Celestial-themed Home Décor Ideas

Celestial inspired home interior

Every homeowner dreams of having a unique interior design. But because of trends in interior layout design, every home tends to look similar. Homeowners often think of inspirations that are in line with their personality or with the things that they are passionate about. One of the best themes that would be totally unique is the celestial-themed décor. Having a nice astrology-inspired home will truly make your interior design out of this world.

There are no rules when it comes to choosing the interior design of your home, the decision is all yours. It is not wrong to browse the Internet to look for ideas and find inspiration but it is better to avoid copying them and use them as guides to make your own interior design layout instead.

Here are some celestial decor ideas that will light up your home.

9 Celestial Décor Ideas for your home

1. Celestial accent wall

One of the best interior design ideas is to create an accent wall in your home. Accent walls are a great way of highlighting or emphasizing an area or a specific wall inside your home. A great idea for an accent wall is to make it astrology themed.

This accent wall can be the biggest wall in your living room or the wall where the headboard of the bed is against. The great thing about accent walls is that there are a lot of options which you can choose from, and here are some ideas!

  • an accent wall in the dining area with star-ornamented ceramic plates propped against the wall
  • painted accent wall using star stencils that you can make yourself or online templates that you can get printed
  • paint your accent walls with the milky way galaxy or a space-themed artwork
  • put up frames with a celestial design
  • put up wallpapers filled with stars or sun-shaped designs
  • paint a tapestry or find the perfect tapestry online that you can spread to your chosen wall

In choosing the design for your accent wall, make sure to think outside the box and be creative. It is best to make the entire family involved with the project especially if the accent wall is situated in family areas of the home.

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2. Create a focal point

In celestial-themed décor, it does not mean that you would always incorporate heavenly bodies into your designs. You can also take the concept of space and our solar system into your interior design.

The sun is in the center of our universe and the planets revolve around it, you can use this concept in your interior design, for example, by putting a coffee table at the center of your living room and arranging the chairs and sofa around it like planets revolving around the sun.

There are a lot of space concepts that you can use and most of the time they are great inspirations for efficient interior layouts.

Check this Rattan Star-Shaped Mirror that is perfect to make an interesting focal point.

3. Recreate a planetarium

One of the best trends for bedroom design that is making noise this year is recreating a planetarium inside your own bedroom. There are tons of galaxy and star projectors that are available online that you can buy. It is a great idea if you’re interested in interactive interior design.

This is also a great idea for entertaining kids or taking unique photos to post on your social media accounts. There is nothing more celestial than transforming your entire bedroom into an inviting galaxy like it’s in a different dimension.

4. Install glow-in-the-dark décor

If you still want to recreate the galaxy in your bedroom but don’t want to install a planetarium projector, you can still immerse in the universe by sticking glow-in-the-dark stickers to the ceiling of your bedroom. These stickers are available almost anywhere and are very easy to install.

There are also different designs ranging from stars, planets, the moon, spaceships, and more.

Home decor that is glow-in-the-dark is not only limited to stickers, there’s also nightstand decor that glows in the dark and doubles as a night light and other creative decorations.

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5. Phases of the moon

The phases of the moon are a great inspiration to incorporate into your interior design decor. There are tons of designs and layouts that you can play with with the phases of the moon.

You can have them radially designed above your bed or lined up on a wall in your dining area. The possibilities are endless. To recreate the phases of the moon, you can print them out on a nice type of paper and frame them, or you can do by yourself by finding old cardboard and then cutting and painting on them.

6. Stars and city skyline

One of the coolest décor ideas is recreating the night sky over a city skyline by painting it on your decorative walls or making it with embossed elements. If you are the type of person who loves stargazing then this idea is perfect for you.

7. Heavenly bodies lamps

If you already browsed online for celestial-themed designs, it is possible that you come across lamps in the shape of planets and moon-shaped lighting fixtures, that is because they are popular right now and are available to be bought in online stores.

This is a great way of lighting up your room with lighting fixtures that resembles space and thus make your decor look more magical.

Not only the designs are limited to planets, stars, sun, and moon, but they also come in clouds that light up like nebulas and even entire solar systems.

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8. Constellation-inspired décor

To make your home decor more unique, you can incorporate the constellations and your astrological signs into the theme. Research the constellations that you feel like you connect with and recreate them in your home decor.

For example, you can use fairy lights and some wires to shape them into constellations. You can even buy lighting fixtures that are intentionally shaped as constellations. You can recreate the Orion constellation in your bedroom ceiling with the brightest star being your light bulb to make it more interesting. You can also recreate the Ursa Major constellation on your bathroom wall because it is sometimes called “The Big Dipper” which could be a pun and fun thing to tell your guests.

9. Circular furniture and decorations

If you look at space and celestial elements, you will notice that almost everything is round or spherical, even how the planets orbit the sun is round. You can use this concept in choosing furniture, rugs, figurines, and even the design of your curtains.

The round décor also implies a smooth space and gives off cozy vibes. Round furniture also reduces the risk of accidents inside your home as there are no sharp corners that someone might bump into.

These are only 9 ideas for a celestial decor theme that you can incorporate into your interior design. The important step is to make yourself inspired and let your creativity soar like a shooting star! What are you waiting for? Grab that paint bucket and start painting the decor of your dreams.

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Written by Rashid M.