Bria Homes Seller’s Guide: A Step-by-Step Guide to Selling Your First Bria House and Lot

Bria Homes Kakamping Asensado Seller's Guide_House and Lot

This global pandemic had altered the lives of many – livelihood has been disrupted intensively – hence, people find alternatives to cope, live, and make ends meet. Sales have become an avenue to generate income. Although money is an issue amidst time like this, yet people’s interest in investment has been more relevant, moreover, their horizon had widened and push them to invest before it’s too late. The loss of millions of jobs and fluctuation of the economy – none of it stopped the hungry investors from flocking to different real-estate-housing developers to purchase their next investment.

Bria Homes Inc., as a mass housing developer looked through the disadvantages and advantages of the pandemic. The real estate market may seem in big trouble, but it’s the opposite – the market is still stable and thriving – people opt for viable investments that would last and gain twofold in the future. That’s why real estate agents have become more present. Learning to adapt in today’s process is significant for sellers of house and lot and other real estate properties. Bria Homes approach the market with a new and innovative process that would benefit both the seller and buyer. That’s why here is a guideline for Br sellers to know Bria Homes’ operation process.

Bria Homes Seller’s Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Find a Buyer / Investor: Marketing Your Product

There are many ways to find your prospective buyer, but it all falls under traditional or digital means. If we are to differentiate the two options, which can be more convenient in garnering a future client?

a. Traditional Means

Classic ways of marketing a real estate property for sale requires a lot of work. From the materials to events up to the reservation process. It might seem tedious, but it’s effective. Bria Homes helps the sellers by providing everything that they need.

Before the global pandemic exists, Bria Homes sellers can be found anywhere, from local wet and dry markets, to transport terminals, malls, and different Bria projects. They are waiting for the perfect moment to spot someone who can be their future client. Fliers, analogs, and invitations are their primary bullets in the field of sales. Physical tripping onsite is a daily routine – accommodating their client and patiently answering inquiries, there is a saying that goes in Filipino, ‘Laway ang puhunan’. Technically, before the Covid-19 period began, everything is physically done and it demands time and effort of a person.

b. Digital Means

Things have changed, even on how to get a buyer. The World Wide Web is a medium that has channels that would better the hunting of home buyers. Social media have been a great help in marketing real estate properties these days. With just one click or tap on mobile phones, laptops, or personal computers, your brand and product can be out publicly through creative posts online. Bria Homes optimize digital channels to help sellers – their website that is a portal that can address inquiries of all kinds.

2. Reservation Process

Right after you found a buyer, you need to close the sale through the reservation process. Here is what you need to take note of.

a. Contact a Marketing Officer

Bria Homes have a lot in store for every Filipino who’s looking for their future home. For over 50 projects nationwide, sellers can offer mega deals and whopping house and lot packages. To proceed, the seller needs valuable information from the in-charge marketing officers. Be advised that each project has a designated marketing officer. Always seek for the directory to be directed to the respective marketing officer.

b. EBIS Form

Filling out the EBIS form is a vital step to qualify the buyer, to know if they are capable of obtaining a house and lot in Bria Homes. The marketing officers can provide the link to the website of the EBIS form to the Bria Homes seller and buyer upon request. They can fill it out electronically via phone, laptop, and PC. Just make sure that you have a strong internet connection. It’s convenient because you can access the website anywhere and anytime. 

c. Submit a Scanned or Clear Picture of 2 Valid ids with 3 Specimen signatures

For strict compliance, upon reservation, buyers should provide at least two copies of their primary ids or supporting ids that come along with their signatures beside. It is relevant to the process which will authenticate the buyer’s identity.

d. Contact Briefing

This procedure can be done onsite or online through video call since some areas are under enhanced community quarantine. For online reservations, platforms such as Facebook messenger and zoom can be helpful since the buyer can’t physically come onsite. The contract briefing online will be explained by the respective marketing officer. Just a tip, sellers can create a group chat on messenger with their clients and marketing officers. Advise your clients to spare time to fully understand the property details and the terms and conditions of the developer.

e. Payment of Reservation Fee

Every Bria Homes project has a cashier on site, that’s why those who prefer to reserve a unit onsite, can settle their reservation fee right away. For online reservations, they can settle their payment through these platforms, E- Wallet (Gcash, PayMaya) and Online / OTC Banking (Union Bank, Security Bank, BDO, RCBC, PNB) under bills payment. 

You can check the full scope of this information via our payment page.

f. Sign the Reservation Documents

After contract briefing and reservation fee. There are documents to be signed to deliver the buyer’s account to its chosen financing. Be rest assured that they can request an explanation of the contents before signing for clarification.

3. Bria Homes Seller’s Post-Reservation Responsibility

After closing a sale, Bria Homes sellers are obliged to take care of their buyers from time to time. A Bria Homes seller is not just an agent who sells properties, sellers of real estate are agents of hope rather. They selling with the purpose of helping those who seek shelter that can be their home in the long run.

To know more about Bria Homes’ guidelines for sellers, visit our website.

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Written By Patrick Comendador