10 Postpartum Essentials for New Moms

Are you an expectant mother? Then it may be safe to say that you most likely devoted a significant amount of time drawing up plans for your baby during your pregnancy. Nevertheless, you may have failed to consider yourself– your postpartum healing process and the progression toward becoming a new parent. You might have been unaware of the fourth trimester known as the “postpartum period,” which comprises the first three (3) months upon delivering a baby. It involves a significant amount of recovery, continuing to learn, and loss of sleep during that time. It might be challenging to make adjustments during this time if you do not understand what to anticipate or if you do not have the necessary must-haves for new moms.

It is challenging to get used to parenthood and living with a newborn. All the more so when you consider burnout and possessing a helpless baby who is completely reliant on you. Almost all first-time mothers and fathers face challenges during the first three months of their child’s life.  If you are a first-time mother, it is easy to overspend on baby items. It may be challenging to determine exactly what must-haves for new moms are required.  Moreover, most people spend so much time preparing for the baby that it is often overlooked that new moms, like you, require some essential resources as well! Childbirth is a tough job for your body, and you will be caring for a new living person while you are still attempting to recover. This can be too much for you to handle!

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Keep in mind obtain some of these things essential for new moms to assist you in taking care of yourself, while you discover how to provide care for your newborn child:

1. Water bottle/tumbler

New mothers who do not drink plenty of water have a relatively low milk production, as such consume plenty of water during the day!  Drink the recommended eight glasses of water (8 oz) per day, but avoid going overboard. Consuming more than eight glasses of milk can not increase your milk production or supply you with any significant advantages. Moreover, too much water consumption has been shown to reduce a mother’s milk production. However, remember to remain hydrated. Carrying a bottle of water with you at all times and filling it up as needed is essential for new moms.

2. Hot drinks such as tea

While caffeine intake may not be recommended, you may discover variants of tea that tastes good and improves your mood. Teas can be extremely beneficial in a variety of situations, particularly for a recovering new mother. Birds & Bees Teas are highly recommended!  Their Ripe & Ready tea is designed to soothe the uterus, making it ideal for recovery after childbirth. In addition, the  Our Lady of La Leche tea can help a nursing mother’s overall health by boosting the amount and quality of milk supply. Furthermore, Raspberry Leaf tea may help with post-pregnancy hormonal changes, while Lemon Balm tea may help with emotional distress and lightheadedness.

3. A comfy nursing bra or tank

When you have your baby, you should start stocking up on at least five to seven nursing bras and/or tanks. A good nursing bra can go a long way. You will surely become very leaky, so having those additional backups is a good idea. Look for nursing bras and/or tanks that are very supportive and comfortable to sleep in. For maximum comfort, bamboo and no wires are recommended! You may also need some comfortable nursing gowns and a robe for sleeping and sitting down at home. 

4. Nursing pads

After having given birth, expect that you will experience lochia, which is vaginal bleeding caused by uterine lining shedding. This can last for as little as two weeks or as long as six weeks and using tampons in a postoperative period is a big no. Keep a supply of heavy maxi pads on hand, or period panties if that is your preference.  Disposable breast pads are practical, but they can be uncomfortable and scratchy at times. You may opt for ​​soft, organic washable, and reusable nursing pads. You should also create your own cold pads to aid in recovery once you return home. Furthermore, you could buy herbal-infused postpartum pads for days when you will not require a cold compress.

5. Baby carrier

There are going to be some days when your baby will only want to be carried. When you put him down, his eyes open and he starts throwing a tantrum. Grab him again then he feels happy and relaxed. If your baby only desires to be held but you are preoccupied and must utilize your hands, a baby carrier will serve you well. A few babies tend to favor a wrap-style baby carrier, whereas others prefer a buckle-style baby carrier. All these types are excellent additions to your baby registry.

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6. Breast pump

Every mother requires a break every now and again. With a baby clinging to you at all times, it can feel like all you are doing is changing diapers, nursing, and redoing these all over again. Breast pumps are must-haves for new moms. They are ideal for when you simply need to relax. If you possess a breast pump and a bottle, your spouse or any relative can assist you in feeding your baby if you are tired or preoccupied. Bring it in a breast pump bag for efficient temperature regulation.

7. Stool softeners

Having to use the restroom to have your first bowel movement after having given birth can be frightening and feel as though you’re going to give birth yet again. When your baby arrives, give yourself a huge favor and take up a stool softener. Consider taking it for about a week after giving birth, along with plenty of foods high in fiber. You should also have a squatty potty in your restroom. This will assist you in mitigating pressure.

8. Warm bath soak

Many new mothers report that having taken one or two baths each day with a Sitz warm bath managed to help them recover more quickly and feel more positive. Moreover, in the early postpartum days, do not undervalue the effectiveness of Tylenol and a hot shower. After labor and delivery, your body may feel as if it has been struck by a train. Tylenol combined with a warm shower works miracles in relieving all of your pains and discomforts.

9. Nipple cream

If you intend to breastfeed your child, keep in mind that you have some nipple creams available, as well as breast pads. Regardless of whether everything goes smoothly, you may experience some pain and swelling, and chapping during this time.

10. Peri bottle

Your private part will be sore after giving birth, and you can reckon you’ll make every effort to prevent unwanted wipes after using the restroom! Peri bottles are extremely useful in this situation. The hospital will most likely give you one Peri bottle, although it is strongly suggested that you purchase a kit of bottles. In this manner, you could indeed leave one in each restroom and refrain from searching the house for your single Peri bottle. To clean your private part after using the toilet, simply fill your bottle with lukewarm water and spritz it on it. After which, if desired, delicately pat clean with toilet paper. A true must-have for new moms!

It is easy to become preoccupied with ensuring the safety of your new baby, but proper maintenance of yourself is equally as important. I hope that this 10 must-haves for new moms assist you in putting together the resources you need for a convenient, dependable, and restful recovery period together with your baby. Expect that these early weeks as a new mother to a baby are both amazing and chaotic. Now on to possessing everything you will need to fully embrace your journey with your new baby!

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Written by MC Sanchez