What are Mid-Rise Condominiums?

Mid Rise Condominiums

Mid-Rise Condominiums are well known as the rising lifestyle condominiums and we all know condominiums definitely changed our lifestyle as Filipinos. A lifestyle that leads us to choose that will benefit us and will give us a variety of opportunities.

Scenery, Serenity, Environment, Convenience, or even Freedom are some of our most determining factors in choosing the type of home we want to live in, the type of building we want, or the place we want to spend our everyday life.

Are you planning to buy condominium units? Dreaming of having one? Do you know that there are three categories of condominiums you can choose?

Let us lay down condominium components and how Mid-Rise condominiums surpasses expectations and how a Mid-Rise Condominium is the right one for you.

What is a Condominium and a Mid-rise one?

A condominium or condo is a building structure divided into several units that are each separately owned and surrounded by common areas that are jointly owned. Condominium units are owned outright. Individuals owned the common areas of the property such as corridors, walkways, laundry rooms, and common utilities such as elevators. A condominium is a Latin word formed by adding the prefix “con” means together and “dominium” means ownership, it is also called joint dominion or co-ownership. Mid-Rise on the other hand means a building with a moderate number of stories, usually five or ten, and equipped with elevators.

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What are the categories of a Condominium in the Philippines?

A. Low Rise Condominiums

These are condominiums with 4 stories. Two stories with 6 to 18 units per building. Parking is detached from the building and low-rises are lower in price

B. Mid-Rise Condominiums

Mid-Rise Condos are four floors less than twelve floors. They are simple buildings with a catwalk and design with access to units on each floor. They range in size from 1,000 to 3,000 square feet.

C. High Rise Condominium

These are buildings that are 10 or more stories. They have longer egress times and distance, evacuation strategies, fire department, smoke movement, and fire control. It also has two stairs that run throughout the building.

In our country, the Philippines, the average price of a condominium in Metro Manila is around P4, 200,000 or P113, 000 per square meter. This still depends on different locations, developers, and target markets of properties, and according to Colliers, the Philippines estimates that Metro Manila condominium stock will reach 158,000 units which have grown up to 22% from the year 2019 which has only 130,000 units. Condominiums are estimated to rise this year after the big hit below due to the pandemic; the economy is expected to bounce back to its feet with the continued nationwide vaccination and further progress toward normalization.

So, what are Mid-Rise Condominiums?

Mid-Rise Condominiums are buildings typically with more than four floors but less than 12 floors. They have fewer units and residents in the building. They are developed in urban cities, making them accessible to essential services.

Why is the Mid-Rise Condominium often called a lifestyle Condominium?

The completion of major infrastructure projects such as NLEX-SLEX connected to NORTH-SOUTH commuter Railways and the Central Luzon Expressway will likely be profitable and benefit the provinces of Northern and Central Luzon. A township development is on the rise and will feature Mid-Rise residential condominiums.

Advantages of choosing a Mid-Rise Condominiums

1. Affordability

They are Affordable they are of great value since there are less luxurious amenities and the building locations are not as in-demand and the units tend to be less expensive than high-rise buildings units.

2. Quiet Communities

When you choose Living in a Mid-Rise Condominium that means you are on the side of choosing quiet life since there will be fewer residents, less congested, and more spaces.

Privacy and comfort is intact in midrise condominium.

3. Location Options

You can always choose to live in the city or suburban. Either way, you can choose to be in the location where you can access major roads or stay out of busy streets and life.

4. Number of Population

The residence is more peaceful and more parking lot spaces are available.

5. Natural Environment

Mid-Rise condominiums are friendly in the environment; it’s more natural greenery and landscape scenery.

6. Family-Friendly

Best for families because Mid-Rise condominiums have an open clubhouse, activity pools, children’s play area, basketball court, gym, and open spaces a perfect residential for bonding

7. Accessibility

Proximity access to services like schools, groceries, and hospitals.

Tips in Choosing a Mid-Rise Condominium

1. Consider your lifestyle

Outweighing your desires and your options. Take your list of lifestyle considerations if the Mid-Rise condominium you are choosing is equal to comfort, amenities, budget, personal proximity, and your environment. Consider also the easy access to the entire essential establishment

2. Security and Privacy

Consider looking for a peaceful and quiet place with gated areas where you can enjoy peacefully moving while not having to worry about safety.

3. Work With an Expert

Find a real estate agent or broker who perfectly knows your needs, your preference, budget, finances, infrastructure, value, procedure, and documentation. The one who understands your value and values your choice in choosing the Mid-Rise Condominium.

4. Gather Knowledge

You must know the laws about buying condominiums, fees, and regulations of the Mid-Rise condominiums.

Why Invest in Mid-Rise Condominiums in the Philippines?

The perks of living privately and enjoying the greener surroundings are a greater choice in choosing Mid-Rise Condominium. Families and Children can enjoy the natural scenery of open spaces. The cost of the Mid-Rise Condominium is very considerable and affordable which can keep you on track with your finances.

As individuals, peace, and privacy are major factors in our lives right now it is our consolation after having a long day of work, and a timeout from the hustle and bustle of our surroundings. We consider peace and privacy a major benefit for us to have that bounce-back mode to do our activities the next day. Mid-Rise Condominium has highlighted that choosing this kind of condo unit will give us that satisfaction because of its major characteristics: peaceful place, open spaces, and greener nature. Mid-Rise condominium gives us the right lifestyle for Filipinos and we wish to have that daily living that is calm, fulfilled, and serene. Whether you choose a Mid-Rise condominium for your family, for yourself, or for investment it is indeed a choice of lifestyle with compelling considerations of what we want, our desire, and what we and our family deserve to have. There is nothing more important than ourselves and our families living in peace and when we live in peace we are gaining from it because we tend to have a good day of disposition, we are mentally prepared, we are open for opportunities and we practically perform well in any role that we have.

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Indeed, Mid-Rise Condominiums are for you, it is for your family. Rise with Mid-Rise Condominiums! Your future Lifestyle. Check out Bria Condominium for your affordable lifestyle condominium option in the suburbs.

Written by Rowena Lansang