Best Aircon Brands in the Philippines

best aircon brands Philippines

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Since summer is around the corner, here are some of the tips on how you can keep your cool during the hot weather:

1. Drink more water than your usual in-take. Do not wait until you are thirsty.

As our doctors usually say, drink more water every day at least eight (8) glasses of water. It can increase your physical performance through-out the day especially for people who have an active lifestyle. If you exercise more and sweat a lot, staying hydrated makes you perform at your very best. It can also help prevent headaches, constipation, and can aid to weight loss. It is one of best and easiest way to help you become healthier.

2. Limit your outdoor activities especially on the middle of the day.

The sun is strongest or the hottest during 10 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon. UV rays can cause skin aging and eye damage when you directly stay outside in the sun and can be of risk of skin cancer and can cause sun burns, and snow blindness. Stay inside your home to prevent these diseases.

3. Apply skin protectants such as sun screens to help protect your skin especially your face

Sun screens can help you protect extreme damage such as sun burns which is painful to our skin and somehow embarrassing. Sun Protector Factor or known as SPF is the indicator on how long can your skin starts to damage when exposed in the sun. If you are not wearing one, it would usually take 1 minute to burn the skin but if you put for example a 50 SPF lotion or spray, it would at least take 50 minutes until your skin starts to burn.

4. Wear comfortable clothes such as loose, lightweight shirts to help you cool off.

Wearing comfortable clothes especially when you are just at home makes you feel cooler than wearing tight and fitted clothes as the air can easily pass through the clothes then in to your skin. So if you are just at home, we all have that super teared and out worn shirts to help you cool off.

5. Take cool showers to lower down your body temperature.

During summer, even our tap water in our showers are hot as our pipes are located underground until it reaches our homes. Help cool off by taking showers in the middle of the day or when you start feeling uncomfortable with too much sweating even when you are just working from home or watching your favorite netflix movies.

6. Stay in an air conditioned rooms or locations as much as possible or if you can.

Air conditioners can help you lower down the temperature at your homes. During summer, even the air coming from our electric fans are hotter than usual because we just have the hot air circulating in our own home. With the help of the air conditioners, it will help you lower down the house temperature and might even help you lessen your electric consumptions with using only 1 aircon rather than opening 2 or more electric fans.

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Having your own air condition at home will help and prevent you going out more or going to the mall for a “free aircon”. Especially these times that we are in the middle of the pandemic, we want to steer away from places that have a lot of people we can mingle with.

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Here are the best aircon brands in the Philippines to help you cool off on this heating weather:

1. Carrier Xpower Gold 3

Priced at around Php 43,100, this aircon is one of the best in the Philippines for its efficiency and cooling effect to help you lower down your room temperatures for only Php 1.50 electricity consumption per hour that comes with Ultrafresh filters that it absorbs and decompose smoke, ammonia and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) while obstruct harmful bacteria and viruses. It also has Unique Magic Coil that can help protect from oil and dust. It comes also with self cleaning function to prevent molds and germs from build-up.

You can purchase to your near Carrier stores or online via the Carrier website.

2. Kolin KAG-110RSINV

Priced at around Php 24,998, It is said that it has High Energy Efficiency Ration or EER to help lower the cost and energy consumption such as inverter technology. It also has remote control function where you do not need to get up from your bed to turn it on and off. Kolin brand is then known to have since 1995 to have the first no rust, no drip aircons in the 1990s and became one of the top local aircon brands in the industry. Since they focused on what every Filipino need such as energy consumption, it helped us lower the cost on it.

You can purchase your Kolin aircons at your nearest stores or online via the Abenson website.


It is a split type aircon that is known to be an inverter air conditioner that is said to be helpful in lowering down your energy consumption up to 73%. It is also known to be affordable and can be easy attainable if you are looking for your best aircon brand. It is also fast cooling and has a triple protector plus with auto clean function, easy to clean anti-bacteria filter, better heat exchanger performance, and known to be stable and durable during bad weathers and the best part is it is environmentally friendly. This unit is recommended for rooms up to 15 square meter.

