How many bets would it take to win the lottery?


If you think you can win the jackpot in a lottery with just one bet, you are mistaken. The lottery is a game of luck and there is a low chance of winning. The first question that comes into mind is how many lottery tickets must be purchased in to win and how many chances they will have to win the lottery if ever they purchased a lottery ticket. There are people betting on lotto every day and some are for years and still not winning the jackpot prize. It is because lottery is a gamble without a guarantee of winning. It is not also an investment that after a few years you’ll have a payback. And for the others, betting in a lottery became an entertainment, it doesn’t much affect their cost of living because they spend minimal on lottery tickets.

Among all the chances of winning, you must hit the numbers to be drawn but the numbers can’t be predicted. The drawings of numbers are completely random and it’s much harder than a guessing game, this game doesn’t have clues but you have a lot of options and this needs to have a lot of luck but luck doesn’t apply all the time. Some create a mathematical formula or organize a pool because they don’t believe in luck. Millions of hopeful people create different strategy to win the jackpot prize.

Despite the low chance of winning, there are still lots of Filipinos hoping to win the lottery. They believe in the saying “You wouldn’t know if you don’t try” and still hope for that low chance even if it’s one in a million. The hopes of the Filipinos go up when the jackpot prize goes up as well and they are holding on to the thought of winning. Who wouldn’t know, maybe it will be their lucky day and have their life-changing lotto victory.

Of all the numbers to be drawn, there will be six combinations of numbers to be picked and if all your numbers get picked, then it’s your lucky day. Seems easy right? That’s why many people play the lottery. Most people dream of having a comfortable life, meeting all their needs without worrying and living in their dream house but winning the lottery is merely impossible. You are more likely to predict an accident in a quiet road than winning.

The lottery is not just a giveaway. It is gambling with a very low guarantee of winning. Of course, the prize is encouraging and promising but you should always consider the chances of winning. Many people take a chance of combining numbers they thought and hoped to be picked and hit the lottery. But do you know how many bets you should take to win the lottery? Read this before you bet on the lottery!

Improve your odds of winning the lottery jackpot!

1. Know which game to play

To maximize how many chances to win the lottery, one must know which game to play. There are five major lottery games in the Philippines:

  1. Lotto, the player picks six combinations of numbers from 1 to 42. The chance of getting all six numbers is 1 in 5,245,786.
    1. Mega Lotto, it is the same as Lotto but this is improved, and has to pick six numbers from 1 to 45. This has a smaller chance of getting all six numbers, 1 in 8,145,060.
    1. Super Lotto, the odds of winning are less because the choices of numbers are from 1 to 49, much harder than the mega lotto and lotto. The chance of getting all six numbers is 1 in 13,983,816.
    1. Grand Lotto, winning the jackpot prize is more hopeless, the probability of getting all six winning numbers from 1 to 55 is 1 in 28,989,675.
    1. Ultra Lotto, when there are more numbers involved, the chances of getting all six numbers are 1 in 40,475,358.

Imagine, you only have one chance among all the millions of probability combinations of numbers. After reading this you might say you don’t want to play lottery anymore. But the jackpot prize is worth playing this game. The lottery is a gamble but it doesn’t mean that it’s wrong, PCSO is raising funds for the Filipinos in need, and it only goes wrong when the player abuses it.  PCSO contributes 15% of its net income, 30% to medical assistance, health programs, and charities, and the remaining 55% is the jackpot prize. Aside from that, these games have fixed odds of winning, and are unaffected by the number of tickets sold, so if a lot of people got the same combination of numbers, the prize will be split into how many are the winners.

2.    Choose unique numbers or standard numbers

When people enter the lottery, they already have numbers in their minds. The standard numbers are the numbers with special meaning, they can be the birthday, anniversary, or any date with a special occasion or it could be an age of a special someone. People also believe in the numbers they see in their dreams and prophecies. While the unique numbers are randomly picked. It might give a small advantage for your pay out rather than your chances of winning. Try at least to select rarer numbers to improve the chances of keeping more of the jackpot prize for yourself. Many people are most likely to pick the usual numbers but again, the probability of winning the lottery cannot be predicted and there’s no harm in choosing these numbers.

3.    Choose the frequently drawn numbers

In contrast to choosing the unusual numbers, some of the combinations of numbers drawn before can be picked again. In every game, there is always a number that is frequently drawn. Lotto experts say that these are lucky numbers. All you have to do is to study the past draws and discover the pattern. You should also have a keen eye for every detail because you never know, history might repeat itself and it might be in your favor.

4.    Buy more tickets

If you are thinking of how many lottery tickets must be purchased to win the jackpot, it’ll cost you millions of money to guarantee the jackpot. The odds of winning are still poor. It is not necessary to buy many tickets, but there are still people who believe that it will give them more chances of winning. Still, the lottery is not a guaranteed investment. Even though you can buy more tickets, avoid going overboard and placing bets on every possible combination of numbers. It’s a one-way trip to bankruptcy.

If you plan to win the lottery for your retirement or to get your dream home for your family, it’s better to plan it with Bria Homes than wait until you win the jackpot prize. Bria Homes has affordable house and lot, and condominiums designed for Filipino families. You cannot rely your dreams on uncertain games like the lottery. And the numbers you select for your lottery ticket are a crucial aspect of the entire process. You can study statistics in great detail or you can leave everything to chance. Whatever you decide, keep in mind that playing the lotto should always be enjoyable.

Written by Denielle L. dela Torre