17 Tips to be WFH productive during summer

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Immediately after the Corona virus exploded in 2020, the world began to adopt its own working style. Millions of workers took up working remotely. Many were unprepared and had no choice but to go with it. Companies did not have much time to learn the basics of remote jobs and did not plan for the transition to a virtual environment. Everything became sudden. So in this article, you will learn productivity ideas during summer while still working from home.

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It may seem strange, but it might be a surprise when you begin making changes to everyday habits and routines to achieve success and to balance work and personal. Work remotely is difficult. You’re in your own space and there is a lot of distraction, which makes your focus harder but you’re working in your own pace. So, whether you’re new to remote work or searching for productive ways while working at home, below in this article are some work from home productivity tips and some productivity ideas during summer.

How to stay productive at home in your home office

How do I get more productivity in my home without having to use my couch? How do people work remotely? Make sure you know the things in a business you can work on. Did you really need a light? Are people buzzing with their phone or coffee machine? Think of a way to recreate office feelings so you can start your day without missing a single thing to do in your free time. Or use productivity tools that may be helpful for your situation. Furthermore, it is essential to stay motivated when working from home so that you can efficiently complete tasks on time.

How can I be productive in hot weather?

The intense heat has served as one of the best signs that summer has arrived. The heat and the perspiration are being felt by people across the whole country. Although the summer heat makes beach vacations come to mind and a summer break, our bodies might become fatigued by the high temperatures, which can result in dehydration and decreased productivity.

Despite this scorching heat, we can always have a healthy routine that will result to a healthy body. You can always reduce your body temperature with a cold glass of water. Drink plenty of water throughout this season.

If you find yourself unable to work during the summer, it is most likely owing to the excessive heat. Continue reading below to know some tips to help you stay productive at work if you have trouble being productive on a hot day.

1. Avoid stuffing yourself too full of work

The first on the list of work from home productivity tips is that you postpone tasks if they can wait until the next day and achieve that work life balance. Trying to do all the tasks on the same day can raise your stress levels.

You’ll find yourself working only to complete tasks rather than giving your all. Once you have organized your tasks, you can now spend quality time with your entire family.

2. Maintain Consistent Working Hours

It all boils down to setting a specific amount of work time and making those hours count given the distractions and difficulties that come with working from home. Workaholics are nice, but only during work hours.

The balance of working from home can make a huge difference to your productivity and personal life. Remember that a professional and personal life are two different aspects of your life. So the work from home productivity tip here is to learn to create a flexible schedule.

Did you typically wake up early to work out? Have you established a time for lunch? The more familiar and constant your work schedule is, the better, so make an effort to continue similar activities at home.

3. Use a white noise app, white noise machine or coffee shop ambient noise

The key to keeping focus is to remain productive, and everyone has different approaches to achieving this level. For some of you, this silence is the most peaceful. This is another chance to create the ideal working atmosphere for you since many corporate settings forbid music in your workspace (outside of utilizing headphones). Because studies have proven that listening to classical and instrumental music can help people be more productive, keep their minds sharp and minimize distractions.

While working from home can be both pleasurable and effective, nevertheless, music that will interrupt you from your work should be avoided. While working from home, use music to your benefit and for enjoyment.

4. Stay Connected

Working remotely requires social interaction just as much as it does in a regular office setting, if not more. For your mental health, loneliness, isolation, and disconnection can all be terrible ingredients.

If you work from home, you can still communicate with your co-remote workers, family, and friends to maintain a happy life. To communicate in person, use Zoom, Skype, or any of your preferred app. Even if all you wear is a button-shirt and some sweatpants, it will at least motivate you to tidy up a few times per week.

5. Take breaks outside

Whenever a work day is taken, take a little break from nature. Fresh air, birds and other natural elements can be beneficial for rejuvenation and recharge. Taking breaks from home can also help reduce anxiety and reduce it’s important to work from home. After a hard day at work, we all need to be refreshed by the sun light and fresh air outside.

6. Set a Morning Routine

Creating a morning habit might boost your productivity throughout the day. Your work life and mindset may benefit from developing a morning routine that you follow every day.

