Don’t Miss these Best Free Diving Spots in the Philippines

Best Diving Spots in Philippines

The generous smile of the sun and the heat makes everyone feel the summer breeze! It is really Summer! Everybody is now trying new and missed activities for the past years. Some are now finding a way to relax in the summer sun and get that right amount dose of Vitamin Sea while others are on hiking and falling in love with the waterfalls. Others booked a staycation in a city or went to a remote retreat to experience the free-bustle-hustle world. Moreover, there is one great fun activity that you challenge yourself with! It is freediving that may be called breath-hold diving or skin diving. It is underwater diving that depends on your breath-holding without the use of any breathing apparatus. Let’s explore and be in awe of the amazing and 10 best freediving spots in the Philippines.

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1. Anilao, Batangas

Are you fond of exploring different various species that you thought never existed underwater? Your best underwater camera must be on your number 1 list when you choose to experience freediving in Anilao Batangas! They say that Anilao is one of the best diving spots in the Philippines because it is the heaven for sea creatures as well as the paradise for underwater photographers.

It is exemplary in biodiversity, in reefs, in various fish and the most waited yet unexpected critter and nudibranchs. What is special about this freediving spot in the Philippines is that there are well-trained and expert dive guides who will make you feel at ease and surely leave you surprised because they can show you the rarest and smallest critter you never know does exist.

2. Bauan, Batangas

Do you want to experience living in the moment with the school of jackfish? This freediving spot is the best for you to try. You will feel welcome and touched by the scenery of the family of jackfish, the blue, and clear water as if air for the living things underneath. This is It is the safest season to do the freediving on this area has come, it is during summertime.

3. Verde Island Passage, Batangas

There are no exact words to determine the beauty of this place. A well-known expedition leader and dean of science and research tells that Verde Island is the center of the core of Marine Biodiversity on the planet. Imagine! If you want to find yourself literally in the middle of the diver’s life in the ocean, these diving spots in the Philippines are worth your exploration. Divers, local or foreigners, will make sure to make this Verde Island part of their bucket list and surely, you will not miss it too. It is never late to explore the awesomeness of this island!

As reported by the Guide to the Philippines, The Verde Island connects to the South China Sea with the Tayabas Bay and the Sibuyan Sea which makes it one of the best freediving spots in the Philippines. The residents of this place preserved the nature of this island is much little and simplest way that they can from exploitation and pollution.

4. Balicasag Island, Bohol

Bohol is known for the beauty of the chocolate hills. But there is more than that, there are so many Land and underwater experiences on this land. Underwater, aside from swimming, snorkeling, and the famous and fun dolphin watching, this island is also for freediving. When this craving excites you to see more of the underwater life, you will never be disappointed in this island. You will experience the peace and the richness of the marine sanctuary.

5. Anda, Bohol

Anda, Bohol is the inside magic ocean dive center. When there is a carpet of live and colorful corals, it magnifies that there is a home, a home for living creatures. Corals also show how real and diverse the living creatures are. This is one main reason that left the divers in awe, they see that the corals are homed by various kinds of life.

There’s more than that, Anda Bohol is one of the best freediving spots in the Philippines because aside from squids, shrimps, and sea horses, you are lucky when you meet shoulder to shoulder huge rays, friendly dolphins, also the live and famous whale shark. Come on now! Think about the peaceful, and fresh adventure of freediving!

6. Dauin, Dumaguete

Are you having apprehensions about how can you hold your breath underwater for a long period? In Dauin, Dumaguete, there is a locally operated professional freediving center that will assist and educate you from beginner to advance level. You will experience world-class micro diving. You will see the corals and also the exotic marine creatures.

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7. East tangat wreck, Coron

Did you know that a lot happened in World War II? You can only check, and see the remains of the history through books, and museums. You know what? East tangat wreck, Coron is an underwater museum. You can seriously explore the shipwrecks from World War II.

According to the guide to the Philippines, in World War II, 1994, the US Navy struck force and dive bombers within the airspace of Coron and attacked the Japanese. This island has the largest conservation of sunken ships.

If you are already comfortable and advanced in freediving and if you are curious and drawn to world history, exploring this place will be a mission!

8. Barracuda Lake, Coron

It is interesting that this lake is called Barracuda Lake, but without Barracudas living in it. According to the residents, it is called Barracuda Lake because once upon a time, Barracuda was living in the place but they’re gone.

But what should you expect in this place? You will experience the beauty of the rock formation, the underground vast mountains, and the very crystal-clear water. Divers usually include Barracuda Lake in their bucket list because it is less busy and because it is fresh and clear.

9. Malapascua, Cebu

The common dive site in Malapascua, Cebu is Moab Shoal. Divers are pretty excited to encounter thresher sharks. Thresher sharks are shy and harmless to humans and definitely will not attack them unless it is provoked. They have this magnificent tail that is the most awaited part from the divers. This is also one of the reasons this island is also one of the great diving spots in the Philippines.

If you want to try something different and exotic, visit Malapascua Cebu!

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10. Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park, Palawan

You will be blown away by the endless carpet of coral reefs together with different lobsters, turtles, stingrays, and even sharks! According to the bluewater dive travel, Tubbataha Reefs is divided into three parts, North Atoll, South Atoll, and Jessie Beazly Reef. Each atoll has its own surprise that every diver must explore. In the Northern part of the north atoll, you will be different species of sharks while in the southern part of the northern atoll, you will see the giant trevally, tuna, barracuda, manta rays, and turtles. Moving to South atoll, you will be surprised with the hammerheads site. Jessie Beazly is for more unexpected shark species.

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The Tubbataha Reefs is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The region takes a movement to make this place the healthiest and the least polluted and exploited reefs in the whole world. Indeed, it makes one of the best diving spots in the Philippines!

The beauty of our country both on land and water is undeniable! Summer in the Philippines will never be boring. Wherever and whatever activities you put in your bucket, it will never be a regret especially when you decided to be more adventurous in choosing one of the best diving spots in the Philippines!