Your guide to the different types of House and Lots in the Philippines

House and Lots in the Philippines

Houses come in different sizes and shapes. Are you planning to buy your dream house? Are you confuse about which house and lot to purchase? Is the house affordable? Does it have a good location? Is it the best home for my family? There are several different types of houses and lots available in the Philippine real estate market. What are the odds of having a few types of house and lot as an option? We would like to guide you in investing in the right type of house for your dream house. These include bungalow, single-detached 2-story, single attached 2-story, duplex, townhouse, quadruplex, and rowhouse. These types of houses and lots will help you discover the best fit for you and your family’s lifestyle. 

The different types of house and lots in the Philippines:

  1. Bungalow
  2. Single-attached 2-story
  3. Single-detached 2-storey
  4. Duplex
  5. Townhouse
  6. Quadruplex
  7. Rowhouse

1. Bungalow

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Bungalow came from the word “Bangla” or (Bangala) a small, economical single-story hut or house built by the laborers of India for the English Officers during the British colonial years of India. The word “Bangla” means “belonging to Bengal.” 

The Bungalows were made low to the ground with broad, protected porches to shade the English Officers from the hot sun of Bengal, India. 

This type of house and lots became popular during the early 1900s. It became a dominant architectural style in America after it has been adapted from England. Thanks to the influence of the American Arts and Crafts movement, the bungalow’s popularity became a hit for three decades because of its simplistic aesthetic and architectural design. 

According to the website article Guide to Bungalow: 5 Styles of Bungalow Houses, bungalow gave average people in America affordable houses and lots to live in that were stylish, convenient, and well built. Having a bungalow house was the achievement of the American dream.  

What is a bungalow?

This type of house is a small cottage-type homemade low to the ground with broad, protected porches. Bungalows have sloped roofs, open floor plans, and large and broad front porches. It can be one- to- two-story style. 

What makes Bungalow special?

Since bungalow’s made the American Dream house come true, this home was designed with specific characteristics:

  • Floor plans – Bungalows are usually square in size and have minimal storage space. Its floor plans are usually open, and bedrooms are located on the ground floor, with the living room located at the center of the floor layout.
  • Large front porch – Bungalows have verandas that are covered by a steeply -pitched roof. 

Small size – Since the beginning of the construction of the Hindi laborers, bungalows are created in small sizes and are usually single-story houses. 

  • But it does not restrict to having a second story with its distinct sloping roof. 
  • Balance Proportions – Bungalows have wide single or double-hung windows that are noticeable in the house. Bungalows are typically unenclosed with thick pillars that are squared, this feature mostly shows symmetry proportion and balance throughout the house.

Living in a bungalow is a bit cozy and it has many benefits too. Here are some of them. 

What are the benefits of living in a bungalow?

  • Easy to maintain – Because the house is dainty, it is easier to clean. Bungalows have roofs lower to the ground; it is accessible to clean gutters and do the architectural improvement.
  • Suitable for mobility – Since most of the bungalows are single-story, they do not have stairs. The stairless design is beneficial for homeowners with limited mobility. It is also best for the couple with younger children.
  • It is Private – Bungalows are built in the suburban community. Many bungalow owners placed shrubs around the property to enhance privacy.

If living in such a space is lucky, there are also downsides to living in a bungalow.

What are the issues in living in a bungalow?

  • Room separation – Since the bungalow’s architectural design is an open floor plan, creating separation between the living spaces and the bedrooms can be a bit of a challenge. Also, noise can be challenging to control since sound travels quickly throughout this type of housing – low roof and tapered interior walls.
  • Security – Bungalows are designed to have many windows, but this can be a security issue because windows can be easily accessible especially when the homeowners leave their windows open for ventilation.
  • Size – Bungalows are perfect for couples who are just starting a family, but what if you plan to extend your family, that means you may need more rooms and larger living spaces. 

2. Single-attached two-story

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Single-attached two-story housing, shares walls on both sides with another home. Duplex is a sample of a single-attached two-story home.

Benefits of living in a single attached home.

