally composed of ironwood!

The cathedral contains additional attractions in addition to the rosary. In fact, the cathedral’s stunning architectural style makes it itself an attraction! So, add that up to your bucket list! One thing to do in Panabo is to visit the largest rosary in the world!

Visit the San Agustin Botanical Park

If you are into nature, you can visit San Agustin Botanical Park. It is a 31.4-hectare area of land with more than 37,000 trees and plants from all regions of the world.  Find your chosen location among the many pavilions that are placed all over the park, then go enjoy a picnic and other outdoor activities with your friends and loved ones!

Experience the Monfort Bat Sanctuary

2.3 million Rousette Fruit Bats from a single colony lives in the Monfort Bat Sanctuary on Samal Island. That colony is the biggest one of its kind ever discovered, according to Guinness. The nice thing about these incredible bats living in a 245-foot-long cave? They enclose roughly 75% of the wall’s ceiling.

Enjoy the Banana Beach

The only beach resort you’ll ever discover situated inside a banana plantation is the Banana Beach Resort in Tagum. Pretty cool, huh?

You will absolutely have the best moment of your life at this luxurious resort because it provides every one of its visitors with the utmost level of enjoyment and comfort. I’m relieved to hear that you wouldn’t run out of new banana leaves to utilize for a fun old boodle fight.

Attend the Binulig Festival

Of course, your experience wouldn’t be complete without festivals and dances! Attending the renowned Binulig Festival in Panabo City is another fantastic activity to do! It is conducted to commemorate the city’s excellent harvest, honoring the people’s toil, rich culture, and plentiful supply of goods. Of course, you should anticipate a ton of fresh food during this festival in addition to the fun activities and events planned by the community.

Unwind at the San Roque Mountain Ridge

A wonderful experience to expect is indulging in the scenery at San Roque Mountain Ridge. The location is ideal for soaking in the crisp, chilly mountain breeze. San Roque Mountain Ridge, which overlooks a huge amount of greenery, landscapes, and mountain ridges, is a popular location for locals to meditate, unwind, and get away from the bustle of Panabo City.

Visit the Mangrove Forest Boardwalk

Walking through the Mangrove Forest Boardwalk is an amazing experience that you should never miss. The second-largest mangrove forest reserve in the Davao region, Barangay JP Laurel’s 94.1-hectare mangrove forest offers you the chance to stroll along a 585-meter concrete road. Imagine how much fresh air you’ll be able to breathe after leaving this place.

Stroll around the Tagum Night Market

The incredible Night Market in Tagum City, Panabo City’s neighbor, is another experience you shouldn’t skip! You will regret losing out on this opportunity, I assure you. Everything under the sun is available for purchase, including fresh food, baked goods, gifts, garments, toys, shoes, and clothing. Make sure to try them out because the food is really superb here.

Visit the Freedom Park of Panabo City

While being in Panabo City, you ought to at least try exploring Panabo City Freedom Park. There is a lot to explore! Explore the streets, and find hidden gems including shops, eateries, cafes, marketplaces, and more as you admire the modest city and its lovely residents.

Panabo’s Rizal Park and Museum

By establishing a park in his honor, the city of Panabo likewise did its share to celebrate Dr. Jose Rizal, our national hero! The Museo Panabo is direct across from this lovely park. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the museum while you’re there to learn more about the rich culture and history of the city.

​​Visit the Mabunao Eco Park

Another location that will deepen your love of nature is next on the list. The 7.6-hectare Mabunao Eco Park is home to hundreds of different tree species, including pine, narra, and mahogany. In addition to exploring the area and taking in the free, clean air, there is a location where you must climb a total of 282 steps in order to get a unique and spectacular perspective of Panabo City. Take a selfie as a keepsake while you’re here!

Try the variety of Panabo City’s Delicacies

Last but not least, the food is what I most eagerly anticipate whenever I travel or take a holiday. So don’t pass up the chance to try and sample some of Panabo City’s best-tasting treats and cuisine at some of the city’s greatest eateries! Thanks to renowned eateries like Aces Gromae Restaurant, Fisher’s Cafe Restaurant, and Den’s Cafe Restaurant, you may fill your stomach with a delicious feast!

Getting giddy by just reading things you can do in Panabo? Already falling in love with this city? Wanna experience the beauty of this city? To know more about the city, read more here.

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