Advantages of Living Near a Mall in Cavite

Advantages of Living Near a Mall in Cavite

In looking for a brand-new house and lot or a condo unit, there are a lot of considerations that people are looking for to weigh and analyze their options. People who are looking for a brand-new property might be looking for an area that is situated in tranquil places, or areas that are cost-effective and are surely secured, maybe they are also looking for places with overlooking views or with a large cut of land. There are a lot of considerations that people are wanting in a place so they can decide to call it their brand-new home, one of these reasons that are most commonly looked for by future homeowners is its accessibility to transportation and commercial spaces such as malls. Living near a mall has a lot of various benefits that are very essential and helpful for homeowners. Malls are commercial establishments that are abundant in the Philippines and a lot of them are being erected each year. It is safe to say that every major and urban city in the Philippines has at least one mall in it. People love shopping and malls nowadays offer more than that so it has become a frequented area in the Philippines for leisure and other activities. Provinces like Cavite are filled with malls and residential areas that are near each other. Let’s talk about the advantage of living near a mall in Cavite.

Advantages of living near a mall in Cavite

Living near a mall has its perks and benefits, especially in a province filled with malls like Cavite. Cavite is known as a tourist destination because of the attractive locations and activities that the province offers. Not only that, but Cavite is also very accessible from Metro Manila and other provinces which makes it very easy to travel to. One of the reasons why Cavite is a good candidate for a place to start a living is because of its ability to stay clean and green, and with less pollution compared to other provinces despite still being urbanized and having a lot of infrastructures and establishments built. Cavite is rich in residential areas that are near and accessible to malls that you can just go to anytime you want. For example, the SOMO Vista Mall in Daang Hari, Molino, Bacoor, Cavite that is just walking distance away from numerous subdivisions. It is a giant outdoor mall that has everything you could ever need from a mall such as a supermarket, a grocery store, a convenience store, furniture shops, and more! Living near a mall is advantageous and is a deciding factor when choosing your new property.

1. Essentials are easily accessed

Having the essential establishments just a couple of walks away from your own home is a luxury. Imagine saving up on fuel costs and energy because you can just walk to the nearest commercial space, plus it also saves precious time and energy. Malls nowadays aren’t just for shopping; they’ve evolved to be giant convenience stores where you can buy everything you need and do the necessary activities that you need to fulfill. Buying goods and groceries wouldn’t be stressful anymore and would be hassle-free since grocery stores in malls are just right around the corner in case you forgot to buy something. Paying your bills also wouldn’t be a problem anymore because you’re always guaranteed to be the first one in line since malls are also accepting banks and ATMs to be erected in their area. Looking for a place to eat that is nearby? Look no further since shopping malls would never be complete without a wide array of restaurant choices that you can choose from whenever you want to eat outside with your family and friends.

2. Safe and Secured

The essentials mentioned above are the reasons why we go on our errands every day. To deposit and withdraw something at the bank, to buy goods and groceries, to pay your monthly bills, to dine in restaurants, and more. With the mall near your residence, it is much more convenient and much safer. Since you won’t have to travel far to go to the nearest mall, you can be at your home immediately reducing the risk of being outside since we are still in the pandemic and a lot of things can happen outside.

Most malls are also secured and have tight security and being in a place with a hotspot like a mall in your neighborhood would ensure that your area is always protected since it is usually filled with a lot of people.

3. Centre of Socializing

One of the great reasons to live near a shopping mall is because it is a center of social interaction. Malls are total hotspots for hanging out with your family and friends or meeting someone new in your neighborhood. There are bookstores and coffee shops and other places where you can enjoy your time and have a fun day with anybody you like. As we were advised to stay at home during the past years and now that more and more people are getting vaccinated against the virus, we can now safely be around moderate amounts of people again and made-up lost interactions, by still following safety guidelines of course.

This is the advantage of living near a mall because it is a public space where a lot of people go to. Sometimes it’s just soothing to see a lot of people having fun with their lives, hanging out with family, having a blast with their friends, and just living the life, even just for a day. Living near a mall makes you just a couple of meters away from the center of social interaction.

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4. Malls increase the value of your property

As mentioned above, a lot of people who are looking for their brand-new home, most of the time, are looking for a place near a commercial space because of the benefits that it provides. Being near a mall is not only beneficial to you as a homeowner but also to your property if you wish to transform it into an investment. Statistics show that house and lot properties and condo units that are near shopping malls and commercial centers are easier to be sold. This increases the value of your property since it has the characteristic that other properties lack: having easy access to the essentials.

Bria Homes offers affordable house and lot properties and condo units in Cavite that is near shopping malls and commercial spaces. Most Bria Homes projects all around the country are also built alongside essential commercial places such as Vista Malls and All Home which would surely be beneficial to you as a homeowner since you wouldn’t need to travel far from your home just to shop for what you need. Bria Homes would gladly guide you into purchasing and acquiring your first house and lot or condo; properties that are good for starting a life in or making an investment.

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5. A place for leisure and getaway

Who says vacations and “me days” should be far away from your home? Malls are like another world, a world of fun and enjoyment. Most malls have places where you can play and have fun with the people you love. Malls also have cinemas where you can stay updated with the hottest movies of the year. The list of possibilities is endless. The best part is, that malls are a place of constant movement, nothing is ever the same. More and more attractions are being introduced from time to time.

These are just some advantages of living near a mall, especially in wonderful provinces such as Cavite. Imagine saving up on time and energy but still having a blast. As social and fun people, Filipinos refuse to deprive themselves from bring happiness to their lives and to the lives of the people they love, so why travel far to a place of joy when you can just live near one?

Written by Rashid Mansan