What is a Perimeter Fence and Why Should You Get One?

Perimeter Fence

When it comes to our homes and real estate properties, we always want the best materials, aesthetics, and features that would add more value to our homes. We always go the extra mile to put our best investments in our homes just to have a more comfortable and safe place to go home to after a long stressful day. So, if you take a look at your home, and you notice that there might be an aspect in your place that seems lacking or missing – especially in your house’s security aspect, then, that feature that you’re looking for might be a perimeter fence to keep you and your family safe and secure.

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What is a Perimeter Fence?

Perimeter fences or walls installed in your properties are the first things that people walking past your house or your visitors will see when they go on a visit. Essentially, the fences and walls act as an added layer of aesthetic look to your homes, making it really important for you to consider and plan the proper perimeter fence that would go along your place. However, the purpose of perimeter fences does not just end there. For some, they invest in perimeter fences to add more security, privacy, safety, and more to their homes. Technically, it has a lot of purposes but, it is always up to you, as a homeowner, to decide on the reasons why you should consider investing in a perimeter wall.

But before we dive into the reasons to invest in a perimeter wall, let me introduce you to different types of fences so that you will have a clear picture in mind and you can imagine it to your property once you scroll through the said reasons.

What are the Different Types of Perimeter Fences?

In this section, we will give you a glimpse of the 5 most basic and most common perimeter fences that follow the trends for houses may it be in the city or the province.

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1. Brick Wall Fence

Brick wall fences are the most common and largely used yard fencing, particularly for properties with wider dimensions. Perhaps, another reason why it’s a common perimeter fence is because of its fire and weather-resistant characteristics. However, this type of fence is not totally recommended for areas with limited spaces as it usually occupies a width of 9” to 12”.

2. Precast Concrete Fence

This type of perimeter fence is very popular nowadays, especially for new homeowners. What makes it so popular is its availability, fast and easy method of installing, and its low maintenance structure – making it one of the most durable options and less costly than wood or metal fences. Just like brick wall fences, this type of wall can be fireproof, termite-proof, and difficult to break.

3. Wood Fence

Wood fences are usually popular in semi-urban or rural areas. It contributes a warm, fresh, and open feeling to your home. It is usually the choice in which homeowners go if they are not a fan of a completely enclosed home. This type of perimeter fence can be a high maintenance one if it has not been season-proofed and termite resistant.

4. Metal Fence

This fence is one of the easiest to install and you won’t be having a hard time looking out for possible suppliers as this is one of the most popular types of fence in the market. It is also low maintenance and the pattern, and color can go along with your liking and the overall theme of your house or your neighborhood.

5. Living Fence

To our plantitos and plantitas! Living fences are those that use vines, trees, bushes, and shrubs as natural fencing for their properties. This type of fencing can definitely add a beautiful internal or external view to your home. However, this can be very high maintenance so it is advised that should you proceed with this option, you must be knowledgeable and hands-on with your plants.

6 reasons to invest in a perimeter fence/wall

Now that you have been aware of the perimeter fence trends for home or property owners, let’s discuss several reasons why it might be time for you to consider investing in a perimeter fence or wall. Remember, you do not have to tick all the reasons that will be presented in this article as you may only take a reason that would resonate with your lovely home’s situation.

1. Security purposes

As a homeowner, security should always be at the top of your list when it comes to your home. Notably, people put up perimeter fences/walls primarily because they want to feel completely secure. We all want to live in a place where we don’t feel scared or worried that a possible break-in may happen or that people may take advantage of the structure of your home for them to be able to steal something from you. That is why installing a well-designed and well-thought perimeter fence is needed and will add a greater sense of security for you, your family, and your valuables.

Adding the proper fence to your home will strongly send a “keep out” message to any trespasser or burglars. Moreover, having a fence is also advisable for homeowners who constantly worry about their children or pets from getting out of their homes unsupervised. Using perimeter walls/fences can keep them from wandering the busy surroundings of your property.

2. Added privacy

So, your family decided to have a little gathering outside your home, however, you noticed that people walking past your house can’t help to look at the activities that your family was doing and it started to feel uncomfortable for you and your guests. Following that day, you decided that to address that issue, you and your family should start to consider investing in a perimeter wall/fence to avoid awkward situations with your neighbors or strangers.

