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With the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, lockdowns have affected hundreds of millions of people. Many people have made the abrupt transition to working from home, and millions have lost their jobs. The future appears to be uncertain. We have no idea when or if our societies will be able to return to normal life or what kind of scars the pandemic will leave. Work from home setup were on the rise prior to the coronavirus pandemic, as many employers recognized the benefits it could bring to their business and the improved work-life balance it would provide for their employees. During the COVID-19 pandemic, employees homes unexpectedly became the center of economic activity. Many countries have used their homes as ‘office’ against economic downturns and have taken action to support the Work from home setup.

What is an Ideal work environment?

An Ideal work environment is one in which you feel supported, engaged and have access to all of the resources you need to do your best work and advance your career. This will vary from person to person. A fast-paced work environment with few opportunities for collaboration and little involvement from management will not suit someone who requires a quiet environment with a mentoring program and an open-door policy from the CEO. It is critical to understand what you require from a company in order to be successful.

Employee motivation, job satisfaction, and team morale are all affected by the work environment. Employees are excited to come to work every day if the work environment is positive. To name a few, the work environment includes a company’s location, facilities, culture, interactions between employees and employers, and growth opportunities.

Employers understand that if employees are uneasy at work, their motivation, satisfaction, and performance levels will suffer. Unhappy employees are more likely to seek alternative employment, and they can also spread negativity and animosity among the rest of the team.

Work from Home Environment

Working from home is not the same as working in an office. There is no supervisor watching over your shoulder. However, it also means that you cannot observe people who are reporting to you. There are no coworkers to talk to or eat lunch with. While the work is the same, the working environment is significantly different. Working from home necessitates a completely different mindset and thought process.

When you work in an office, you face both time constraints and peer pressure. When you see other people working, it somewhat motivates you and pushes you to work harder. Working from home makes it very easy to fall behind because there is no one to set the pace.

Companies that have implemented lockdowns continue to develop policies that allow their employees to work remotely. This means less time spent commuting, more time with their families, and more flexibility in their work schedules. While this arrangement has some advantages, it also presents some difficulties for many employees.

A work from home setup requires the establishment of a dedicated home office space to aid in the transition. Here are some ideas for creating a healthy and more productive work from home environment.

 Purchase a high-quality computer. A fast and dependable computer should be at the top of your shopping list. If you prefer to use a laptop, ensure that it can compete with the most efficient desktop computers. A lightweight and durable laptop allows you to work from anywhere in your home without being tied to your desk.

Make use of a functional desk and an adjustable chair. A dedicated workspace can assist you in shifting your focus to work mode. Just make sure your table is clean and well-organized. Long hours of leaning forward over your computer can cause back pain, so invest in a comfortable chair.

Create a dedicated workspace. Choose a quiet location away from all of your home’s noise and traffic. Natural lighting can boost productivity and improve the working environment.

Set some boundaries. Make certain that everyone in your home respects your workspace and working hours. You can leave some notes reminding them not to bother you, especially if you are in a meeting. To avoid distractions and disruptions in your workflow, it’s always best to establish clear communication with your housemates. 


WFH ended up causing family members to occupy their space. People are occupying family space for their own work needs. When people work from home, some family tasks, such as childcare or housework, must be shared. This causes a major split between family and work. Work-family conflict can have a negative impact on job productivity.

Luckily, Bria Condominium units offers high-quality, sleek, modern, and affordable spaces that are perfect for young professionals and working adults looking for a place that will cater to their needs. It is ideal for young professionals who are focused on their careers because condominium units eliminate the stress of maintaining a large space, and it is a perfect place for people who are in a work from home setup. 
With its units priced as “starter packs,” Astra is the ideal place for young, aspirational Filipinos who have big dreams but have yet to fulfill them. It is an ideal environment for young professionals to shape their dreams and embark on a lifelong journey toward a brighter future. Because of Astra’s strategic and carefully planned locations, prospective residents will benefit from proximity to lifestyle hubs and major business districts as they begin to build their careers and work toward their goals.

This is where you will get your money’s worth.

Lack of social interaction Communicating with managers and coworkers through a screen is not the same. Although video conferencing can help bridge the gap between social isolation and interaction, when working from home, in-person interactions are few and far between. Because working from home eliminates in-office distractions, there is such a thing as being overly focused on work. Overworking and burnout are common outcomes of work-related stress caused by remote work. It is difficult to break the habit of spending the majority of your day sitting in front of your computer.

For this reason, BRIA Homes has initiated sustainable practices across its more than fifty residential projects in the country. An eco-friendly BRIA initiative is a large and open space where homeowners can connect and socialize. BRIA Homes wishes to make this sustainable lifestyle accessible to many Filipinos.

Residents are encouraged to mingle, exercise, and live more active lifestyles thanks to the multi-function hall, parks, and playgrounds. This will be a big help for workers and employees to relieve their stress and burnout caused by work. BRIA’s amenity hub also includes a health center, a day care center, a senior citizen center, and a barangay center.

BRIA Homes is known as the home of choice for Filipinos, particularly Overseas Filipino Workers and millennials, for its value for money and high-quality dwellings in safe and family-friendly communities. It is one of the country’s top developers of best-value housing and is fast catching the eye of environment-conscious millennials as it builds sustainably safe and healthy communities in key locations nationwide.

To check out BRIA’s projects and other services, interested individuals and families can visit BRIA Homes website, which features 360-degree virtual tours. Prospective homeowners may also inquire online through the BRIA Facebook page or reserve a property online via BRIA’s online reservation page.

Written by Alfred Alaba