Invest in the Next Real Estate Hotspot: Pampanga


Looking for a real estate hotspot near Metro Manila? try taking a look at the province of Pampanga.

Metro Manila’s everyday life struggles and difficulties are here to stay for the foreseeable future. Despite this, the region’s population and migration are constantly growing as job opportunities here are congested. Furthermore, Traffic and pollution are becoming worse. As a result of the pandemic, everyone has realized that we need to enhance our everyday lives, thus people have begun to explore the outskirts of Metro Manila in search of real estate property hotspots in the country.

Real Estate hotspots in the country are widespread, as people are in search of property investments that provide good returns in the future. Growing population, pricing of products and services, infrastructure, employment, and other factors can all contribute to an area being designated as a “hotspot.” Bria Homes have been viewing Pampanga as an untapped region with a high potential capital appreciation destination that any investor should consider.

Why Invest in Pampanga?

Pampanga, a province in central Luzon, has a land area of 2,001.22 square kilometers and a population of 2,437,709. The Spaniards who discovered the early Indigenous people dwelling around the riverbanks gave the area the name “La Pampanga.” It also served as the archipelago’s capital for two years, from 1762 to 1764, during the British invasion. The province is resided by two Philippine Air Force air facilities, Basa Air Installation, and the old United States Air Force base in Floridabalanca. Clark Air Base is located near Angeles City.

Pampanga hailed as the “Food Capital of the Philippines” is well-known for its food tourism due to the Kapampangan’s (people of Pampanga) legendary culinary ability. Most provinces in the Philippines have their unique foods and delicacies, but Pampanga boasts a veritable feast of culinary pleasures. In addition, there are exotic foods in the region from fried frogs to crickets. Exotic cuisine has been a vital part of their history since the 18th century when Kapampangans faced terrible poverty and found ways to prepare insects and other critters in order to survive.

“Pampanga: Counter-Magnet of Metro Manila”

While the province indulges and delights our taste buds, other features of Pampanga should not be underestimated. In recent years, Pampanga has seen an increase in urbanization and long-term plans to improve people’s lives in Luzon. One of these plans is the Pampanga Megalopolis which intends to reduce mass migration to Metro Manila. Also, the plan is expected to maximize every potential and opportunity present in Pampanga to boost high-quality living.

Pampanga will undoubtedly meet your work-life balance needs because it not only delivers quality living but also enhances ablaze and zest to your social demands. There are several recreational options in the province, including casinos, hotels, resorts, pubs, and clubs, all of which will cater to your unique personalities. To help you decide on what to do with your leisure time, here are 17 Best Things to do in Pampanga.

While you enjoy your balanced lifestyle, you will undoubtedly witness the province’s growth as more investors establish businesses there, which will eventually increase the value of your real estate investments. If you are considering Pampanga as your next real estate investment, here are some real estate hotspots to keep in mind.

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Real Estate Hotspots in Pampanga

1. Mabalacat

The previous town was granted cityhood by the government in 2012. It is close to Clark International Airport, which is reachable through highways and expressways. In addition, the city is home to a slew of resorts, casinos, hotels, and golf courses. Furthermore, during the pandemic, the Mabalacat city has shown resiliency and is continually constructing itself on the path to become another global city, making it a real estate hotspot in Pampanga.

2. Magalang

For the first Real Estate Hotspot in Pampanga—we have Mabalacat. It is known to be the “Sweet Tamarind Capital of the Philippines,” and it is one of Pampanga’s first-class towns. It has a rich history since it is part of the province’s First Congressional District. The municipality has conserved the country’s sole extant Heliograph towers, which have been designated as a significant cultural resource. Bria Homes had surveyed the town since it displayed future growth for quality living.

Bria Homes Magalanglocated near Mabalacat and Concepcion offers affordable real estate properties for as low as Php 3,034 per month. Furthermore, despite the pandemic, property values have been shown to rise. Read it here: Property Value in BRIA Magalang Up By 28 Percent.

3. Mexico

Mexico is a booming municipality in the Philippines that is rich in historical sites. It is located adjacent to the capital of Pampanga. A day trip to the area would not be enough to discover its wonders. Locals claim that the area is peaceful and quiet, making it ideal for retirement because the residents are more traditional and devout.

4. San Fernando City

The province’s youngest city and a real estate hotspot of the province of Pampanga has had sustained economic growth for the past years. Commercial areas, real estate, a very own community mall, amusements, transportation, and education are all enticing businesses to the city. Furthermore, with the assistance of the government’s Build, Build, Build initiatives, progress will be imminent. Following that, business and job prospects are abundant, as a result of the growth of numerous establishments and infrastructure. Likewise, the city’s purchasing power is robust since 59 percent of its population is made up of middle-class Filipino earners. In addition, the city is well-known for its festivals, which include Cutud Lenten Rites (during the Christian Lenten season) and the Giant Lantern Festival (celebrated before Christmas).

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5. Angeles City

Do you enjoy the lavish nightlife at bars and clubs? Presenting Pampanga’s final real estate hotspot, “The Sin City of the Philippines”—Angeles City. Ranked 15th place as one of the “Best Places to Live in” way back in 2008. The city’s nightlife is currently dominated by casinos, hotels, and nightclubs. Aside from that, the Clark Freeport and Special Economic Zone is mainly found here, where normal taxes and customs do not apply, to attract international investors. As a result, Koreans are migrating into the municipality, and had been one of the factors in creating more business and employment opportunities for the locals. Furthermore, Business Process Outsourcing is examining the city for prospective business opportunities since labor is affordable.

Living in Clark City is similar to living in Metro Manila, although it is less crowded, has a lower crime rate, and has a thriving transit system. The modern Clark International Airport, which is part of the Further Clark City, serves as a connected and integrated development for both domestic and international flights and has a capacity of 8 million passengers per year once new terminals are built. Government and governmental offices, as well as people’s welfare, are almost all nearby their residences.

Clark is also well-known for hosting the annual Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, the country’s largest aviation sports event, which features multicolored hot-air balloons and more than a hundred balloon pilots from across the world.

Written by Vincent Sanchez