Wood Types Commonly Used for Furnitures in the Philippines

Wooden Furniture Pieces

Wood forever holds a special place in our hearts and our homes! For every Filipino, wood furniture materials are part of our culture and plays a significant role in civilization throughout history. It has been utilized by humans for many things, including fuel, construction supplies, furniture, paper, tools, and weaponry. Additionally, the annual growth in demand for wood fuels disputes over control of shared resources between adjacent governments. Our relationship with this resource hasn’t altered much over time, and we still use tried-and-true ways that early civilizations developed to cultivate and manage woodlands. The fact that wood has been a part of our life for a long time and that we probably can’t picture a world without it may be the reason why we take it for granted.

What is Wood?

Wood is one of the most typical materials used to make furniture. It is the basic raw material used to construct a piece of furniture.  The creation of furniture can be done with almost any kind of wood. Some common wood varieties have unique characteristics that allow you to tell their type with just a glance. Wood has a variety of qualities and can add varying degrees of warmth, accent, and beauty to your home. Wood furniture materials can be a perfect fit for most types of designs of your home. Because of its timeless beauty, natural appeal, and durability.

Best Wood Furniture Commonly Used in the Philippines

            When it comes to choosing the best wood furniture for your home, make sure to know its properties. Below are the common types of wood furniture that are used in the Philippines:

  1. Ash Wood

A strong hardwood with excellent bending properties is ash wood. They are applied to furniture pieces with curved backs, like chairs. They have a light brown color with a straight grain and are smooth, sturdy, and lasting. It is a flexible kind of wood that may be utilized in a variety of products. Ash wood is the perfect material to make furniture since it bridges classic and modern styles.

  • Beech Wood

This kind of wood is renowned for being heavy, robust, and powerful. It is pale in color and has a delicate, tight grain. Additionally, shock-resistant is beech wood. Workers and woodworkers adore this sort of wood because it is simple to work against the grain and is popular for constructing furniture. Due to its smooth surface finish, furniture made of beech wood can offer your home an exquisite appearance. Beech wood is regarded by experts as a long-lasting, durable wood.

  • Kamagong Wood

The most complex wood in the country is kamagong. The Kamagong tree provides high-quality lumber that is used locally. It is a native of the low- and medium-altitude forests of the Philippines, and it is frequently farmed for both its fruit and use as a shade tree along roadsides. With black heartwood (inner area) and gray sapwood, this results in a particularly striking, dark tint. Kamagong makes for excellent vintage furniture items, and we can picture it residing in a Portofino Heights mansion or with other interior design elements with a more European influence.

  • Mahogany Wood

As the most valuable wood in the world, mahogany wood is one of the most expensive timbers available today. Depending on how old it is, it can range in color from dark brown to deep crimson. A historic touch to your property could be added with mahogany wood’s versatility. As Mahogany wood is simple to deal with, builders favor it. Bug invasions, stains, and even water damage are not able to harm mahogany wood.

  • Maple Wood

This kind of wood is heavy and enduring. It resists dampness and is sturdy. Hard maple tends to be an off-white cream tint, while soft maple has a straight, delicate grain and ranges in color from cream to dark red. The Maple wood’s beautiful swirls in the wood grain are a natural feature. With proper maintenance, this sort of wood is also excellent for furniture because it is durable and sustainable.

  • Molave Wood

Due to its strength and durability, molave, one of the most difficult native woods, is used in carpentry, furniture production, and building. Additionally, it feels smooth to the touch due to its light texture. Because of this, molave becomes the ideal material for dining tables.

  • Narra Wood

One of the largest trees in the world, Narra is farmed for its exceptional wood. It is indigenous to the Western Pacific Islands, Northern Australia, and Southeast Asia. The Narra Tree is a deciduous plant with a 30- to 40-meter height range. Its stem can have a 2-meter diameter. It’s ideal for producing wood furniture because of this material. You probably already know that this is our nation’s national tree. Mostly because it demonstrates the resilience and strength of the Filipino people. There is a promise that a customer will have furniture that will last for many more generations to come when it is built with Narra. Additionally, it has a natural resistance against pests such as termites but should still be taken good care for the long run.

  • Tanguile Wood

You might not be familiar with Tanguile when it comes to hardwood furniture. Although we may not be familiar with it, furniture makers guarantee us that their creations are genuinely durable. Due to its versatility, this wood is frequently suggested for stair treads, furniture, and door frames. We did more study and discovered that Tanguile is truly Philippine Mahogany. Additionally, because it “moves” less than typical Mahogany, furniture makers claim that it acts better.

  • Yakal Wood

Yakal is used for high-quality construction, wharves and bridges, mining of lumber, and other installations needing a high level of strength and durability. Choose Yakal if you want furnishings that will last longer. Yakal is more than simply a lovely piece of wood; it is also resilient to stress and harm.

  1. Walnut Wood

The durability and strength of walnut wood are well known. The grains are straight, and it comes in a variety of hues, from lighter shades of white to dark chocolate brown. It is sturdy and likely to last for a very long time. Your home’s decor can be complemented by walnut furniture. Your property might look distinctive and exciting thanks to its natural variety. Every home benefits from having walnut furniture.

These are the best wood furniture that is commonly used in the Philippines.With the right care and maintenance, wooden furniture is recognized to be sturdy, resilient, and long-lasting. That’s why choose the best wood furniture for your home. As a consumer, you need to be aware and have to be taken into account when buying wooden furniture materials for your home. Its features, different styles, tastes, needs, and preferences. For your needs, the most expensive wood may not always be the best option. What you’re looking for will determine everything! Therefore, before going out to buy wooden furniture, always remember to clarify your needs precisely. Additionally, keep in mind that imported wood doesn’t always equate to higher quality. Our locally-made woods are just as high-quality as those we import! 

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By Sheryl Ann D. Damgo