DIY Affordable Christmas Décor for Your Home


Ho Ho Ho! Christmas time is quickly approaching! Christmas is a lovely moment of boundless pleasure and happiness. These simple Christmas decor ideas and stylish decorating solutions are for you if you’re looking for affordable Christmas decoration ideas this holiday season. It doesn’t have to be fancy to decorate your home or condominium during the holidays; what you require is a little creativity and possibly a skill for crafting objects using your hands. 

Everyone has started to think about how they will celebrate Christmas and prepare Noche Buena with their families and friends. For anyone who adores decorating their front doors, this is the ideal day. It’s time to look for DIY or low-budget Christmas decors. Search around your home and I’m going to give you some simple Christmas décor ideas. December 25th is a day filled with decorating and continuous excitement, whether it be setting up the Christmas tree inside the house or selecting the best lighting for windows. Besides some lovely dazzling lights and simple Christmas décor ideas, nothing will signal to the neighbors that it is Christmas.

Why do people prefer to DIY?

But before that, let’s have some trivia about why DIYs are becoming popular. These days, DIY projects are a fad, so we thought we’d offer some of the most popular justifications for why people enjoy them. If you’re looking for a simple way to save money, want to spend more time with friends and family, or just want to express your creativity, DIY projects have special advantages that can meet your demands. One thing more some media are now posting tutorials on how to do it. Now let’s find out what simple and affordable Christmas decor ideas you need to know about. 

Affordable DIY Christmas Décor Ideas

Whatever you decide to do, each of these suggestions can improve your house more wonderfully without having to pay extra. Many of the materials you require are undoubtedly already all over your house. I hope you are enjoying looking through these affordable Christmas decor ideas and alternatives to discover something which matches your style. 

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DIY Christmas Tree

Make Affordable Christmas Decor Ideas concerning Christmas Trees if you don’t have enough room for a regular tree or if you think they are much too pricey. For your Christmas tree, you can choose from a variety of materials. 

  • Christmas Tree on the Wall

Scratch paper might be cut further into a pattern of leaves and glued to a twig. A DIY Christmas tree could be created on the wall by sticking branches and bright decorations there. Another simple and affordable Christmas décor idea for Christmas trees on the wall is to tie old garlands on the wall in a shape like a twig, creating a Christmas ball out of paper cutouts that won’t be too heavy to hang.

  • Plastic Bottle Christmas Tree

           You may also use plastic bottles! You only need a few plastic containers, but I suggest using a green bottle so it will really look like a tree; a glue gun; old beads; white acrylic paint; maybe glitter dust; and glue. 

  • Dried Coconut Flower Christmas Tree

If you live in the countryside, dried coconut flowers are a simple Christmas decor idea for you. You can get them easily by just looking around at coconut trees. Once you have it, you can paint it white or any color you like. Put some garlands and Christmas decorations you have on. 

DIY Parol

A Christmas Parol is the epitome of everything about Christmas. Start creating your own affordable Christmas decor ideas and find satisfaction in Christmas. The Parol is the best representation of the spirit of the holiday in the Philippines. What are you still holding out for? Time to start the holiday period off right with a handmade parol! Creating, decorating, and lighting a parol are all ways that Filipinos demonstrate their mutual faith and belief. All you need are bamboo skewers, rubber bands to create a star shape, crepe paper to cover the frame star, glue, and string. Then you can make your simple Christmas parol.

Not all Christmas parols are made of bamboo strings. You can also make Christmas parol made of plastic bottles. You only need basic supplies, such as plastic bottles, scissors, glitter, paint, and a hot glue gun. Then you’re done. To enjoy the Christmas season, hang your lovely parol on a balcony or window.

Belen Made of Plastic Bottles

Some Filipino homes have a Belen, or nativity scene, as a favorite Christmas adornment. A nativity scene uses a variety of artistic mediums and techniques to portray the birth and early years of Jesus. Since it properly captures the purity of the baby Jesus and the crucial day of his arrival, it has become a beloved decoration.

Instead of considering purchasing an expensive Belen, why not try these simple Christmas decor ideas on how to make an alternative nativity scene? To create DIY Belen, you need basic supplies such as plastic bottles for the figures of Mother Mary, St. Joseph, and Baby Jesus. You can also use plastic bottles for the base, paint for the figures, coconut leaves for the walls, and dried leaves for the bed for Baby Jesus. It’s simple to use and construct.

Alternative Flowers Decoration

Homes have always looked beautiful when decorated with flowers. But unfortunately, flowers quickly lose their freshness. Every other day, flower replacements become a task in and of themselves. Therefore, imitation flowers can be used as a substitute for real flowers for a simple Christmas decor idea. In particular, poinsettia plants, both fake and real, are widely available throughout the holiday season. Additionally, artificial flowers can resist the cold and have the same appearance. You can also make artificial flowers using different kinds and colors of paper. 

You can also make an alternative flower decoration using plastic bottles. Cut them vertically to look like the petals of poinsettia plants, and paint them with red color so it matches the plant while waiting for them to dry prepare some paper balls and color them yellow, then put them in the middle of the flower. Once you are done you can use it to design your home. 

Garlands Made of Colored Paper

Christmas trees’ lovely decorations are one of their nicest features. This Christmas season, a garland is one item you simply must have. There are many other kinds of garlands, but because the colored paper is vibrant and simple, we have to suggest utilizing it. While cutting strips and creating loops for this project takes some effort, surely it is unquestionably fun and a very affordable Christmas décor idea.

DIY Snowflakes

You’ll adore this snowflake decoration since it allows you to make alternative snow, as we are already aware that a tropical country like the Philippines cannot experience snowfall. Using popsicle sticks and glue, snowflakes can still be made. For more intricacy, you can also use toothpicks or craft staples. These snowflakes are adorable and simple to make. Children will enjoy putting these together by painting them in vibrant colors. These simple Christmas decor ideas will provide some joy on a cold day.

So, these are some simple Christmas décor ideas that are perfect for your home just like the Bria House and Lot that is affordable and viable. This will make Santa feel at home, and everyone will feel the essence of Christmas. For more tips about decorating your home, you can read How to decorate your Bria house and lot for Christmas.

Written by Maria Joecel Porteros