Few Things to Consider When Diving in Dumaguete and Apo Island

Diving in Dumaguete and Apo Island

On your huling hirit sa tag-init, you may want to consider on going diving in Apo Island Dumaguete. In this article, we’ll give you some of the things you need to consider when Diving in Apo Island.

The recently held 147th National Climate Forum on April 27, 2022, prepared by the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical, and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA), Climatology & Agrometeorology Division (CAD), and the Climate Monitoring and Prediction Section (CLIMPS), updated the public on when the monsoon season is expected. It was indicated in the discussion that Filipinos would most likely prepare for the La Nina season, which would last from May to October 2022.

Although the month of May has a low chance of significant rains, we must be prepared for what may occur in the next months.

Every May, Filipinos say, “huling hirit sa tag-init” (Last Shot for the Summer), because going to the beach is not an option during the monsoon season. Diving is one of the activities we will undoubtedly miss. The Philippines has a plethora of diving destinations with spectacular marine life; but, because of the hazard, many are closed to the public during inclement weather. This is due to a number of unsafe factors, including underwater visibility being difficult owing to decreased light, temperature being too cold for your body, and sea conditions such as high waves and strong winds being deadly.

So, before you lose out on the thrilling sensation of diving, we’ll take you to Dumaguete and Apo Island, an overlooked diving destination in the Philippines that you won’t want to miss.

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Why Visit Dumaguete and Apo Island for Diving?

Dumaguete City, located in the heart of Negros Occidental in the Visayan Islands offers various diving spots which are full of wonderful marine life. The place is also known as one of the best ‘muck diving’ spots in the Philippines. Apo Island, on the other hand, is off the coast of Negros but close to Dumaguete and is only 30 minutes distant by boat. With its abundant underwater life underneath, it is a volcanic island popular with divers and marine enthusiasts. It has been a marine protected area since 1982 and is well-maintained by its community. There are few infrastructures; there are no vehicles or motorcycles; and people walk here, even barefooted. As a result, Apo Island is teeming with gorgeous corals and a plethora of sea life.

Locals claim that the underwater view in Dumaguete and Apo Island is clear and brilliant throughout the summer season. Beautiful coral reefs, luscious seascapes with both hard and soft corals, slopes, and cliffs covered with sponges and boomies are all things you’ll remember. There are other underwater animals, such as turtles, ghost pipefish, sea snakes, octopus, frogfish, jawfish, cardinal fish, and sea horses. Creatures bearing eggs can be spotted in large school groups. With all of these sights, it is certainly a wonderful diving destination for underwater enthusiasts.

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Things to Consider When Diving in Dumaguete and Apo Islan

Now, here are things you need to consider if you are going to have a diving activity in Dumaguete and Apo Island.

1. Plan Your Visit

The best time to dive in Dumaguete, according to locals, is from October to May. It is advised that you see the beauties of Philippine nature before May ends and add them to your bucket list. You may look up transportation prices online; the cheapest way is bus to ferry transit, but since the destination is on another island, the only fast viable option is to fly. The flight is scheduled to take 1 hour and 30 minutes. The next step in diving preparation is to reserve a hotel to minimize lost time during your stay. In addition, travelers claim that in order for you to maximize your stay in Dumaguete and Apo Island you would need at least 4 to 5 days. If you want to spend more time diving on Apo Island, there are a few hotels and resorts where you may stay. However, most visitors to Apo Island come for a day excursion and stay in Dumaguete. It is also advised that you plan your activities on Apo Island to save time. Here are some things to choose from: rest and have your tan skin on the beach, scuba dive, snorkel, trek up to the lighthouse, and experience living an island lifestyle.

2. Have a Diving and Travel Insurance

Diving in Dumaguete and Apo Island is suitable for novices, and there are locals eager to teach you for a reasonable fee. In accordance with this, one of their needs would be your safety, thus you should have diving insurance ready. Travelers prefer World Nomads’ complete insurance, which covers all modes of transportation, including land, sea, and air travel. The diving insurance policy has a maximum of 40 meters below sea level. Furthermore, they cater to the following: scuba dives, recreational scuba dives for qualified divers, shark dives, liveaboard excursions, and more, depending on your plans and country of residency.

3. Ready Yourself and Your Scuba Equipment

Preparing for diving includes training and warm-ups to minimize muscular cramping while performing the activity. Secondly, because breathing and exhaling are involved in the process, be sure to prepare your lungs and condition your breathing through cardiovascular activity. Furthermore, taking alcohol 8 hours before diving is banned, as is eating foods such as oily, spicy, and sweet, which might cause diarrhea.

It is advised that you inspect your diving equipment at least two weeks before your dive activity; this might save you and your time. It is important to inspect whether it has parts that need to be fixed or changed so that it isn’t too much of a problem if you discover this pre-need before diving. Furthermore, having your own equipment is important for hygienic purposes because renting may spread viruses or other infections if you put the snorkel in your mouth.

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4. Prepare Your Gadgets to Capture Memories

“Take nothing but images, leave nothing but traces,” Dumaguete and Apo Island welcomes underwater photographers to photograph the province’s underwater marvels. It is recommended that you bring your most recent state-of-the-art camera that is safe to drown in water and has a customized housing to sustain it. Having a camera while scuba diving may be distracting, and you could damage yourself if you smash into reefs or float to the surface accidentally. So, make sure you’re comfortable with the height and weight of your gadget, and remember to practice first. The lighting will be a problem, so be prepared to use your imagination and to maximize the use of either natural sunlight or flashes. Subjects for underwater photography are limitless since there are a lot of creatures to picture ranging from 400 coral species and 650 fish species to choose from.

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Written by Vincent Sanchez