Your 2022 Travel Guide to Cotabato

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Cotabato city is one of the beautiful places and have it’s Cotabato city Tourist spots that will sure you to come over and over again. But this 2022 they have a lot of differences because of the pandemic that’s why they have Travel requirements to Cotabato city before you go their place. This 2022 Travel Guide to Cotabato will show you how to go to Cotabato and what destinations and activities you can enjoy during your travel.

Just have a little background of Cotabato that will also your vacation more interesting. Did you know that the Cotabato City doesn’t really belong to a South Cotabato or the Cotabato Province? Actually, it is part of Maguindanao Province both politically and geographically. Although Cotabato City is geographically part of Maguindanao province and located over 1,300 kilometers south of Manila in the southern Philippine island of Mindanao, it is nevertheless a separate city with its own laws and political jurisdiction. It’s odd that it’s not in Cotabato province, which is east of Maguindanao and has Kidapawan City as its seat.

A city in the Philippines’ Soccsksargen region is Cotabato. It is highly recommended to visit because of its many well-known sights, such as Cathedral of Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces and Asik Asik Falls in North Cotabato, Philippines. travel guides will help us to look and discover such a wonderful places there and give us more knowledge to take appreciate everything in Cotabato.

These are the 2022 cotabato travel guides that will help you to make your visit to Cotabato city even more beautiful and fun, learn some How to go to Cotabato city, Travel requirements to Cotabato city, where to stay, to eat and some of it’s Cotabato City Tourist spots.


You must first be aware of the needs in order to Travel requirements to Cotabato city. The first thing you need is vaccinated individuals, so before leaving your home in Manila or anywhere else, just at your Affordable house and lot or  if you are living in a condominiums like Bria Homes, you need to know yourself you have been vaccinated, valid IDs, compliance with a triage procedure upon arrival at Cotabato airport. This is one of the important travel guides in Cotabato.


There have travel option A provincial airport serving Cotabato City has few connections to Manila and Cebu City. To go to the nearby sites from here, you must schedule a jeepney ride or rent a car. It takes just over an hour to travel internationally from airport to Manila. By air, daily flights by Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific connect Manila with Datu Odin Sinsuat’s Awang Airport, which serves as the air hub for Cotabato City and that is your main option.

There are numerous locations in Maguindanao, Sultan Kudarat, and North Cotabato where buses and minivans travel to Cotabato Meanwhile by land, many locations in Mindanao may be reached by land to get to Cotabato City. With buses, jeepneys, and minivans connecting the city to Midsayap, Koronadal, Lebak, Pagadian, Kidapawan, Marawi, Iligan, General Santos, Davao City, as well as several places in Maguindanao this will help you to how to go to Cotabato city and traveling and have a adventurous and fun experiences.


While waiting for the things to do on your trip, relax first in their recommended hotels, which can accommodate you. relax and unwind like it is your own affordable home. For your stay in Cotabato while on vacation, they have a wide selection of hotels that they recommend like Cotabato Diamond Hotel, Citi Plaza Hotel, Hotel Filipino, Grand Rio Hotel, and numerous others are just a few of them.


Some of their dining option has its own requirement or Travel requirements in Cotabato city to allow you to come in but some of them has not because you can see and eat in street foods their. Although the city has fast food restaurants and eateries, they highly recommend the following locally owned businesses in Café le Sorelle, Sugar pappi and Reese. You can eat on traditional foods in addition to exploring the popular in Cotabato city tourist spots or attractions Try ordering beef Sinina at one of the restaurants. Barbecue stands offering pastel are also common in the streets. This sticky rice dish with washed meat or chicken inside is a favorite in this vibrant city.


When visiting Cotabato, there are several truly unique tourist attractions that you must not miss. Travel guides can make it simpler for you to visit and appreciate the hidden beauty of the places you’ll go that Cotabato city have one of the best Tourist spots and Here some of the main attraction of Cotabato:

The Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Mosque, also called to as the Grand Mosque of Cotabato, is the biggest mosque in the Philippines and is located in Cotabato City.

Lake sebu, In the Philippine province of South Cotabato, Lake Sebu—officially known as the Municipality of Lake Sebu—is a first-class municipality. According to the best-selling Lonely Planet, Lake Sebu is situated in a “bowl of trees and mountains.

Kutang Bato Caves, are an urban natural wonder that are literally in the center of the city.

Tamontaka Church,is a late 19th-century Spanish colonial structure.

Cotabato Old City Hall, was built in 1936, is a distinctively Malay structure, and was recently designated a heritage property.

Cotabato City’s Kutawato Cave,In Cotabato City, Philippines, there is a cave known as Kutawato Caves or Kutang Bato Cave. The Kutawato Caves, the only cave system in the nation to be found inside the boundaries of a Philippine city, are situated at the base of Pedro Colina Hill. There are numerous underground passageways that are hidden.

Takumi Butai Memorial Shrine, The Takumi Butai, the provincial commander of Japan, and the Japanese soldiers who lost their lives in the city during the Second World War are commemorated by this monument. The Butai wanted his ashes to be buried in the city when he passed away. The temple was built by the Lion’s Club of Kyoto in conjunction with the local government of Cotabato.

There has more places to go to, like New Israel Eco Park, Lake Sebu Seven Falls Zipline and many more. The tourist attractions mentioned above are only a handful that you absolutely must see while visiting Cotabato City. There are undoubtedly a great deal more attractions in the city that will tempt you to return again.

The truth is that Cotabato is often varied, multicultural, and generally peaceful, just like other Mindanaoan cities. As the provincial capital of Maguindanao, it serves as a connector for the best of the region and is a melting pot of tradition and religion.

There are guides looking at whether it will be validated this year or not, lots of info or travel guides on social media that may no longer be valid. These guides are a proof that they want the place is safe and good for tourists to stay in their places.

Written by Togores, Reammie Jene D.