Home Flooring Guide: Marbles or Tiles?

Tile vs Marble Flooring

A common concern for building your dream home is deciding what aesthetic appeal to adopt for a perfectly beautiful look. Usually, you check Pinterest, trends on social media, or interior design videos to help in deciding the best theme for your house. Of course, you want it to be cozy as the true essence of your residential property is to provide you with a zone full of comfort and safety. Naturally, deciding on the best aesthetic design sometimes call for a bigger budget. Flooring may be one of the biggest concerns in completing the design of your home and choosing such may not be an easy task. It will be an aspect that needs a lot of your time in deciding not only because of the design but its long-term maintenance. So, do you think about tile flooring or marble flooring? Which could be a better option?

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For sure, tile flooring or marble flooring has its own pros and cons, and each type has a design that will suit your taste better. With this, what should we consider in choosing the suitable flooring for our home? How can we decide on which flooring type suits our preference, especially for budget and long-term usage? Aside from the aesthetic aspect, you might consider the following to effectively decide on which type will suit your needs.

1. Materials and Its Characteristics

Marble flooring is made of natural stones which are porous in nature. This type of flooring is prone to absorption of liquid and easily affected by acids or alkali. This primary material and its nature make marble prone to stain if not maintained well. Although, the appearance of marbles, if regularly polished and maintained, will provide a more luxurious look than any other types of flooring as these are also used by rich people for their mansions.

On the other hand, tile flooring is made of silicates, porcelain, ceramic, or clay. It is non-porous, so it is moisture resistant. Due to resistance to moisture, it made the tiles withstand stains and liquids, unlike marbles. For its looks, it is either glossy or matte depending on the style and design. It is man-made so it comes with wide variations.

2. Budget

Marbles are expensive because it is made from natural stone which is mined and extracted before their availability for use. Its extraction process is costly to make it appear opulent.

In contrast, tiles are more affordable because it is man-made and has wide variations depending on the quality and style preference of the customer.

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3. Installation Costs

The stylish and elegance of marbles come with high installation costs. Laying of such is time-consuming as well. To add, its sizes are customized according to needs and polished upon purchase. With this, labor cost increases.

As opposed to tiles, these are easier to install and ready-made. Hence, lesser time is required for its application, so labor costs are lower compared to marble installation. It also comes in different sizes and can be easily cut in case of size issues during the installation.

4. Long-Term Maintenance

Because of the porous nature of the material composition of marbles, it is prone to stains. Thus, it is harder to maintain and needs to be polished regularly. However, if regularly maintained, it can last for a lifetime even though yellowing might happen in the future. A living proof of its durability is the flooring in Taj Mahal.

For tiles of a glossy finish, their luster or shine is innate. It does not have to be polished regularly because it is moisture resistant due to its non-porous nature. However, it is not as durable as marbles. One wrong move may cause the breakage of tiles which will call for the need for replacement as opposed to marbles which its only problems are the stain and shine maintenance.

5. Environmental Factors

It is important to know that because of the porous nature of marbles, it is not suitable for cold climates. Low temperatures resulting in cold weather result to more moisture. In contrast with tiles, it is suitable for any type of climate.

Wastage is to be considered as well. For marbles, since it is made from non-renewable resources and it is cut according to needs, there are a lot of wasted materials that cannot be repurposed. Unlike tiles, wastage is low because there are a variety of sizes to choose from.

With this, tile floorings are more eco-friendly than marble floorings. Tile wastage can be repurposed and manufactured again through safe processes. Marbles, on the other hand, uses energy-intensive processes during the extraction of mined raw materials. Its main component is non-renewable thus if there will be a high demand there can be a shortage or extinction of these natural resources.

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Biggest Question: Which is the better flooring type between Marble and Tiles?

For this aspect, there is no absolute answer because of the different factors to consider. But everything boils down to your needs and preference. Each flooring type has something compelling to offer which cannot be enjoyed by the other type.

For example, you prefer the design of marble flooring, but the price is a problem for you. Tiles have a wide variation especially on the aesthetic aspect as it recognizes the differing preferences of each customer and the dream aesthetic of a homeowner. Choosing such would not give you the exact feels of your first choice but in terms of functionality, it will serve its purpose. Of course, it is also good to consider the cost of choosing one type over the other to evaluate if it exceeds the benefits, you will be enjoying. Every peso counts especially for those owners with a strict budget. Why choose a certain type if another alternative can give the necessary benefits you prefer at a lower price right?

With this, you just need to know what compromise you can accept to choose the most suitable flooring type for your house. It may not be the exact house you have dreamed of but for sure with a few compromises, it will be close to your perceived aesthetic. You can also explore home decorating websites to equip yourself with the basic knowledge you can use for deciding on the best design to adopt for your home. If you still cannot decide for yourself, seeking the help of experts like interior designers and architects will help you decide what’s best for your situation. These experts have a wide range of knowledge on the types of flooring that will surely suit your aesthetic preference and budget with a little compromise.

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