You can purchase your Samsung aircons at your nearest stores or via online shopping through the Samsung website or other local furniture and appliances stores.

4. Panasonic CW-XS108VPH

It is a window type aircon, and also an inverter. It is also known to have a fast cooling effect of 20 minutes compared to other brands which usually take 60 minutes to cool the whole room. It also has a High EER rating that helps lower down energy consumption. This unit also has an anti-bacterial filter that filter and prevents the growth of viruses and bacteria for you to have a cleaner air to breath in your own home. One of its features also is called Sleep mode in which help reduces electricity consumption as the first two hours after opening increases the temperature and then turns off until to the time you set if off while you are sleeping.

You can purchase your Panasonic units at your nearest stores or online thru the Panasonic website.

5. Condura 6s 0.5 HP

It priced at around Php 10,898 and also a window type aircon. It is yet the one of the affordable aircons and worth it of its price with its plug and save feature that offers convenience by alternating using fan and aircon while you sleep with the use of timer to help lower down your electricity consumption. It is also considered to be reliable in any Philippine setting and well-built to last longer for our any type of weather. An eco friendly aircon with its R410A refrigerant that is also non-flammable and economic friendly to use, it also has multi-pore indoor air filter, easy access filter to easy cleaning, non auto-restart for convenience.

You can purchase your Condura units at your nearest stores or online via the abenson website.

6. Sharp AH-XS15VF

It is priced at around Php 28,998 and a split-type aircon perfect for your home needs. It may be pricier than the other brands but rest assured the unit is worth its price as it is known to have J-Tech Inverter to help lower down your energy home consumption, eco mode and a 12 hour on and off timer for efficiency. It also has an option for a 14 degrees Celsius temperature setting for a cooler effect on a very hot weather. This unit is also known to have a baby mode and one of the best sleep modes for a tighter and quieter sleep at night.

You can purchase your Sharp aircon units at your nearest stores or online via the abenson website.

7. LG LA100EC

The LG LA100EC is the one of famous aircon brands you will see in the famous facebook group “Home Buddies” where it is known to be the best energy saving inverter air conditioner with its fast cooling feature that help cool down the rooms in your home faster, and has low noise or has a quiet operation system for a better sleep at night with up to no noise. It also comes with a ThinQ or wifi app that you can connect your phone where ever inside your home. You can start or off your units, change the mode, or even set temperatures with the use of the ThinQ mobile app. It is also shows a slick design of a window type aircon to perfectly match your home aesthetics and stable durability to storm any weather in the Philippines and match your design space.

You can purchase your own LG units at your nearest stores or online via the LG website.

Purchasing an air conditioning unit is one of the traits and dream of every Filipino as the Philippines is known to have a hot weather all through-out the year.  But you are yet to decide whether you purchase for durability, efficiency on electricity consumption, long lasting features, eco friendly, noise, modernity, or even its style that is all worth it for its cost and stand in the test of time. Doing research plays an important role as this also considered to be one of your investments in your own home.

Having an aircon is kind of an investment in your family. You want to make sure that you will get what you pay for and that will stay with you for how many years but that does not mean that all aircons are the same. In fact, there are different types of aircons that will depend on your budget, room size, priorities such as electricity consumption and power, and room layouts. As usual, the top priority in buying aircons should be cost-effective with great fan speed and bigger cooling capacity. There are some aircon units that have the right temperature control that will keep the entire room cool. Although it may have a higher cost and might not be ideal if you have a tight budget. If an aircon is designed for a simple one room condominium unit, it will not be suitable for an office room with fifteen people capacity. 

While you already did invest to buy a home and make it yours, you also have to consider the pros and cons of the furniture, appliances and your home design if all of those best fits your desires and the weather of your picked out location. Carefully planning and then deciding all your purchases will have result to a great value of money and you want to assure that your investments will stay for as long as it could as we say that money does not grow in trees for your hard earned monies and we get to enjoy it until it breaks.

Written by Yna Faundo