8 Christmas Theme Ideas for 2022


Christmas theme ideas for 2022 will definitely center on the small details that make the holiday truly magical. With simple comforts and heartwarming family traditions, it’s time to create a joyful, uplifting space that promotes warmth, love, and togetherness.

This holiday season, shoppers are valuing human connections more than ever before and cherishing the group of people and relationships that are important to them. And as we all know, the holiday season is full of memorable moments for families. We can see that, despite rising living costs due to inflation, consumers are still determined to celebrate Christmas and are planning ahead to help spread the cost.

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We’re all in need of some good old-fashioned and stress-free celebration with the neighbors too Christmas celebrations for 2022, after the stop-start of last year’s Christmas and the wash-out of 2020! But what are the top Christmas theme ideas for 2022? Find out how we’ll be decorating the Christmas tree this year, the most popular festive color schemes for the home, the decor trends, and other Christmas theme ideas for 2022 that will surely help you make your Christmas celebrations more personal.

Before we delve into Christmas theme ideas, let’s list out first the advantages of planning it:

  1. Listing Christmas theme ideas are an excellent way to plan your holiday.
  2. It helps with decision-making with regard to items like cards, decorations, wrappings, etc.
  3. It makes deciding on your Christmas accessories easier.
  4. It enables a straightforward and cohesive look for Christmas festivities.
  5. It helps you remember that it was the gold or white Christmas, etc.
  6. The purpose of selecting these theme ideas is to inspire you to use the things you currently own rather than to encourage you to go out and buy additional things.

You may not use all of the theme ideas, but you may use the table setting idea from one and the wreath idea from another. But if you’re looking to sprinkle a little something new into your décor and festive aesthetics, here are our 2022 Christmas theme ideas:

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1. Very Peri Christmas Theme Idea 2022

Very Peri is the Pantone color of the year  2022, a violet-blue shade that Pantone describes as “a symbol of the global collective consciousness of the moment and the transition we are going through.” Indeed, a very intriguing Very Peri, with its carefree confidence and daring curiosity that animates our creative spirit, helps us to embrace this disrupted quantum of possibilities, opening us up to a new aspiration as we rewrite our lives. Very Peri rekindles gratitude for some of the qualities that blue represents, and is complemented by a new perspective that resonates today.

Below are some ways how to incorporate distinct colors into your house and lot and by adding some small elements in the form of décor items.

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  • Adding Veri Peri Christmas ornaments

Purchase an entire pampas grass tree and decorate it with sparklers and festive baubles in the color. Fill the entire tree with Veri Peri-colored ornaments, and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous and eye-catching Christmas tree that stands out from the crowd.

  • Handmade soy taper candles

These taper-style candles are very trendy right now because admit it, there’s nothing cozier than some taper candles around a room in your house. They add such warmth to any space, nestled into delicate holders and emitting a gentle glow when lit.

  • Including vases

Vases are evergreen, keep beautiful flowers, and are extremely useful for any and all festive occasions. Get a few vases in a variety of colors, something similar to Veri Peri and one that contrasts with it. Fill it with white blooms and you’re done.

2. Neutrals and Naturals

This year, lovely neutral color palettes will be popular. This year’s neutral Christmas decorations were inspired by a walk in the woods, or something close to nature. Even if your home is brightly colored, you can achieve a stunning neutral effect. Use one or two colors in your color palette, as well as a lovely demeanor of neutral Christmas color palette. Christmas 2022 will also feature a lot of white with a touch of soft green. Wood tones and other natural-looking colors are popular.

  • Christmas tree decoration

A natural and neutral Christmas tree is decorated with white and brown shades, as well as ornaments made from natural elements such as wood and metals. Start by adding a white, more cream, wool garland to the tree. This decorating style would also look great with simple natural or cream-colored wood bead garlands! The rustic and neutral Christmas style is soothing and welcoming.

  • Poinsettia

Poinsettia is the perfect plant to add to your festive interior, perfectly achieving that desire for escapism. Lush greens can be added to your decor in ways other than your extravagant tree. Further, soft green lanterns on your fireplace or olive cushions on your sofa add a natural touch without being too overpowering.

3. Nostalgia

As we return to a more normal Christmas, we’ll see a return to celebrate the traditional, with red and gold looking to be two of the top trending colors of Christmas 2022; a timeless look that conveys a quintessential Christmas.

All of the uncertainty of the last two years, not to mention future concerns, will drive more of us than ever to seek refuge in happy memories of simpler times. Classic Christmas icons, traditional colors, and heirloom ornaments all contribute to the creation of a familiar and comforting scene.

  • The return of red and gold

As a complementary color, red is sure to stand out against the green of a Christmas tree, while gold adds elegance and a sense of luxury that pays homage to many Christmases past. Traditions endure for a reason, so for those on a tight budget this holiday season, investing in a red and gold theme will pay dividends year after year.

  • Bring back the vintage ornaments

This trend includes the reintroduction of vintage Christmas favorites like nutcracker ornaments, which provide warmth and nostalgia. Using vintage ornaments, antique crockery, and passed-down tablecloths not only evokes fond memories of the past but is also environmentally friendly.

