5 Tips in Creating a Comfortable Pet-Friendly Home

Pet essentials for Fur-Parents

A best-level pet-suitable home is a home that has an overall fur parenting of responsibility, considerations, and a profound understanding of your pet’s well-being. Comfort Home for your pet is considering your fellow pet’s feelings and assuring that your pet in your home receives the best care possible, the help they need, and overall support to keep them healthy. Giving our pets the same privilege in a space that is suitable for you and your pet in your home is to keep them on the same level that we autonomously all have the right to live our lives with protection. As the Republic Act 8495 states that “AN ACT TO PROMOTE ANIMAL WELFARE IN THE PHILIPPINES, OTHERWISE KNOWN AS “THE ANIMAL WELFARE ACT OF 1998” The law states that animals or pets must be protected and make sure their welfare is taking care of and that all animals have an adequate, clean and sanitary place to live in.

Keeping a pet in the family is an act of human universal need and becomes part of our culture. As humans, we tend to want and keep pets to be happy, and for the benefit of keeping each other’s bond and mutually enjoying life contributed to that everyday relationship. Whether you want a pet for fascination, mental health support, companionship, or pleasure, we humans have to take full responsibility for the pet’s overall life. We should equally give them the best life they deserve.

There is commitment and responsibility in pet ownership, it does not just end in taking them aboard into our home or the feeling of we just pity animals which is why we keep them, or we want somebody to be there for us. To have a pet requires a need for us to make sure we should be fit to treat them as one member of our family and should be able to give them the treatment that is the same as how we provide for ourselves.

From deciding and taking responsibility for keeping a pet and taking care of a pet, we are required to keep our pets in a world where they are perpetually treated with kindness and respect by providing them with a nest of sensible and regardful priorities and spaces that are livable and comfortable. And for that matter, as a pet owner and fur parent here are the tips you can do to create a well-being space for your pet in your own home as well as how to ensure that your pet gets the best care out of your protection and love in your own Home.

5 Tips for creating a Pet-friendly Space in your Home.

Who is my Pet?

There are a variety of pets you can choose that suits your lifestyle. Before getting or considering having a pet you need to know what kind of pet you want, how to take care of pets, and the pet you want to take care of. Make sure that you know your pet’s characteristics, behaviors, and even the size that it’s going to occupy in your home. Next, are you ready to give your pet Time, Space, and Attention? These are the most variable considerations in choosing the pet that you want, that fits within your lifestyle, or the pet you want to take care of within your life situation. Being pet friendly is being considerate so that you can fully have time to take care of a pet, can provide a safe space in your home, and the attention you can give to your pet as a fur parent.

The Pet Needs.

To keep a pet in the most possible well-being you have to consider that they will be living under your roof, and they are also living creatures that have basic needs like humans. Food, shelter, medical, water, safety, comfort, and care. Your pet needs also an environment where they can be sociable, emotionally stable, and can-do physical turns like us humans. So, when it comes to pets’ needs, we need to consider that their needs are properly given, and we need to know the kind of environment we must create for them.

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Pet Zone Space Station.

A pet-friendly space in your home suggests that you must create or have a pet zone space station that is beneficial, convenient, and useful to the pet, to you as an owner, or as a fur parent. A pet-friendly station is where your pet’s supplies are stored and arranged. Also, this space station designates your pet’s area such as a feeding area, sleeping area, and playing area. Pet zone space station is to give your pet a safe organized area for them and having this area helps to maintain a clean area for their health and orderliness in your home.

Home Pet Functional Design.

For your pet to have that friendly space at home here are the suggested home pet functional design you can consider:

  • Playground- To keep your pet active and exercise physically you may create a play area in your living room or your backyard, put some useful pet needs such as toys, a tunnel, a trampoline, and a ramp.
  • Beddings – a cozy bed for your pet that gives them a warm rest and sleep. You may add some blankets, toys, pillows, and the right bed size for them. Add also some pet design rags or mats and don’t forget also to regularly clean your pets’ bedding by putting them under the sun and washing them regularly.
  • Built-in or Fitted Features – The built-in or fitted features are the additional functional design for your pet in your home. You may build a pet door that has easy access to its playground or backyard for playing and bathroom timeouts. You can also create a feeding station, a doghouse, a tunnel, or pet stairs.

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Pet Routine.

As pet owners, we want to make sure that we will have a happy home that is beneficial to you and your pet. A pet routine is a big help in building a friendly space for your pet because there is a regular and consistent task for eating, sleeping, walking, and bathroom time, this will help you to build companionship and benefit your pet’s overall well-being. To keep your pet-friendly space in your home favorable to you and to your pet and will be easy for you to manage your home as well, you must create or keep your pet in a routine for eating, playing, resting, sleeping, and relaxing. This routine will take your pet in self-discipline, adapting its spaces, and respecting you as its owner. A pet routine is one of the best solutions to make your relationship with your pet and create a happy, satisfied bond between you and your lovable pet. 

Pets in our Home.

Creating a pet-friendly space for our pets is a sign of our Love that is explicitly unexplainable. Having a pet in our Home is a happy home. Your pets touch your hearts and create a world that is full of unexpected love from them in return. Your pets are your companions and love you no matter what status of life you have. Your pets are remarkable creatures that want to create a bond that is genuine and once in a lifetime.

We love our pets; they are our family. They put us in the comfort of physical and psychological benefits that help us to improve our health, lower our stress levels, become our immunity boosters, and reduce loneliness or depression. Pets are also known as a big help in socialization and as emotional companions to us. Pets are somebody who will always be there for us, and they depend their whole world on us.

As pet owners or fur parents, it is our duly responsibility that we should be committed to giving and ensuring that food and a safe place pet-friendly space are provided to them. A place of their own that can give them security and comfort in their everyday journey. It is indeed a fulfillment to a pet that they have experienced a genuine home and be treated as one of the family.

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Written by Rowena Lansang