Creates a strong sense of a community

Living in a subdivision makes you belong in a community especially when you live in a single- attached homes because of the proximity of the houses, neighbors tend to build strong connections and bonding. Most residents in a single attached community watch out for each other’s property especially when a neighbor travels on a holiday. 


Single-detached two-story houses are less expensive than two-story detached homes this is due to the house and lot dimensions are relatively smaller. The maintenance of this house is also lower. It is easier to upkeep for there is no extra space that will maintain e.g., no lawn to trim, no pool and playground to clean. 

Great for extended families 

Buying homes for your family and loved ones are always the driving force to make this dream a reality. Single-attached two-story homes are also ideal for families who want to live on their own but do not want to live too far from their parents or relatives. These are ideal for extended families who want to live together but also want to keep their privacy. Because of the proximity of the houses, the family tends to have a strong connection. 

Resale Value

The value of the attached houses can be directly affected by the condition and worth of the other units. Remodeling and having home improvement can increase the value and appeal of your single-attached home.

Single attached two- stories housing is like Bria Homes’ Bettina and Angelique. 

Bria homes’ Bettina and Angelique are available thru Pag-ibig housing loan and bank loan.

3. Single-detached two-story

The term detached in real estate represents that the property stands alone. A single-detached property sits alone that there is an open space on the sides plus the front and back, the house is in the middle of the lot. It is also called. 

Single-detached two-story housing provides space between neighbors, it has more floor area than attached housing and a better sense of privacy. Single-family homes. 

What are the benefits of living in a two-story detached home?

Living in a standalone structure may have benefits in terms of value and space.


Single-detached houses and lots offer an extra outdoor living space. The open spaces on the sides and front and back add as an additional buffer from the neighboring properties.

This extra space can increase visual privacy. If you are a pet owner, this extra space can be a play area for your fur babies. Also having this extra space allows the homeowners the flexibility for leisure – whether for a swimming pool, patio, or a playground for your children. 


Owning two-story detached houses gives you the freedom to modify your property. This freedom allows you to build your landscape out from the extra outdoor living space without asking permission or approval from the property management.

The only limit of living in a two-story detached property is the building renovation law, homeowner’s association by-laws, and your budget for home improvement.


Single-detached homes do not have monthly maintenance fees as you are the one responsible for the upkeep of your property. You have the option to maintain your property or hire someone who will do the maintenance for you. If your property is within a subdivision and is part of a homeowner’s association, you may pay a yearly association fee.

Resale Value

A well-maintained single-detached two-story property offers a higher resale value compared to single-attached houses. The resale value of the estate is crucial when purchasing your real estate investment. This is due to the benefits and space and the amenities and condition of your property.

4. Duplex

What is a duplex?

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According to the website,, a duplex means a house having separate apartments for two families, especially a two-story house having a complete apartment on each floor and two separate entrances.

Duplexes are two different houses with separate entrances but are in one lot. It is great for a family home. Do not confuse a duplex with a twin home, the duplex is a property on one lot. You can have different owners, but they have shared lot ownership just like condo homeowner’s interest. 

What are the benefits of living in a duplex?

Proximity and bonding

Filipinos are often living with their extended family, living in a duplex will help you keep your privacy while taking care of your elderly loved one. You live right next door to each other. Also, the duplex is one of the best ways to start your married life, you can live with your wife on the other door while your parents and siblings live in the other. 

Best for First home

Duplex is known as a starter home for newly-weds. Duplex can offer you the perks of living in a detached home without the pricey budget.

Possible Income

Investing in a duplex is the perfect way to earn an extra income, live on the other side of the house and rent out the other. By living there, you can monitor if the lessee is being responsible for taking care of your unit. But be sure that you are a great landlord so there will be extra income for you and your family. 


Keeping an eye out of your neighbor is one of the unseen rules in living in a subdivision and community. It is easier for neighbors to look for each other especially during emergencies. 


People get attracted to investing in duplex because of their affordability. It is cheaper compared to single-detached two-story houses. Thus, this makes a wise property investment option for would-be home buyers. You can live in one unit while renting out the other. 

5. Townhouse

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Filipinos who are starting a family are likely to invest in townhouses. According to a study, 80% of Filipinos that are aged 35-45 years old want to live in a townhouse. 