Having a perimeter fence would add a more sense of privacy to your family activities and matters as it would lessen outsiders’ visibility to your home. People walking past your house or your neighbors would not be distracted by your weekend family activities and members of your family will be able to feel even more comfortable. Perimeter fences can definitely help separate your home from the outside world.

3. Defines the point of entry or exit

If you have already created a pathway in your home (or are planning to), adding a perimeter fence can enhance that feature to your property as it would control the point of entry and exit to your home. Oftentimes, homeowners would add to their lawns or remind their visitors to “keep off the grass” in order for them not to damage or flatten it. Thus, pathways, together with perimeter fences are usually added to houses to guide their visitors.

4. Defining boundaries

Imagine this situation: you recently bought a lot and you notice that there’s also an existing empty lot next to yours. Since you are just starting to save money for the construction of your home and it would take a little while to begin the construction of your property, you begin to wonder how could you better distinguish your land from your neighbor’s?

The answer to this is simple: with the use of perimeter fences. Installing a simple, yet effective perimeter wall can help you define boundaries between two different properties. As we all know, land or property disputes can get pretty exhausting and expensive, so, it is really important for you to consider investing in a fence for you to easily define the correct property lines of yours and prevent neighborly disputes. For those who already have a house and lot, installing a perimeter wall or fence will also serve as a guide for you to remind yourself of the remaining space in your property – a feat that can help you plan your next renovations for your home.

5. Aesthetic appeal

Have you ever walked or drove past a street with beautiful tall-looking contemporary houses within your area? Because if the answer is yes, then definitely their perimeter walls or fences have something to do with their overall look and vibe. Believe it or not, perimeter walls can add a lot to the aesthetic appeal of your home or property. Since perimeter fences have ornamental elements on them, they add more decorative appeal to your property and actually increase the value of your home.

Moreover, since perimeter fences are customizable, it does not only serve the security, safety, and privacy matters you wish to have for your home but they also serve your house and lot’s aesthetic look. However, it is truly important that the design, color, and structure of your chosen perimeter wall or fence should match other considerations such as the look of your neighborhood, the color, and structure of your house, and your purpose of putting up or installing a fence.

6. Resale purposes

So, let’s say that you have finally decided that you would like to embark on a new journey together with your new home. However, you now need to sell your current property and you are now weighing what features does your old house need to be improved on to boost its value in the market. No need to worry! Apparently, apart from fixing or doing renovations in your home, you can also add a perimeter wall to add greater exterior appeal, better security, and privacy to your home if you are planning on selling it.

For those who are looking for a new home, just like every other homeowner, their top three concerns for their new home are to feel a strong sense of security and privacy in an aesthetically pleasing property and its surroundings. Therefore, considering investing in a durable but decorative perimeter fence can go a long way towards your journey in boosting the sale of your home.

What are the Factors to consider before installing perimeter walls?

1. Know the purpose

As mentioned in the early sections of this article, it is always best to install a perimeter fence that satisfies your purpose. You do not want to compromise any aspect of security, safety, privacy, or the aesthetics of your property just because you wish for a completely different perimeter fence for your home. It is always best to research and seek professional advice or members of your family who can help you decide on the best fence for your home.

2. Consider your budget

I get it, achieving all four aspects of security, safety, privacy, and aesthetics can be really tricky if you’re on a tight budget (or you wish to be). However, don’t fret! There are always a lot of alternatives and you need not worry if you would plan your course of action properly. Don’t become the homeowner who had difficulty in keeping up with the construction expenses of their home just because you frustratingly overspend on building up a perimeter wall.

3. Maintenance

When it comes to this factor, always keep in mind that just like our houses, perimeter walls need to still be properly maintained. You will only need to consider this factor if you opt to have a fence that isn’t high maintenance or won’t require a lot of time repainting, fixing or season-proofing. Luckily, there are a lot of options in the market that offer low-maintenance perimeter fences. If you are looking for a perimeter fence that won’t take much of your time and resources, for starters, search for perimeter fences that are weather-resistant.

4. Availability

You know the saying, “sometimes, things don’t go as planned”? Well, it sucks when that happens, doesn’t it? Well, in this case, for your perimeter fence plans to go accomplished, it is always best to scout your local suppliers and known professionals on which fence material is available in your area before you fully decide on the type of fencing you wish to install in your home. In this way, you are saving a lot of your time looking for materials that are hard to find and at the same time, you are also saving a lot of your money on transportation or delivery of the materials needed for the installation of the fence as canvassing your preferred perimeter fence is cost-efficient.