  • Nutcrackers

Growing up, every time we see a decorative nutcracker displayed, that’s the moment we knew that it was officially time to get into the Christmas spirit.

4. Black and White Christmas Theme

This holiday season, you shake things up by incorporating black and white into your Christmas color palette for a change. If you’re decorating for the holidays and want to try something different than the traditional red and green color combination, let us inspire you to try black-and-white Christmas decor. This timeless color combination will look great with virtually any decorating style, from modern to rustic. Furthermore, the limited color palette makes it simple to mix and match patterns and textures for an ultra-cozy look that’s ideal for the season.

  • Decorating using garlands

A frosty pine garland adds earthy texture across the mantel in this crisp living room, and a set of faux fur socks is ready for Santa’s arrival. The flocked fir Christmas tree sparkles with rustic and snow-dusted ornaments dangling from its twinkling branches. In anticipation of Christmas morning, gifts wrapped in a black-and-white paper pile across the fireplace hearth.

5. Wishing for a White Christmas

Take a gander at snowy whites and neutrals for understated elegance, paired with stylish linens, tactile cushions, faux greenery, and a sparkling wreath for a trend that works well for Scandi interiors.

Calming colors in the home can provide what many of us will be looking for this Christmas; rest, enhanced wellness, and that sense of unwinding.

  • Cozy bedroom decor

Make your white Christmas fantasies a reality by decorating your bedroom with frosted and festive details. Shimmering silver and white baubles dangle with delight from a twinkling pine in this winter bedroom’s corner. A snowy pom-pom garland adorns the handsome wood headboard, and a fluffy white duvet covers the bed like a snow blanket.

A wooden tray with two cocoa mugs adds an inviting touch to the display, while plush black-and-white throw pillows create a cozy contrast against the icy linens. Whimsical calligraphy prints in classic black-and-white gallery frames team up with snowflake figurines and a pair of pretty wrapped presents to brighten up the bedside tables.

6. Candy Cane

This Christmas, candy canes reign supreme, with the bold but conventional red and white theme filling modern homes. You won’t have to look far for candy cane-themed festive decor, which includes everything from tree decorations to garlands and candles to crackers.

Candy canes of all shapes and sizes are followed immediately by brightly colored lollipops and baubles that have a lot of volume and texture thanks to patterned ribbons and glitter sprays. Santa and his elves are on hand to spread holiday cheer, and the whimsical and festive designs of this theme allow you to escape the mundane and immerse yourself in the magic and wonder of the season.

  • Begin with the Christmas tree

This year, more than ever, we need some brightness and sparkle in our holidays! By hanging real candy canes or candy cane-themed decorations on the Christmas tree, you can add a pop of color to contrast with the rich, earthy green or snowy flocked branches. These decorative embellishments will add a lot of fun and excitement to the buildup of the big day. Just make sure you don’t finish them all before the 25th!

  • Candy Cane Decorations

You can use large statement candy cane-shaped decorations in conjunction with other faux sweets, lollipops, and cupcakes. Consider a sugar high with a dash of glitz! Decorating an ornament with the same colors and motifs as your tree is another way to incorporate the theme into your holiday decorations. And don’t forget the garlands, which can range from foliage-based to strings of sweet decorations. Wrap them around stairwells, over fireplaces, along window ledges, around doorframes, and as table centerpieces.

7. Blue and Gold Theme

Deep rich blues matched with luxurious warm gold appear to be another of the major Christmas trends for 2022. This timeless, elegant color palette complements the growing popularity of celestial designs and products. Make the most of the long December nights while remembering the value of rest and self-care. Also, embrace the maximalist trend by approaching your luxurious design with a more is more attitude. There’s no need to be shy; it’s time to paint your house and lot of blue and gold!

Below are some simple products that will be useful in your craft or party supplies drawer throughout the year to achieve that elegant blue and gold theme!

  1. Velvet ribbons in gold and blue
  2. Satin ribbon in gold and blue (for wrapping around presents)
  3. Micro fairy lights powered by batteries
  4. Spray paint in gold
  5. Blue honeycomb embellishments
  6. Garland of gold beads

8. Pink Wonderland Christmas

Pink is the new color for this year’s Christmas parties, replacing red and green. If you’re looking for an exquisite party theme that’s both trendy and unique, this is the one to go with!

This theme, which includes a plethora of colorful ornaments, is sure to set the tone for your Christmas party. Add a touch of glam and chic with silver accents to make the setting stand out.

Aside from getting together with your family during Christmas, another thing that everyone looks forward to is the Christmas bonus. Your hard-earned money should be spent wisely. Check the BRIA Homes website for a list of affordable house and lot that is within your budget.

It’s entertaining to observe Christmas theme ideas and trends every year. However, trends do not dictate how we decorate, particularly for Christmas, but they sure give us a new perspective on how to create Christmas in our homes. Many of us have treasured decorations that we bring out year after year. They are associated with our memories and Christmas customs. This year’s Christmas trends are the result of many of us not being able to spend as much time as we would like with family and friends, as well as uncertainty about the future.