Neutral Theme Ideas for Expecting Parents’ Nursery Room


Using a neutral color for rooms may seem plain, boring, and uninteresting because color adds vibrance and character to a room. In fact, in a U.S. based survey, 58 percent of American homeowners prefer more vibrant colors over plain neutral colors.

However, the decision-making process for selecting a color scheme for a room may differ when it is a nursery being designed. For parents expecting a child, there are certain factors being considered when designing your future child’s nursery.

First, the impracticality of guessing what color to paint the nursey depending on the child’s gender.

Color has become culturally associated with gender, with blue typically assigned to boys and pink typically assigned to girls. It is highly inefficient and unpractical to paint a room catered to a specific gender without knowing the baby’s gender.

Instead of guessing or waiting for the gender to be revealed, you can get your work done early using a neutral nursey room, which does not conform to any gender and will look great regardless of the baby’s revealed gender.

The second thing that comes to mind is considering that this will be your future child’s home inside your home as he/she grows up. As much as possible, you would want your child to grow up seeing colors that evoke calm and tranquility — which can be felt with basic neutral colors.

That said, if you are thinking of designs for your future child’s nursery, if you consider the aforementioned factors and making a safe, simple, yet elegant decision for a design, rest assured that you cannot go wrong with neutral colors.

The following websites will inspire and guide you in your nursery room planning with nursery room design ideas.

  1. Bunny-themed neutral nursery

A cute animal motif is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of an adventurous or adorable everyday scenery for your future baby. When executing this, you can opt for a Jurassic adventure with dinosaurs or a cute and simple puppy.

For this room design, the designer opted for adorable using a bunny. Hanging on an off-white wall are pictures of two bunnies inside a wooden frame. Elsewhere, you will see bunny stuff-toys inside cabinets and on the table side.

Other ways to pull this theme off is through painting bunny prints on wallpapers as well as books about bunnies on the side table or bookshelf.

Check the full design here.

  • Subtle 70s vibes

The misconception about a 70s-themed bedroom is the gaudy colors that are excessively bright filled with props about hippies. Be that as it may, this gorgeous nursery room design idea fits the 70s theme without the flashy accents and peace props.

The 70s vibes this room exudes evoke warm and vintage feelings because when looking around the nursery, you will find fresh greenery and light colors that make up the earthy and peaceful vibes. It is not the 70s without peacefulness and eco friendliness.

Check the full design here.

  • Minimal color

Just because it is a neutral nursery room does not mean it has to be bereft of color.

As mentioned above, adding color to anything introduces a layer of character, vibrance, and aesthetic. Nothing is more colorful than a rainbow, so, for this room, placing subtle displays of rainbows can make the child feel playful while looking at something pretty.

Keep in mind once again that this room must be neutral — it should not conform to one gender, nor should it overpower your eyes with the color present.

Check the full design here.

  • Coastal calm nursery

This approach to your nursery is the same approach vacation homeowners use when ideating and constructing their vacation homes. Aside from sand colors and beach-like furniture to make up the whole coastal, vacation look, vacation homeowners must design their bedrooms to be neutral to make it easier for their guests to select rooms.

For this coastal calm neutral nursery, surrounded by a light blue wall paint to represent the sea, the room has a sand-colored rug, a wide vacay-inspired ceiling fan, and a driftwood baby mobile above the crib.

Check the full design here.

  • Touch of femininity in a neutral nursery

Despite the whole point of using neutral colors is to be gender-neutral, it is easy to incorporate some elements of femininity into a neutral room without making it excessively girly or female. A baby boy would admire this kind of design.

Light pink pillows, pots of trees and plants, and a monochromatic floral wallpaper print are feminine elements that add character to this neutral nursery room.

The finishing touches to this slightly feminine room is a gender-neutral baby mobile like stars.

Check the full design here.

  • Textures and protrusions

Using furniture in lieu of flashy colors is a great alternative to add life and variety to your neutral nursery.

By surrounding the room with protruding furniture like a large woven mirror frame, light wood picture frames, palm-inspired lamps, rock stands, and a variety of others, you pique the interest of one’s eye, making one look around the room to appreciate the various elements being displayed.

Check the full design here.

  • Light white nursery

In the previous nursery room design ideas, some furniture or minimal colors were placed to add character to the nursery in the absence of color. However, maybe the absence of color can make an even bigger statement compared to nurseries with flashy colors and furniture.

The all-white approach is prevalent in clothing and fashion design, but it has made its way into interior design. The allure of going all-white is its flexibility with other elements, appeal to the eye, and its clean and crisp finish.

So, for this neutral nursery, the room being white from end-to-end makes the room look brighter, cleaner, and more spacious.

Check the full design here.

  • Neutral nursery with wooden accents

Wooden accents, particularly light wood, is a great approach to a modern minimalist nursey. Using wooden furniture like mirror frames, baskets, cabinets, side tables, and the crib paired with a white or off-white wall is great way to keep your nursery simple yet elegant.

It is hard to go wrong with this theme, so much so that using it for the entire house or other bedrooms is perfectly feasible. This pattern is popular, easy, and beautiful, especially for homeowners who do not want to spend much but want their home to look presentable.

This is another theme that goes together with a Bria house and lot, making your home look modern without having to stretch past your budget.

Check the full design here.

Your future baby’s everyday life

As an expecting parent, you may tend to want to go all out for you child by designing your child’s nursery with ostentatious furniture and garish lights.

However, it may be difficult to pull off because it might be expensive or overwhelm the child. More so, it may be impractical because expensive colors will have to conform to a specific gender, which may not have been revealed yet.

Aside from practicality, you would want your future child to be surrounded in a calming and tranquil environment. That can be achieved using neutral colors that are easy on the eyes yet elegant to look at.

Hence, from these eight nursery room design ideas, you may find one that fits hand in glove with your future baby’s needs.

It also does not have to be limited to your child’s nursery. These motifs can go well with the entire house. For example, when looking at an example of a Bria house and lot, the ideas on how to design their houses are limitless, especially with these neutral nursery ideas.

Written by Cholo Hermoso