6 Must-Try Kapampangan Foods

Pampanga is referred to as the Philippines’ culinary capital because in this place you can easily find delicious foods, such as those sold on the street and in restaurants. Pampanga is located in the Luzon province of the Philippines. And it is not surprising that there are many Kapampangan foods that are popular for people who are ready for some extreme adventure and exotic foods. That is why many foodies and travelers must visit Pampanga to taste the legendary Kapampangan foods, and they will come back again because of the satisfaction and wonderful food trip experience. You won’t find the majority of these foods on the typical Filipino household menu, such as exotic foods, different kinds of street foods, and so on, so be ready for that.

On this article might be helpful in deciding which Kapampangan foods you should try to eat and where to eat in Pampanga before packing and traveling to that province. The legendary Kapampangan foods and restaurants that you should visit are listed down below.

Top 6 Best foods in Pampanga that you should Try to taste.

1. Adobong kamaru or mole cricket

It is a kind of insect that is safe to eat, and it has a good source of protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. It is cooked like ordinary adobo, the famous dish in the Philippines, but Adobong Kamaru uses sukang sasa to make it more healthy to prevent the risk of breast cancer, prostate cancer, lowering cholesterol, and so on Nevertheless, some residents like or enjoy the exotic food when it is braised with tomatoes and vinegar as an alternative to being fried.

2. Sisig

Sisig was created by Luciana Cunanan, also known as Aling Lucing, who is from Angeles City and is the dish’s original creator. Pig’s heads are primarily used to make sisig. The meat is boiled, grilled, and fried before being served on a sizzling platter and after being cut into pieces. Many people in the Philippines like it when it is added, such as eggs, calamsi or lemon, and red chili, then mix it together.

3. Bringhe

It is a rice dish called “bringhe.” Usually, luyang dilaw (turmeric) and gata (coconut milk) are used to prepare bringhe. Carrots, bell peppers, and hard-boiled eggs are placed on top of the meal for plating design or to make it more appealing.Quarters of a chicken leg are occasionally used as a topping in the center.

4. Betute tagak or stuffed frog

It’s another exotic food here in the Philippines. Frogs that are used in Betute tagak dish are safe to eat because they are raised on farms rather than the typical frogs found in canals, gardens, and so on. Many people that have already eaten say that frogs that are raised on farms have a similar taste to chicken meat, and it has a delicious taste.  Although some Pampanguenos adding a twist or experiment with ground pig or ground shrimp as filling, ground beef is usually used.

5. Bulanglang Kapampangan or guava sour soup

Bulanglang kapampangan is have a similar to a standard sinigang that is very popular in the Philippines. Bulanglang employs natural guava, while sinigang uses tamarind paste. Ulang (prawns), pig, or milkfish belly are the major ingredients of bulanglang from Kapampangan.

6. Murcon or morcon

Murcon is similar to embotido, but this Kapampangan version uses both beef and pork as the main ingredients. Morcon is made pungently delicious by chorizo de bilbao and likely the presence of pimiento flavor.

Where to Eat in Pampanga: Top 5 Best Restaurants that you must stop by.

1. Denlim’s Restaurant

With a culinary adventure at the chic yet cozy Denlim’s Restaurant, which is located at Maharlika St., San Fernando, Pampanga. Make the most of your time in the Philippines’ culinary capital. Chef Dennis Lim’s most popular home-cooked dishes, including the mouthwatering Pugon Liempo Wrap, are served on a special food menu in the private dining room. Make reservations well in advance at Denlim’s because there might be a long waiting list because this is a popular restaurant in Pampanga. Reserving is necessary, especially for those people not willing to wait.

2. Apag Marangle

as the province is famed for its rich culinary heritage. Apag Marangle, which literally translates to “farm table” in Pampanga, is one of the city’s most well-known restaurants, serving everything from sizzling balut to deep-fried betute or frogs, Humba, Crispy Pata, Sisig, Kamaru or mole cricket, Sinigang, Pakbet, and many more. The address of Apag Marangle is Jose Abad Santos Ave., Sta. Barbara, Bacolor, Pampanga.

3. SOUQ Pampanga

Visit The Souq if you want a Pampanga culinary adventure with a twist! This restaurant can be found on Lazatin Blvd in San Fernando, Pampanga. It has gorgeous decor that is perfect for outdoor dining and has a good ambience that your family or loved ones will like. But if you have an interest in authentic Arabic shopping district design and furniture pieces, they have them for sale. Pritong Adobo, Seafood Platter in Aligue Sauce, FireCracker Belly, caramel-filled Palitaw, and other dishes are available on the SOUQ Restaurant menu.

4. Bale Capampangan

If you are a hungry eater, Bale Caoampangan is perfect for you! They have an all-you-can-eat buffet that will leave you satisfied. The locally owned eatery is a great spot to try a variety of regional specialties, such as Paco Salad, Adobong Balut, Sisig Babi, and Pata Tim. The Bel Capampangan is located at McArthur Highway, San Fernando, Pampanga and it is open daily from 10 AM. to 7 PM

5. Mila’s Tokwa’t Baboy

The most well-known tokwa’t baboy restaurant in Pampanga is Mila’s Tokwa’t Baboy, where you can enjoy the best tokwa’t baboy combinations. Despite not being a traditional Kapampangan food, Mila’s tokwa’t baboy is still well-liked in the province since it goes well with the local dish sisig and because of its affordable food prices. As a result, it is among the top cuisines in Pampanga  Mila’s tokwa’t baboy is located at 195 San Andres St., Angeles, Pampanga, and it is open daily from 8 AM to 8 PM.

However, eating any of the traditional Kapampangan foods or specialties mentioned above will make you feel as though your Pampanga cuisine tour has come to an end, but your food trip experience will be memorable and exciting. Eating in any of the restaurants mentioned above is equivalent to doing so. Such a journey rewards you by saving you some time, not hassle, and giving you an idea of where to eat in Pampanga and the Kapampangan foods that you should try to taste, while traveling or visiting around in Pampanga.

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Written by Alfred Alaba