5 Tips to Avoid Bed Bug Growth on the Couch

tips to avoid bed bug growth on the couch

Although they are most frequently seen in settings where people sleep, bed bugs do not only live in beds. This is so that they may safely feed on their victims’ blood when they are motionless, which is frequently while they are sound sleeping. Many different types of furniture, including sofas, sectionals, and easy chairs, as well as areas where people spend a lot of time, have been known to harbor bed bugs. How to get rid of bed bugs on a couch is one of the things that every household should know to combat these blood-sucking bugs.

Bed bugs have a one-month maturation period and may go up to a year without sustenance. There are various variables that affect how long it takes for bed bugs to infest furniture. Since the Philippines is a tropical country, bed bugs may be an issue for many people throughout the summer, when they are more prevalent. Dealing with this kind of issue may be stressful due to the psychological toll that these pests can have on a household and the loss of sleep that is linked with a bed bug infestation. Therefore, methods on how to get rid of a couch with bed bugs will be covered in this article.

Know the Difference between bed bugs, fleas, ticks, or any other insects

The first thing to know on how to get rid of bed bugs in a couch is to know what to look for. Since many insects resemble bed bugs, a precise diagnosis is essential as the first step in preventing treatment costs for the incorrect insect. Depending on your location of the country, there may be several sorts of bugs that resemble bed bugs. Being bitten by bugs and finding them all over your body when you wake up is not a nice feeling. Fleas, ticks, or bed bugs are frequently held responsible for the problem. However, because they are distinctive creatures, it is not always easy to distinguish between them.

Bedbugs are tiny, flat, wingless insects with six legs that feed on the blood of humans and animals. They might be practically white or brown, but after feeding, they turn rusty red. Fleas are little, brown-looking parasites that love to feast on animal fur and prefer cats or dogs. Ticks are oblong, drab-looking, outdoor parasites that are typically found in wooded environments. Flat, oval, and reddish-colored parasites known as bed bugs lurk in the bedroom’s shadowy corners.

Inspect places where you will stay during travel

The way that bed bugs move from one area to another is by adhering to clothing, furniture, or other things wherever they can ride unto. People who love to travel should use caution wherever they go because of this. Even the most luxurious and spotless hotels are susceptible to bed insect infestations. When traveling, always remember to utilize a baggage rack instead of the floor, check the bed thoroughly for any indications of bed bug activity, and pack a sealable plastic bag you may use to package your belongings before you leave. When you go home, you may either move your clothing directly from the bag or put the bag out in the sun to destroy any possible bed bugs.

Be cautious in purchasing used furniture

Aside from bringing home bed bugs from a hotel, salvaging furniture items from suspect places like garbage and alleyways since secondhand furniture may have bed bugs that spread quickly in our homes. However, if money is tight and you can only afford upholstered furniture, another recommendation is to pick pieces with hard surfaces over soft or porous ones, such as solid wood and plastic. Even so, before bringing any goods inside your home, give them a full inspection and clean.

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In line with these here’s a simple guide on how to clean used furniture to prevent bed bugs:

Before bringing the used furniture to your home. First, put everything that can be washed in the washing. All phases of bedbug growth may be wiped out with a hot wash cycle and a high heat tumble dry. Next, vacuum every surface and crevice, including the bottom, of any things that cannot be washed. To collect as much residue as you can, use a vacuum with the strongest suction possible. Regularly empty the bag or cup into a large, airtight plastic bag that may be discarded outside the house. If you have freezer space, you may also freeze the textiles. Temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit are too low for bedbugs to survive for more than a few days. This is a wonderful choice if you reside in a cold climate. Of course, the furniture’s structure cannot be placed in a plastic bag, but bedbugs and their eggs can be eliminated using steam. The steamer should have a precise nozzle, a huge water container to sustain steam for a longer time, and the ability to create steam at temperatures more than 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Use chemical treatments

Bedbug infestations nearly always require chemical treatment with pesticides since they may survive through carpets, curtains, and even the seams of wallpaper. The option that provides several weeks of protection is a residual spray. Bedbugs, however, may go up to a year without eating a human. Using an encasement is a practical technique to recognize and effectively treat a bed insect problem. This is another way to get rid of bed bugs

Encasements are substantial plastic covers that go around a couch to smother bed bugs that are infesting it. The sofa is totally sealed by an encasement, preventing insects like bed bugs from getting inside. You can spot bed bugs that are already living on your couch with the use of a bed bug couch cover. Put an encasement over your sofa for one of the finest ways to get rid of bed bugs to effectively kill both live and egg bed bugs.

  • Clear clutter to check for potential bed bug hiding areas.

One indirect way on how to get rid of bed bugs in a couch is to eliminate the possible hiding places. Bed bugs may hide in more locations in a messy house, which also makes it more difficult to find and treat them. It is more difficult for bed bugs to bite you while you sleep if your mattress and box springs are covered with appropriate bed bug coverings (encasements). For a year, keep the encasements in place. Make sure to get a product that has been bed bug-tested and is durable enough to endure the entire year without ripping.

Since the pandemic had a direct impact on our lives, Bria Homes has made it a priority to keep its promise of a safer neighborhood. One of its top priorities is to eradicate insects like mosquitos that carry terrible illnesses. Because of this, the organization takes precautions to keep the workplace clean and free of any viruses or infections that our family may contract. This demonstrates that Bria Homes is a firm that goes beyond simple real estate.

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