Filipino Commuter’s guide to Holy Week 2023: MRT and LRT schedules

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Holy Week is an important time for Filipinos to unwind and spend quality time with their loved ones. As such, many people travel to their hometowns or go on vacations with their families. With the anticipated increase in the number of commuters, public transportation systems like the MRT-3, LRT1, LRT2, and others have released or are yet to release their schedules for Holy Week 2023 to assist commuters in planning their travels. Here’s the commuter’s guide on train schedules for the 2023 holy week.

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2023 Holy Week’s 5-day long weekend

This year’s Holy Week in the Philippines will be longer than usual due to the declaration of April 10, 2023, as a public holiday in observance of Araw ng Kagitingan, or Day of Valor. This national holiday pays tribute to the courage and bravery of Filipino and American soldiers during World War II and is celebrated annually on April 9. Since the Philippine Government has moved the holiday to April 10, the country will have an extended holiday schedule, beginning from Holy Wednesday on April 5 and ending on Easter Monday, April 10. Many Filipinos are expected to take advantage of this extended break to visit their loved ones and participate in religious activities. The country’s transportation agencies are working diligently to ensure that the public transportation schedules are adjusted accordingly to accommodate the expected surge of commuters during this period.

MRT-3 Holy Week 2023 Schedule

The MRT-3, also known as the Metro Rail Transit System Line 3, is a rapid transit system that serves commuters in the National Capital Region of the Philippines. The MRT-3 has released its Holy Week 2023 schedule, which includes adjustments to its operating schedule.

On Holy Monday (April 3, 2023) to Holy Wednesday (April 5, 2023), the MRT-3 will operate its regular schedules. Starting Maundy Thursday (April 6, 2023) to Easter Sunday (April 9, 2023), the MRT-3 will suspend its operations to conduct its annual Holy Week activities such as maintenance and the likes. It will then continue its normal operations on Easter Monday (April 10, 2023).

LRT1 Holy Week 2023 Schedule

The LRT1, which stands for Light Rail Transit System Line 1, is a rapid transit system that operates in the National Capital Region of the Philippines. It runs from Baclaran in Parañaque to Roosevelt in Quezon City, serving as a vital transportation option for commuters in Metro Manila.

On Holy Monday (April 3, 2023) to Holy Wednesday (April 5, 2023), the LRT1 will follow its normal operating hours from 4:30 AM to 10:00 PM from Baclaran and 10:15 PM from Roosevelt. By Maundy Thursday (April 6, 2023) to Easter Sunday (April 9, 2023), the LRT1 will cease to operate to give way for its annual maintenance and necessary upgrades for its system. The normal operations will again resume on Easter Monday (April 10,2023).

LRT2 Holy Week 2023 Schedule

The LRT2, also known as the Light Rail Transit System Line 2, is a rapid transit system that serves commuters in Metro Manila. It connects Santolan in Pasig City to Recto Avenue in Manila, passing through various cities such as Marikina, Quezon City, and San Juan. The LRT2 provides a convenient and affordable transportation option for commuters traveling to and from these areas.

On Holy Monday (April 3, 2023) to Holy Tuesday (April 4, 2023), the LRT2 will be operating under normal circumstances which is from 5:00AM to 10:00PM. However, on Holy Wednesday (April 5, 2023), the operating schedule will be shortened to 7:00 PM. The line would then cease its operations from Maundy Thursday (April 6, 2023) to Easter Sunday (April 9, 2023).

The LRTA Administrator, Atty. Hernando Cabrera, said that the suspension of train operations will be done to allow for a comprehensive maintenance check of trains, stations, facilities, and equipment. This measure is being taken to ensure the safety and dependability of the LRT2 system.

By Easter Monday, (April 10, 2023), the LRT2 will resume its normal operations with the hope of better serving its commuters.

Other Transportation Details to Note for Holy Week

Another railway system is the Philippine National Railways (PNR) that serves as a convenient and affordable transportation option for commuters traveling to the southern part of Luzon. It offers a limited train service from Tutuban to Calamba and vice versa to provide a safe and comfortable transportation option for travelers. As of this writing, they are yet to announce their schedules for Holy Week 2023. Thus, we highly recommend that you should consistently check their social media page and official websites if you are planning to ride it during the Holy Week.

Meanwhile, for those who plan to travel with vehicles. The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) announced that it will temporarily suspend the Unified Vehicular Volume Reduction Program or the Number Coding System in Metro Manila starting Maundy Thursday (April 6, 2023) until Easter Sunday (April 10, 2023).

The MMDA will also implement other measures to better cater the Holy Week commuters by setting up a multi-agency command center at the Metrobase starting Holy Monday (April 3, 2023). This is aimed at ensuring a peaceful travel experience for commuters during this solemn season. Representatives from various agencies such as the Department of Transportation (DOTr), Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB), Inter-Agency Council for Traffic (I-ACT), Land Transportation Office (LTO), Philippine National Police (PNP), and local government units will be working together with the MMDA to coordinate and address any issues that may arise during the week.

Moreover, bus companies such as Victory Liner, Genesis Transport, and JAM Liner are also yet to release their holy week schedules.  These bus companies offer long-distance trips to various parts of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Commuters traveling to the provinces can check the schedules of these bus companies through their social media page and official websites, and book their tickets ahead of time to avoid any inconvenience. We also highly recommend to research for schedule adjustments for other transportation systems like jeepneys so that you can travel hassle-free.

Planning your Holy Week 2023 Travel

Here are a few general guidelines that you can follow to ensure a safe and comfortable journey.

Firstly, it is advisable to buy your ticket in advance to avoid long queues and ensure your seat on the desired travel date. Additionally, make sure to arrive at the station or terminal ahead of time to avoid missing your trip. Don’t forget to bring essential items such as extra face masks, alcohol or hand sanitizer, and snacks and water to keep you nourished and hydrated throughout the journey. Remember to follow all health protocols such as physical distancing, wearing face masks, and regular hand washing to prevent the spread of COVID-19. By following these simple guidelines, you can make the most out of your travel and ensure a safe and enjoyable journey.

In addition to purchasing your tickets early and planning your route ahead of time, it’s also important to pack appropriately for your trip. This includes bringing necessary travel documents, such as your ID and ticket confirmation, as well as any personal items you may need during your journey, such as snacks, water, and a jacket or sweater in case the temperature on the bus or train is cooler than expected.

It’s also a good idea to have a backup plan in case of any unforeseen circumstances, such as a delayed or canceled trip. Keep important phone numbers and contact information handy, and consider alternative transportation options if needed. By taking these simple steps and being prepared, you can help ensure a smooth and stress-free trip during Holy Week.

However, if you are planning to stay at the confines of your home during the Holy Week, please be guided through this article provided by Bria to give you some pointers and guides on properly spending your holidays.

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Written by AJ Caputolan