Where to Go in Davao During Your Visit?

Traveling in Davao Tourist Spots

Davao City as name also as King City of the South on the southern Philippine island of Mindanao, is a coastal commercial center near 2,954m-high Mount Apo, the country’s highest peak. In the city center, People’s Park is known for its colorful indigenous sculptures and lighted fountains. It’s also home to Durian Dome, named after the pungent, spiky fruit that grows in abundance on Mindanao. It is the most populous city in Mindanao and the third-largest city in the Philippines. Known for its bustling economic activities, urban build-up, and modern amenities, Davao City is one of the most important economies on the island and the third most important urban center in the Philippines.

Also Last June 28, The Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) accorded this city a high score for the implementation of its peace, security, and development agenda aimed at peaceful, orderly, and safe communities., the City Information Office said DILG gave Davao City a 95 percent compliance score for 2019, and 87.9 percent for 2021.

So, what is it about Davao City? From beaches and parks to conservation centers for animals, you will never run out of unique Davao tourist spots to visit. Here are some of the most fun things to do in Davao:

  • Island-hopping.
  • Getting up close with the wildlife.
  • Hiking.
  • Food tripping.
  • Partying at Kadayawan Festival.

From the most fun things to do in Davao here are Davao’s iconic tourist spots to visit:

1.     Explore Samal Island – one of the best Islands in the Philippines Hopping and Davao’s tourist spot found in the Metropolitan Davao area and is two kilometers away from Davao City, the largest city and the primary economic center of Mindanao with a population of 116,771 people. Often this is the go-to destination of travelers in Davao. Samal Island is also known as the “Island of Festivals” because it celebrates several events such as the Hugyaw Madayaw every August, the Kabasan Festival, and a week-long revelry celebrated every month of May, and the Caracoles Festival held during April. Tourist attractions are Hagimit Falls, Island hopping, AquaFun’s Slide, Mt. Puting Bato, Canibad Beach, Monfort Bat cave, and Pearl farm.

2.     Kadayawan sa Dabaw Festival – The festival started last 1986, it was usually celebrated the third week of August. Kadayawan means Celebration of Life singing, dancing, eating, and the Grand Floral Parade and Street Dancing Competitions partying

3.     Magsaysay Park – Davao’s tourist spot showcasing a public park with a variety of fruit stand

4.     Davao ChinaTown – one of the busiest places for Chinese restaurants, malls, and stores.

5.     People’s Park – a perfect place for a picnic.

6.     Davao Crocodile Park – one of the best Davao’s tourist spots, a fun and educational recreation park with other distinct animals such as monkeys, ostrich, snakes, tigers, and a lot more

7.     The Japanese Tunnel – one of the Davao’s tourist spots that are an archive of history, this place was carved by the prisoners in World War II.

8.     Durian Eating – try one of the iconic fruit in Davao which have a lot of varieties to taste such as ice cream, smoothies, and drink.

Enlisting Davao as one of your bucket lists spot is a great choice, from their tourist spot down to their fun activities to offer. To find out what’s the easiest way to fits your itinerary, budget, and convenience here are additional tips for your travel:

  • Plan your Trip Very Well. There is what you called self-guided Tour in which you can choose your own and plan, your own itinerary going to Davao Tourist spot but there are Tours around the city that are readily available through several providers stationed in major shopping malls as well as in the downtown area. Some hotels also provide tour packages for the convenience of guests. A lot of these packages include accommodations, meals, and day trips to famous resorts in the area 
  • You can travel to Davao in Three (3) ways:

1.     Via Plane you can get to Davao City by plane with 1 hour and fifty-five minutes travel time from Manila Airport. There are 146 Manila-Davao flights per weekwith Cebu Pacific, Air Asia, andPhilippineAirlinesproviding directflightstoDavao.

2.     Via Sea Travel or Ferry from Manila – WG&A Super Ferry provides twice a weekly journey from Manila to Davao and vice versa and approximately two days of travel.

3.     Via Land Travel – some people prefer to travel by riding the bus, especially those going home to their provinces. There is already a ride straight from PITX to Davao City via bus with daily trips every 2:30 PM. One way fare is P3, 680 pesos.

  • For your Convenient Stay

There are a lot of Airbnb Vacation Rentals in Davao that will fit your pocket budget while having the convenience and enjoying your trip in Davao. You can choose  Airbnb Vacation Rentals that will suits your lifestyle and allotted budget some Airbnb are Condo that offers a prize rental of P1,378, a fully furnished apartment with P1, 433 rental fees, Apartment with free Wi-Fi as low as P772, and Furnished studio Unit for P1,213. Just choose what fits your lifestyle, convenience, make sure banks are near, and they are near your chosen tourist spot or activities.

  • For the Hotels, here are the top five Davao offers:
  1. Dusit Thani Residence Davao is a 4-star luxury hotel in Davao that is ideal for business and leisure travelers looking for premium hospitality, comfort, quality service, and state of art facilities.
  2. Seda Abreeza is a 4-star hotel that has a design that complements both business and leisure travel.
  3. DusitD2 Davao Hotel is a 4-star hotel that is known for its contemporary design, amenities, and quality location and is 6.6 km away from Davao International Airport.
  4. Park Inn by Radisson Davao, a 3-star hotel known for its modern rooms, is also perfect for business and leisure travel because it is close to Lanang Business District.
  5. Acacia Hotel Davao is a 4-star hotel near Lanang Business District with quality facilities and is close to commercial establishments.

A bucket list arrowed to destination is one of our goals we want to fulfill. We invest so much in the goals we listed on our bucket list whether it is for our lifestyle, Investment for the future, a real estate property, or even having that dream house and lot. We work so hard to grid our bucket lists because fulfilling them one by one is a gift and security for ourselves and our family. That feeling of achieving and seeing all those listed on our bucket list unfold one by one is a worthwhile proud self-fulfillment. And so we always fill and refill the bucket and continue to persevere because we know that bucket will have more opportunities waiting to be pulled off.

So, book that Davao Trip now and enjoy the fruits of your hard work! 

Written by Rowena Lansang