6 Tips for Building Your Modular Kitchen

Modular kitchen cabinets

Do you have plans of going into the modern home? From styling publications to social websites, the hype around modern design is constantly increasing. In relation to this, one modern house design feature that is currently gaining popularity in the Philippines is the modular kitchen. ​​Modern homeowners choose modular kitchens because they make the most of every nook and corner of free space in your BRIA home.

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The kitchen is an important feature of every home and a space where much time is spent. According to recent surveys, house residents devote two to three hours every day using the kitchen, making it among the most utilized spaces in the house. Kitchen cabinets, drawers, and doors are used around eight times on a daily basis. Just the refrigerator has been found to be estimated to have been opened and closed around thirty times each day.  However, the kitchen, which is frequently assumed to be the tidiest room in the house, is really one of the filthiest. On a record for accident-prone locations at home, it ranks second next to bathrooms. As a result, having critically-designed, top-quality modular kitchens is highly significant! Moreover, cooking is an art form that requires creativity. Even though cooking tutorials and food articles might provide you with new innovations, your kitchen plays a significant part in inspiring you to deliver your utmost effort to the dish you prepared. Because of these reasons, investment in a modern modular kitchen for your house is truly a smart move. In the Philippines, modern consumers are offered a variety of modular kitchen designs that cater to a variety of interests, household sizes, and cost estimates.

But first, what is a modular kitchen?

A modular kitchen is a contemporary kitchen equipment that is built in modules or components. These are cabinets with pre-selected standard-size pieces. A modular kitchen is often made up of wall and base components. Modular kitchens are intended to increase usability while also allowing for effective space management, particularly in compact locations. Thus every unit is built of different substances and equipped with modular kitchen accessories to help you organize your kitchen in an orderly manner.

Things to consider when designing a modular kitchen:

  1. Plan the layout

Oftentimes, modular kitchen manufacturers provide standard design catalogs that include photographs of modular kitchen interior design. You may select one and have it personalized based on your tastes and the quantity of available space in your kitchen. A modular kitchen design catalog would most likely include standard modular kitchen designs in addition to what else is popular across the world, giving you a wide range of possibilities to pick from. After you have chosen your modular kitchen interiors, the modular kitchen is built and eventually installed after talking with your manufacturer and providing them with the dimensions of your area. Then every module is built individually while keeping appearances and storage capacity in consideration.

  1. The Golden Triangle Rule

According to the golden triangle rule, the preparation slab which is the sink, the storage unit which is the refrigerator, and the cooking range which is the stove, must be located within a four-foot to nine-foot space. Because the sink, refrigerator, and stove are the focus points of the kitchen, they must be properly located. Place your refrigerator and stove opposite one another, with the sink in the center, to make a speculative triangle. Think about making this golden triangle more efficient by placing regularly used equipment nearer to the refrigerator. Keep in mind to separate and package everything based on its purpose.

  1. The L-Shaped or U-Shaped Feature

Depending on the dimension of the kitchen, select a straight, L-shaped, or U-shaped plan to guarantee good working movement. The golden triangle rule is particularly suited to an L-shaped kitchen. The L-shaped design is a great choice for small and mid-sized kitchens. It integrates the golden triangle’s efficiency, with the cooking range and storage units separated by no more than 1200 millimeters. The L-shaped feature allows you to make use of every nook and cranny in your kitchen. You could either put the sink in a corner or leave room for many other items. You may try setting up a folding door beneath the corner to make use of empty space on the interior for a storage container.

  1. Optimize Storage

Consider your home’s storage needs and explore alternative drawers and cabinets for condiments, kitchenware, tableware, cookware, electronic appliances, and so forth. Choose a designated pantry cupboard to store all of your dry cooking goods. raise the height of the overhead cabinets until they reach the ceiling to maximize vertical storage. It should be noted that if there is a space between the overhead cabinets and the ceiling, the cabinet top will absorb a significant amount of dust.

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  1. Use Low-Maintenance Kitchen Materials

Every skilled interior designer will explain why your modular kitchen requires low-maintenance materials such as stainless steel sinks, wood or glass cabinets, and marble kitchen counters. These products make tidying your home easy and fast. Keep in mind the purpose of a modular kitchen is to simplify your day-to-day tasks by providing quick and easy access to every nook and cranny of your kitchen. Performing tasks in your kitchen are made easier by materials that are simple to maintain.

  1. Kitchen Appliances & Accessories

Always choose kitchen appliances during the design process so that they may be fitted into the layout to their exact proportions. Install sufficient plug outlets for all equipment. Finalize the placement of the cooktop stove unit and select an exhaust system with a high suction force to minimize odors and establish a smoke-free environment. Then, choose among a variety of accessories such as container pull-outs, pull-out trays, high units, silverware organizers, corner units, and under-sink accessories to include in the kitchen design.

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  1. Install Under-Cabinet Lighting

The main illumination in the kitchen is provided by the ceiling lights, but the above cabinets cast shadows as well as produce dark regions on the countertop. It is strongly advised to include under-cabinet lighting to brighten the countertop and provide appropriate task illumination for cooking and preparing food.

  1. Consider the costs

One of the most crucial variables that you should think about before purchasing anything is your budget. The real kicker is that there are a variety of alternatives accessible, providing more opportunities for you to pick excellent modular fittings without exceeding the budget. However, think about the fact that modular kitchens are often utilized rooms, and planning too small might limit the space’s efficiency.

In a nutshell, a contemporary modular kitchen is more than simply an expansion of your spaces, it is an enhancement for your whole kitchen area. The idea behind a modern modular kitchen design is to ensure your efficiency and comfort in the kitchen as well as personalize your area. The modular kitchen interiors are made up of a variety of countertops, backsplash, flooring, cupboards, cabinets, drawers, and racks that work together to produce an integrated approach in your kitchen space. In a modular kitchen, because the kitchen comprises various necessities, these would all be categorized according to ease of reach.

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Written by MC Sanchez