Many wealthy people credit their financial and professional success to a morning of disciplined routines. If you haven’t already, this is a perfect opportunity to get started.

7. Set an Evening Routine

Sleepless night may feel exhausting. Sleep deprivation can result in decreased concentration. Tell me the solution to this problem? Obviously, it is extremely important for you to work with a proper sleep schedule. It’s advisable to have the most peaceful sleeping night possible. In addition, meditation can help improve your concentration.

8. Start the day on time and set an alarm

Set an alarm – particularly in cases where you and your partner work from home and you need to get out early. Set a daily alarm to ensure productivity keeps up with your goals and daily routines.

9. Create to-do lists or checklists for yourself

Keeping a daily log or to do list of your activities is advised if you work remotely so you won’t lose track of your important tasks. You can learn when you are more productive and where you are spending time consuming irrelevant matter.

You could conveniently keep track of your progress by making a task list. The most important activities can then be completed within your dedicated, productive hours.

10. Learn new skills if you want a productive downtime

You can attend free or paid webinars during your lunch break to learn new skill. You can check topic such as stock market, acupuncture medicine, personal finance marketing, and many more. You can even learn new language this summer break! Consider looking out free webinars, which can align to your future goals, if this feels like a way for you to take a break from your schedule while continuing to be productive.

11. Designate a workspace

Create space within your house for yourself or, if there’s limited space, set a place to work comfortably without noise or distractions. Set boundaries and let your other family members know the place of your residence office is out of reach while you work.

A designated workstation will give you an office-like environment to help you stay focused on your task. Because in the end, focus is the secret to getting results.

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12. Make sure your lighting setup makes you motivated

Lighten up if doing work in the dark makes you feel lethargic! Maybe you need a simple desk lamp or some fairy lights if working in strong light makes you feel exhausted. Suggested lighting setup is to go with natural light during the day and utilize any of your windows.

13. Put your phones away, or leave them charging in another room

If you want to be more productive when working from home, try hiding your phone for a few hours each day or leaving it in a different room all day so that when a notification pops, you won’t get distracted.

Recently, many brand-new smartphone apps have been released in an effort to eliminate these distractions. These programs display to users how much time they spend using various social networking platforms. Additionally, some apps let you to establish a predetermined time limit for each social media platform. Most people are more productive if they’re away from their phones and social media.

14. Keep your desk or home office tidy and clutter-free

If you’re beginning to work remotely from home, you might be in luck because you can start from zero and set up your home office from scratch. Or you can borrow some of your office equipment.

You may have a problem if you’ve been working from home for some time and your desk is cluttered with paperwork, files, rubbish, and other items that keep you from accomplishing your daily goals. Cleaning is also a good way to de stress.

15. Eat foods that awaken you from sluggishness

Eating healthy while working from home is definitely something that you can do. If you’re eating well, it will undoubtedly show in how your mind operates throughout the day, and your abundance of energy will dazzle the team at your new remote job. Maintain a focus on healthy diet and wholesome snacking.

When you work, it’s crucial to keep a nutritious diet. As a result, you must consume food that gives you energy rather than depleting it.

16. Exercise Regularly

Being proactive is one strategy to do better in work. And consistent exercise can aid in that. Regular exercise is a good habit to develop for both your professional and personal life. Working out increases blood flow to the brain, which helps you stay awake and keeps your intellect sharp.

17. Eliminate the distractions that keep you from getting things done

What makes you put things off? for a few. It involves using social networking sites like Instagram, taking time away from your schedule, and reading items online that are not on your to-do list, like advice for remote work.

Put the things that actually cause you to veer off course in a list on a post-it note if you have a short list of them in your thoughts. Alternately, organize your surroundings to free your thinking.

In conclusion

All businesses were obliged to move work from the office to the home as a result of the pandemic. Additionally, staff are now used to working remotely. Everyone felt secure in their decision to work from home. However, remote employees are now being called back to work as soon as the offices reopen. But the problem now arise as the summer heat is affecting everyone.

People move more slowly in warm temperatures. Therefore, if you’re really that committed to returning to productivity, it might be time to get a very large, very cold inverter air conditioner to get you through the hot summers in the Philippines. But be mentally ready for the Meralco bill.

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