Gas vs. Electric Stove – which is best for you?


There is a lot of excitement in choosing the right appliances for your home. You check out the design and style of different rooms, the colors and designs of walls and furniture, and other elements like lights and kitchen appliances. Learn what’s best for your kitchen–gas vs. electric stove.

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Gas Stove vs. Electric Stove

When you select things for the kitchen room of your new elegant yet affordable house or condominium, coordinating colors and design with the kitchen wares are good in vision. But you should also think about it carefully and profoundly, especially when it is time to prepare a portion of good and enticing food for your family like picking out between a gas stove and an electric stove. Both of these give benefits as well as drawbacks when using them in the kitchen of your new home. Thus, it is important to consider which works best for you and your family. You will have to Take note of your house or condo, its place in the Philippines, its space, the people who live in it, everyone’s safety, and even the practiced or new lifestyle.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Gas Stove

1. Energy Source

One of the best things about gas stoves is that it does not require electricity. Electricity is a concern of the majority especially when most of the appliances in the house are connected and dependent on it. You will not be concerned about electric consumption when you use a gas stove because it is from fuel.

If there will be an unexpected event like a power outage in your area because of a typhoon or any other natural calamities, it will not be difficult to cook for you and your family at home. Also, according to Philippine statistics, in 2020, more than 3.19 million oils are used for energy consumption. As a result, the electric bill strikes higher than usual. This cause a lot of distress to Filipinos especially those who are using electric stoves. If you are concerned about this, purchasing a gas stove is a good option for you.

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2. Control

Gas stoves allow you to precisely control the temperature, so you can cook at the exact heat level you want.

The temperature of a stove is an important factor in cooking. If the temperature is too high, it will burn the food; if there is no heat at all, cooking will proceed slowly or produce raw food.

3. Durability & Efficiency

Gas stoves are durable. Barba Peck in Remodelista said that Gas stoves are made up of heavy–duty cast iron grates over a stainless-steel surface. Therefore, it is long-lasting.

Also, it comes with different choices. There are gas stoves that come up to 4 burners, you can choose which is efficient for your house. Most, it does not require any pots or pans. With gas stoves, you can use any frying pans or pots of your choice.

5. Safety

Gas stoves also have their drawbacks. They produce live flames, which can pose a safety hazard if not handled properly.

If you have children at home, considering their safety is a must because is prone to accidents. When there is no proper setup of the gas stoves and the hose that connect the gas to the stove is pierced or old, it has a great possibility that the gas can leak. If this happens, it produces Methane. Methane is dangerous to one’s health and it can also create accidents at home or in condominiums if not prevented accordingly.

Advantages and Disadvantages of using electric stove

1. Chic & Modern Style

There are also these interesting things about the electric stove. It has style. You can choose an electric stove that prefers to coordinate in the designs and style that varies your preferences in your house or condominium. It has an amazing and relevant contemporary design that will suit your space.

2. Power Consumption

It is the best option for confined spaces like condominiums. It brings the huge factor that instead of live flame, it produces heat since the source is electricity. As a result of this, there is minimal danger than the use of gas stove.

Some electric stoves have a feature that prevents their surfaces from getting hot when turned on. This helps to prevent accidents especially for children who might touch them.

3. Equal distribution of heat

The electric stoves adjust as well to the fashion of times because it includes modern features. People who use electric stove can easily try out different cuisines as one of its feature is equal distribution of head. Since the electric stove uses electricity to generate heat, it is more stable than the gas stove.

Because of this, the food is evenly cooked while the bottom of the pans and pots that are used are not burnt.

4. Variety of settings & Easiness to clean

There are also fantastic modern features that can help you while cooking, there is the temperature control setting, the safety controls, additional features like oven or storage, and the display and control options. After the cooking and food preparation, cleaning it thoroughly will not be difficult. Most electric stoves have a glass surface. You will just need to wipe it when cleaning.

5. Requires specific types of cookware

But you must consider these things first when you’re about to decide whether to purchase an electric stove. It needs the required cooking ware. Iron, steel, and stainless steel must be used when cooking using an electric stove. This will help the heat to flow and will manage to cook food perfectly. It needs electricity.

6. Expense

The expenses for electricity consumption will rise because the electric stove needed an ample amount of heat. If there is even a power interruption, it will be difficult to make food for the family. The electric stove is surprisingly expensive. It is far more expensive than the gas stove because it has lots of extra features.

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From determining the differences, advantages, and disadvantages between electric stove vs. gas stove, we hope you had figure out what suits best for your kitchen.