A quality home is a Bria home

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A quality home is a Bria home

Filipinos deserve quality homes, for the best price.

Currently, there is a huge housing problem in the country; around 44% in the Philippine population do not have their own homes. Fortunately, Bria Homes aspires to address the country’s housing problem.

Bria Homes, the fastest growing mass housing developer in the Philippines, provides Filipino families affordable house and lot packages and condominium units.

As Bria continuously builds new homes all over the country, it also builds more and more trust from the people. Thousands have already acquired their new homes from Bria – and more are still inquiring and acquiring their own.

This is because for every home, Bria makes sure that they adhere to its five brand pillars – Mura (affordable), Mabilis (fast construction), Maganda (pleasant communities), Mahusay (good service), and Malapit sa lahat (accessible).

Mura (Affordable)

It is one of the biggest pride of Bria that the homes offered have impressively cheap prices.
For as low as P1, 897 per month, a Filipino worker could already have his or her own home to live in solo or with a family.

House and lot packages range from P490, 000 to P1.5 million. The home options available are:
Elena, a 22-sq.m unit on a 36-sq.m lot;
Bettina, a 44-sq.m unit on a 36-sq. m lot; and
Alecza, a 36-sq.m unit on a 81-sq.m lot.

The condominium units range from P1.2 million to P1.5 million.

Future homeowners can opt to loan from either Pag-IBIG or a bank, to lighten the burden of payment.

Mabilis (Fast Construction)

Bria utilizes the latest technologies in building homes. Doing so reduces construction time while maintaining quality. Furthermore, the engineers and architects behind each home do their best to ensure that every project can withstand all kinds of weather conditions throughout years.

Maganda (Pleasant Communities)

For every project, Bria provides an environment conducive for raising a family. Various amenities could be found within the perimeter such as guarded entrances, fences, covered basketball courts, etc.

Not only that, every community is also made to make its residents feel close to nature amidst the urban development surrounding them.

Mahusay (Good Service)

Every employee in Bria is trained to respond to all the queries quickly and accurately. By attending to each client’s questions properly, time spent will be efficient in clearing any concerns and coming up with solutions.

Every client and resident will have the assurance of the best possible experience while living in any Bria community

Malapit sa lahat (Accessible)

All of the Bria communities – whether in Luzon, Vizayas, or Mindanao – are built within close proximity to the places of worship, schools, hospitals, and even commercial establishments. Additionally, they are near the major roads and highways, as well as the transport hubs.

It is no wonder that the number of Bria homeowners are rapidly increasing.

Bria will continue providing the best possible quality houses until every Filipino has a home.

There are currently 26 Bria Homes projects in the Philippines – and more are still yet to come.

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