What are the benefits of living in a townhouse?

You are paying for a house and lot for sale.

Townhouses are the answers of land developers in the growing number of Filipinos who want to own a house. You are paying for a house and lot for sale. Townhouses are like semi-detached houses in a huge lot. 

Situated in prime locations.

Townhouses can be found in densely populated areas in Metro Manila as well as in the outskirts of the metro. Bria homes, one of the leading housing developers in the Philippines that is known to bring house and lot packages closer to ordinary Filipino families, have taken the initiative to bring townhouses in prime locations outside Metro Manila. 

Buying your own affordable house and lot in Bria homes gives you the advantage to choose its location. To explore more of the modern architecture and designs of Bria homes, this developer has a total of 27 developments across the country’s most progressive towns and cities. Bria homes can be found in: Mariveles, Bataan; San Fernando, Pampanga; Magalang, Pampanga; San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan; Malolos, Bulacan; Sta Maria, Bulacan; Norzagaray, Bulacan; General Trias, Cavite; Trece Martires, Cavite; San Pablo, Laguna; Calamba, Laguna; Sta. Cruz, Laguna; Teresa, Rizal; Binangonan, Rizal; Baras, Rizal; Pili, Camarines Sur; Calbayog, Samar; Dumaguete, Negros Oriental; Cagayan De Oro, Misamis Oriental; Balingasag, Misamis Oriental; Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon; Panabo, Davao Del Norte; Tagum, Davao Del Norte; Digos, Davao Del Sur; General Santos, South Cotabato; Kidapawan, North Cotabato; and many more on the works.

More privacy

Townhouses are designed to have separate outside doors. Townhouses do not share hallways with their neighbors unlike in condos. Mostly, townhouses are gated thus you can enjoy your privacy at home. 

Project turnover is faster

Since the real estate developer of townhouses built fewer units this property can be turn-over immediately compared to condominiums and subdivisions.

Bria Homes offer townhouses you can choose from – Bria Home’s Bettina is your home of choice, with a floor area of 44 sq. m. and a lot area of 36 sq. m., this two-story townhouse is perfect for new families. While Bria Home’s Angelique is a smaller lot compared to Bettina, with a floor area of 35 sq. m. and a lot area of 36 sq. m., this two-story townhouse is perfect for your growing family.

6. Quadruplex

What is Quadruplex?

According to this article, a quadruplex is a residential apartment with 4 private units that can accommodate a separate individual or family. 

What are the benefits of living in a quadruplex?

Easy to manage

This property is easy to manage because it is obvious, managing four properties in one location. Make sure to schedule a day to visit your tenant in case you decide to rent all four units. 

Long term income opportunity

It allows the owner to lease the space that he is not occupying. The owner can occupy one unit then have the 3 units rented out. This is the best investment for young real estate property investors. 

Increased value

With this 4-plex house and lot, you can generate income from it even when the property values are slow, just manage your property by giving your tenants better service. 

7. Rowhouse

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Rowhouse style of housing is also known as clustered housing. These are homes that are in a row and share common walls, but each unit has the same floor area. Usually, the developer clustered 4,6,8 up to 10 units per row. Normally the end unit lots benefit from larger lot areas. 

This type of house is best for the couple that is just starting a family and, also best for retirees like OFWs.

What are the pros of living in a rowhouse?

The pros of purchasing a rowhouse type of home are it is comfortable and convenient. It offers the right size of living space for a family that is just starting. It is less expensive compared to living in a condo unit. 

What are the cons of living in a rowhouse?

The downside of purchasing a rowhouse type of home is it gives you a limit to make expansion and renovations because you have less interior and exterior space. Also having a shared wall can be a noise distraction too, especially to barking dogs, loud music, or perhaps a crying baby. Be sure to take a lot of patience when this happens in your neighborhood. 

Bria Homes, being one of the affordable housing developers in the Philippines, promotes green living and healthy living in its communities. Bria homes also design eye-catching and trendy homes that are within modern architecture. Elena Rowhouse is at 22 square meters unit on a 36 square meter lot. The price of Elena rowhouse ranges from less than half a million to almost 1.2 million pesos. 

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